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Why is no one wanting to work on a viable alternative to this shithole, besides rls? Isn't there already a working Python scraper?

>bows down to even the slightest suggestion of DMCA (fucking thumbnails got DMCA'd)
>power-tripping mods refuse anonymous scanlations and series that don't have a scanlated chapter yet
>mods are so retarded that they reject an officially-published anthology because they think it's doujinshi

>Our recent downtime last week was a result of two DMCA requests.
>The most recent requests were due to displaying copyrighted cover art. As some of you have noticed, we have removed the images from some respective series pages (hopefully temporarily).
Because I would rather work on my backlog.
you do it
Because, reposting

The fact we are so dependent on MangaUpdates in the first place is because of them killing their competitors back in like 2005 to 2008 by stealing staff from rival manga release listing sites like Manga Jouhou.

Before 2002, there were several competing manga release information sites like Noated, PRISMS, Anime Web Turnpike, etc and after 2002, there was Manga Jouhou and DailyManga.




Manga Jouhou, or manganews.net which has been hacked since 2012 and has not managed to come back which is really bad since Manga Jouhou had a bunch of release information listed from times before the birth of MangaUpdates and since MangaUpdates refuses any new release information that can't be connected to a group since these long dead scanlation groups don't have a forum, website, or IRC channel, it's all lost information now.


A Usenet Manga Guide which has been tracking manga release info since 1992 but went dead back in 2004.

Also, MangaUpdates refuses to do any sort of database dumping.
For more information, check out: http://www.insidescanlation.com/
The above poster only cares about causing drama.
This reminds me of 60 minutes.
Is it just me or the Mangaupdates greasemonkey script that was supposed to put back the links to scanlator sites stopped working?

I don't really see any drama, that's just the nature of competition. News sites like these will always gravitate towards one site, and MU beat them by implementing an effective bot that beat them. The problem is that the data isn't open-source (but apparently it can be scraped - I haven't tried the Python script yet). If MU decides to go the MT route and panic and shut down, it's fucked.

>Also, MangaUpdates refuses to do any sort of database dumping.

Also, that would risk making them victims of the very own competitive game that they're in. Someone has to scrape it.
Anyone can edit MU, simply have to request access.
>very own competitive game
Who is competing against them?

No one, now. In order for them to worry about competition, the other person would have to have a bot as well. I just want the data in a safe place that isn't some fuckhead that bends over to tissue-paper DMCA. Stupid shit like that is just asking to let in the flood.
Stupid shit as usual. Can't even have a manga database without bullshit. I bet it was Crunchy who would do something so retarded like this.
Funny because only certain Kondansha manga titles got their covers banned and they all happened to be up on Crunchyroll.

Also, nothing in the DMCA states that you are forced to hide the identity of the person or organization that sent you the DMCA yet MangaUpdates has been keeping quiet on who is sending them the DMCAs.

We've already established that MU knows very little about DMCA, it's a miracle that it took this long for publishers to realize how retarded the admin is.
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Distributed manga release blockchain when
I would scrape it, but the Python script requires a lot of dependencies (maybe it only requires a few just for MU) and I'm not that great at running Python.
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That's why the creator should do a database dump because he or she has thought themselves as invincible for all these years yet that mistaken thought is now biting them in the ass.
>Manga Jouhou, or manganews.net
They were refusing to list series/scanlates of licensed manga. Then they went full retard and become news site as main feature.
I don't like how the fandom has moved toward expecting scans of licensed stuff.
Blame Tokyopop with other shitty publishers ad their shitty translations, and Crunchroll now.
The Usenet manga database was the best. Too bad it died.

Here's the FAQ lists that were luckily archived



Also, the Usenet manga database has some very detailed descriptions of Japanese animators, manga authors, and illustrators that MangaUpdates fails to have any information of much less ANN.

For example, every wondered which Japanese person introduced the idea of nosebleeding from sexual arousal in manga?

The answer is Tanioka Yasuji

On Usenet (not to be confused with the Internet), manga discussion centres on rec.arts.manga (English).

Japanese-language manga discussion takes place on fj.rec.comics.

Other related newsgroups are listed below. Please do not crosspost between rec.arts.manga and any other
newsgroup without setting the "Followup-To:" line appropriately.

(NB: the term "signal:noise ratio" is a rough description of a newsgroup's
entropy, or quality of information.)

alt.asian-movies - mainly discusses Hong Kong movies, which are occasionally based on manga. Fairly low signal:noise ratio.

fj.rec.comics - the Japan-based manga newsgroup, in Japanese only. You may be able to get a feed of this if your system administrator is willing. High signal:noise ratio.

rec.arts.anime.creative - Japanese animation fan fiction. (Moderated)

rec.arts.anime.fandom - For Japanese Animation Fandom discussions

rec.arts.anime.music - For the discussion of Japanese Animation music

rec.arts.anime.models - For the discussion of models based on anime/manga

rec.arts.anime.games - For the discussion of games based on anime/manga

rec.arts.anime.marketplace - for buying/selling Japanese animation & manga goods.

rec.arts.anime.misc - for everything else related to Japanese animation.

Don't crosspost between any rec.arts.anime group and rec.arts.manga under any circumstances, since followups usually clutter up

rec.arts.manga with junk. Pretty low signal:noise ratio.
Things were better when you were guaranteed to be talking to nerds.
rec.arts.anime.info - moderated; intended for useful anime/manga related posts. High signal:noise ratio.

rec.arts.comics.misc - talk about obtaining Western comics, and the Western comics scene, should be posted rec.arts.comics.misc.
These topics are NOT part of rec.arts.manga's charter.
Low signal:noise ratio.



rec.games.video.arcade - video games and manga are increasingly related, with many mangas being based on video games, and manyvideo games taking their ideas from manga. Variable (mostly low) signal:noise ratio.

soc.culture.japan - Japanese culture, news, and politics. Medium-low signal:noise ratio, dropping to extremely low in major flamewars.

sci.lang.japan - for Japanese linguists. There is some discussion of contemporary Japanese and Japanese-language software. Medium signal:noise ratio.

alt.manga - is defunct, and should not be posted to for any reason. Ask your system administrator to remove it at your site.


Manga is sometimes discussed on Internet Relay Chat (or IRC).

The channel #anime!, which was started by Hiroshi Haga in 1991 or so, has seen occasionally seen some furious manga discussion (mostly in English).

The channel #manga, which is ostensibly dedicated to manga, comers and goers. There are also dozens of Japanese users
of IRC; usually, a Japanese-language patch to IRC is required to join their discussions.

>Whoa, does anyone here hang out on #anime! or #manga on IRC?

Does it even still exist?
The Internet was still limited to colleges back then right?
Judging by the Usenet Mailing Lists, the most popular anime and manga back then were:

Kimagure Orange Road
Koko wa Greenwood
Lupin III
Maison Ikkokui
Marmalade Boy
Miyazaki Hayao
Ranma 1/2
Sailor Moon
Shampoo (Ranma 1/2)
Skuld (Aa! Megami-sama)
Touch (Adachi Mitsuru)
Urusei Yatsura
Video Girl Ai
It was easy back then. Now we have something like 400-700 volumes of general manga coming every month, not to mention singles, hentai, and endless doujins.
Source on that? I'm actually curious as to how much new shit is released in a month.
There are like 20 times the amount of internet user these days compare to 10 years ago. Of course there will be a shitload more people working on stuffs.
That doesn't really explain anything about mangaka.
Sorry, I found that site when was looking for some raws, and didn't save it.
Sounds to me like you want to have everything-goes shithole with no rules and no moderation.

Mods are fallible because they are human, but it's better than just blindly accepting everything in good faith.

Go on, make your own clone, see how many people will actually care to use it. And good luck finding a host that doesn't force you to blindly obey shitty DMCA requests. Blaming MU staff for that is retarded.
>And good luck finding a host that doesn't force you to blindly obey shitty DMCA requests.
EU hosts, for example. Mainly Sweden and Netherlands.
Thread posts: 35
Thread images: 3

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