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Galaxy Angel

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I think it's late enough for us to have a decent sized one.

Can our thread survive the new season fervor?
Haha, you said decent sized one.
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Funny how Chitose is the cutest when its anyone's route but her's.
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Oh no, and I was just about to go to bed, too.

Been going through Mugen Kairou No Kagi at a slow pace, still not caught up to where I got to in my first playthrough. About to fight Hatchet still.

Things I've found remarkable so far:

>Tapio not anywhere near as much of a dick as I remembered him. Is actually a pretty cool guy.
>Coco acting like even more of a bitch than I remembered. The eventual payoff is good, but they kind of overdid it.
>Had absolutely forgotten Rozel existed at all since my previous playthrough. He still has had like zero presence in the story.
>Anise was my go to off-route girl, but I've taken more of a liking to Kahlua this time around.
>Lily's voice is love, Lily's theme is life.
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Ah it's the GAII-anon. Good to hear you've found some more things about the game.
>Tapio not being a dick
Oh he becomes Lester-levels of great later on.
They had to do something to make that change more impactful, although I'm inclined to agree they overdid it.
Since you're on Lily's route, it might be even more problematic.
Their routes are actually really fun since Roselle gets involved.
Really wish I could get the games OST. I need those arranged themes in my life. Only Nano's theme hasn't stuck with me as much as the others.

Lily > Rico > Tequila > Anise > Natsume > Nano in terms of themes
>Since you're on Lily's route, it might be even more problematic

Oh no, are they gonna pull another Moonlit Lovers Mint/Ranpha route thing?

Also this.
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Not at all, Lily legitimately has no problems getting her emotions across after the 1st game. I'm just saying Roselle will be more or less sidelined compared to the other routes.

That being said, if you're about to fight Genievres, you're nearly there at the halfway point.

Fuck. Saying his name is so fun
How to gitgud with Sharpshooter?
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Shift-A and focus fire everything
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Every thread.

She pushes assault-type ships' shit in. Just make sure to redirect her manually after a reasonable distance or else she goes back far as fuck before her next attack run.
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Poor girl needed a bit more screentime. ML was just starting her story and half the time in EL it's just getting Weinblocked
That made around 2-4 anons here.

Maybe tomorrow will be more plentiful.

I apologize for not coming up with discussion
Actually screw it, more GAbros come out later in the night. I'll stick with this
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This is now a Forte Thread.
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As always, Fortebros salvage the thread.

Although, there ain't too many of us now.
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Continuing with my idea for a Galaxy Angel prequel...

There would be cameos from the future GA characters that would give even more detail to not just their background but also to the setting.. Some of them are very light (Milfy, Ranpha,Mint) while the others are quite dark (Forte,Vanila).
I've always wondered if everyone came from the same planet of Transbaal or neighboring planets
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While the prequel becomes quite sad and dark as it goes on. The GA feeling and tone is still there and it emerges triumphantly in the end although it then foreshadows Eonia's decent.
Most likely from neighboring planets. With the Chrono Quake Bomb unleashing a technological stasis. Until with the appearance of the White Moon, space travel is quite limited.
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So these are the early days of Transbaal and forming the empire with the newly arrived White Moon?
So what's this about?
Depends on the medium. Games and Anime are pretty different
Indeed. In the GA lore, The White Moon brought technological prosperity and peace although did everyone accepted really that?

I doubt everyone would simply unite for peace and they would just use the technology that the White Moon gave as an excuse to conquer and to acquire power.

This could be the reason why the White Moon only gives a few Lost Technology and why Eonia was exiled.
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The only problem I see in this would be the way I'm imaging this to play out. It seems more political and ground/planet based.

All I knew was 6 and 'A'

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Shift-A should order all Emblem Frames to focus fire on a target, a lot simpler than selecting them one at a time and aiming the same enemy.
There's also S for resupply and the comma key to switch between Ships you control and are against. I know this now because I'm replaying a lot of routes
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It would either be using a Valkyria Chronicles Style battle, except with a bird's-eye view of the battlefield.

For the political aspect, I'd just leave it to the narrative since I doubt GA fans would want their game to be ROTK/ Grand Strategy.

These are more likely the dating-sim mechanics although aside from romancing girls, certain choices will affect or change missions.

Ex. You have to convince an economical planet to join, if successful. The next mission has you being accompanied with more cruises/carriers. If you fail, depending on how hard you fail. You could either have a few allies or the enemy would have even more units.
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How fast are you completing the missions now that you have a good knowledge of the hotkeys?

Also, shouldn't we have a pastebin? Soundtracks, Sprites, Resources, etc.
So I guess this would also include making Transbaal the top-authority in uniting other planets with some fighting in between.
It's funny cause what I just described happened in the 2nd series. Only with a bit more fantastical elements.
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Back in my earliest playthroughs, I let each Emblem Frame take on a target. Nowadays, I just make everyone attack the same target and sweep across the map.

A pastebin would be useful but aside from the music, sprites, and direct links to download the games, what else do we have going for us?

I haven't gotten the artbooks yet either.
Be sure to upload them to e-hentai when you get them sempai.

A pastebin would provide convenience for GA fans.
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Aha, this fight again.
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Forte Cont..png
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Someday I'll get around to resizing all the CG from GAII since I have no idea how to rip them directly. Anything is better than nothing
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I'm running out of ideas.
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We can let the thread and hope for better tomorow.

Thanks again for keeping the thread alive for a bit longer Forte/Lorebro
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Thanks for that but compared with the other guy who has played GA2, I don't consider myself a lorebro.
Well compared to most of the others, only a few people are concerned about the story. GA has minimal world building but I think they've made some nice things to work with if they ever decide to continue with it or make some side-games.
Which GAII anon might be the lorebro? The one who's playing it now?
The guy who kick started the GA threads by posting on /a/ and /v/ every weekends.
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Oh you meant me
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Figures. [spoilers]Thanks alot for making these threads[/spoilers]

Continuing with the prequel.

Until the formation of the Angel Troupe. Transbaal is very much limited to standard Cruisers, Frigates and Fighters, with the Royal Carrier being slightly more tanky than a standard one.

This makes the game play reliant on strategy as using the wrong one would end with most of your forces dead. They are not as tanky as the Emblem Frames and the Elsior.

However, Some your commanders and pilots have special attacks that could even the playing field although not as broken as the Emblem Frames' special attacks.
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Then I assume in the last few missions, the Emblem Frames become accessible. Maybe with a younger Forte considering she's a bit older than everybody else.

No problem on making these threads. I felt the need to when I finished all 6 games and literally had no one to talk about it with
Alright. What's the time-span of the games? How long did the Transbaal Empire reign before the arrival of the Black Moon? Because all the time I was yapping about the prequel, I did not consider the timeline.
I don't exactly remember how long they had but Eonia had around a few years out in space until running into the Black Moon.
Not being able to play the first game in windowed mode really doesn't help in me wanting to replay it
The game I downloaded with came with an option to select full screen or windowed mode.

You could also input -w in the target field in the properties menu.
In the first one? Really? Was it from fuwanovel?
Its from nyaa. Its an app named GA starter where you replace the original GA file with it.
Well I do have the Starter app but never figured on using it. How to work with it?
I believe you just place it in the main GA folder and replace the file there then copy-paste it to the desktop as a shortcut.
It seems when I selected W over F (Window/Fullscreen) it keeps going to fullscreen while if I replace the regular game launcher with the Starter, nothing continues from there
Then I have no idea whatsoever. It may be due to screen resolution limitation or something.
>tfw got into Galaxy Angel through that hentai dating sim flash game
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Oh well.
I'm about to head to sleep. I'll see you in tomorrow's thread. G'night GAbro
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Oh goddammit just when I was about to sleep
Good night to you too. Nothing else to discuss here so I'm leaving.
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