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DAL Thread

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Date A Live thread.

Even a timeline shift can't save the AST or DEM. Real villians when?
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>Tachi decides to make an AST SOL spinoff because he forgot about they should exist later on
Oh wait.
Is summary anon around?
Right here. Going to do Mana Research today.
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Neat, thanks. Did you ever find anything about the non-canon baseball story?
Not yet, I'll have to wait for my friend to come back from Japan (sometimes this month) before I could get my hands on it.
Miku is worst.
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Miku is not that bad.
What other short stories are you planning to do?
Dunno, maybe Natsumi one and 4/9 if I have time.
Mana Research
Dragon Magazine 2014/11

"Humph~ Hummmph~"

- Takamiya Mana is humming a song she don't know while walking on the street under the sun of mid-afternoon in the residence area. A girl with her hair extended to her shoulder tied on the back of her head and a mole under her left eye.

"Well, it has been a while since I've came here. Even though Mana is pretty busy, Nii-sama might get lonely if I don't let him see me for once in a while."

- Mana then continued down the street with a springy step. Currently, Mana is heading to her brother — Itsuka Shidou's house. There are circumstances as to why they don't share the same family name even though they're siblings connected by blood.
- After she walked for a while guided by her memories, she arrived at the house in blue roof and "Itsuka" nameplate on the front gate.

"Well then."

- Mana didn't let Shidou know about her visit today. Mana imagine Shidou's surprised face when he saw her and loosen her cheek. However, Mana stopped her hand before she could ring the bell.

"…Ah—, come to think of it, I wonder if Kotori-san is at home."

- Mana said that with a sweat on her forehead. Kotori is Shidou's sister-in-law and is living in this house with Shidou. It's not that Mana has some discord with Kotori, but Mana can't allow herself to be found by Kotori due to several circumstances.

"Kotori-san will definitely send me to the hospital if she caught me…"

- Mana said that while scratching her cheek. After she looked around the house and make sure nobody's around, Mana sneaked herself pass the garden into the patio where she can peek into the living room.
- Mana's plan is to see if Kotori is around from the outside and will come again at later date if she is around. Even though she realized this act is not something to be praise of, Mana thought she have no choice.
"Umm, Nii-sama is…"

- However, the moment she hide herself in the shrubbery and look inside the window,


- Mana have to widen her eyes in surprise.

"What… what is all this about…?"

- Mana said in an awed voice. It is no surprising, since the scene before her eyes is something unbelievable,

"Isn't the count increased from the last time…!"

- In the living room of Itsuka Residence, there are number of people beyond counting in one hand. First is Shidou. He's not the problem since this is Shidou's house and he is the reason behind Mana's visit today. Next is Kotori. She is also not a problem. Even though she is sister-in-law, she is still Shidou's sister.
- However the problem begins here,

'Ooh! This is so delicious! Yoshino, you should try it!'
'Ah—sure. Thank you very much.'

- Mana heard a voice from the window. Two girls talking just now is a girl with long night-colored hair and crystal-like eyes, and a little girl with rabbit puppet on her left hand. They are Tohka and Yoshino who live in the mansion next to Itsuka Residence. Mana has met them before. Looks like these two visits Itsuka Residence pretty often.
- When Mana looked at the other side of the sofa, over there, a twin with the same face are playing a game,

'Gu… nununu! How could you attack me with the Red Shell… I will let you pay for it…!'
'Laughter. It's your fault for being careless. Here, the second shot.'
- The two are furiously controlling the controller. Mana has seen them before on the battlefield. They are Yamai Kaguya and Yuzuru sisters. The energetic girl is Kaguya and the downer girl is Yuzuru. Including the difference in their body, Mana thought they are such a fearless pair.
- Even though the situation is pretty grave with this number alone, Mana gulped down her saliva when she looked in the corner of the room where two girls are playing,

'Aan, Natsumi-chan. You shouldn't let off your guard even for at-home clothes~. Girls should always be aware that you are seen by someone at all time~ Ah, right~ Do you have some time after this~? I'm going to dress you up by myself~.'
'Gyaaaaa! Gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!'

- The girl that Mana has never seen her before seems to be named Natsumi. The little girl with an unorganized hair and a sullen face is currently struggling from being hugged from behind by another girl — Japan's top idol, Izayoi Miku.
- Mana took a deep breath to calm herself down and started counting with both of her hands,

"One, two, three, four, five, six, seven…"

- Including Kotori, there are seven girls packed themselves in Itsuka Residence — or rather, this is more of a girls' dorm, or an inner palace where girls who Shidou shares his love with are gathered, than Itsuka Residence.
- Mana regretted her inattention. Mana couldn't believed just because she looked away from him for a while, the situation would have turned like this.

"I can't allow it…! How dirty! You are dirty of the dead, Nii-sama…!"
- Mana gripped her fist tight. Even though Mana don't really know what she is saying, either way, she can't allow it. Mana believed that a boy must love a girl with all his sincerity. However, what about this?
- Seven girls. Before Mana knew it, Nii-sama that Mana love and respect became such a seven-timing lover boy. Judy Ongg once said a woman is an ocean, then no doubt he is a king of seven oceans — the Super Pirate Captain Shido.

"…! No, not only that."

- Mana shook her hand remembering something. She realized she forgot about a certain person.

"Come to think of it, there is also Nee-sam… er, Master Sergeant Tobiichi."

- Mana said that name and dropped a sweat on her forehead. Tobiichi Origami. She was Mana's ex-colleague as well as (self-proclaimed) Shidou's lover. Although she is no where to be found in the house, if Mana include her within that number, that means Shidou already lay his hands on the total of eight girls.
- Eight girls. Mana feel dizzily at such unknown number.

"N-no… I shouldn't be quick to judge him…"

- Mana shook her head to rouse up herself from collapsing down. She still don't know the relations between them and Shidou. Shidou may already have set his mind on someone even if he is getting along well with everyone.
- Even on the surface it looks like nothing but a harem paradise, Mana can't jump to the conclusion that her Nii-sama has gone astray from the morals just from that.

"Which only means… I have no choice but to do some inspection."

- Mana sharpen her eyes and licked her lips.

Doing it live beyond this point
Can't wait for Mana's arc. I want to see cute imouto quarreling between Mana and Kotori. The sis-con in me is beyond ready.
So this is between 9 and 10 huh?
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>'Gu… nununu! How could you attack me with the Red Shell… I will let you pay for it…!'
>'Laughter. It's your fault for being careless. Here, the second shot.'
Twins are a bundle of joy
"Well then… even though I said that, who should I start with…"

- While hiding herself in the patio of Itsuka Residence, Mana put her hand on her chin and thought. Mana won't gain much information from just peeking inside the house, however, jumping in the middle of them and ask is not a good idea either.
- Not only Shidou won't be able to answer that in front of other girls, in the worst case, it is highly likely that Kotori will caught her once everything has ended.
- Mana decided to ask them one by one, except Kotori whom Mana can't allow herself to be caught by so she will just observe her from outside, —

'See~, Natsumi-chan! It's not scary~. Let's go buy some clothes with me~. Darling~, please let me borrow Natsumi-chan for a moment~'
'I said I won't goooooooo!?'

- While Mana is thinking that, she heard such voice from inside the house. The front door open not before long after that with Miku and Natsumi coming out of the house. They are going somewhere together.

"Well then, let's go Natsumi-chan~. I will make you a Himesama~"
"Gyaaaa! Yoshinooooo! Yoshinoooooooooo!"

- Mana thought Natsumi is as if she is a kid who has been forced to go to the dentist.

"…W-well, this is a chance."

- Mana nodded to herself to change her mood. She planned to ask each of them about their relations with Shidou from the start and both Miku and Natsumi never met Mana before. It is an opportunity she couldn't ask for more.

"Let's go…!"

- Mana then leave Itsuka Residence and follow them. Mike and Natsumi are still few meters from the front gate.

"Lea-ve me alo-ne-! I don't need that clothes…!"
"It's okay~. I will make you really cute~."
"I said I didn't ask—ed! For… it…"

- For some reason, Natsumi's voice is getting smaller before she finished her sentence. Looks like she is embarrassed after being looked by passerby from her loud voice.
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Would you play Mario Kart with the twins?
Probably, I still haven't read it though.
I want to molest Mana. Really hard.
>Shidou still hasn't impregnate all of them
>Not even in doujin

Why he's still a fag.
Mana, Natsumi and Miku interaction. Should be fun.
>DAL threads coming back

Summary-kun, your job is amazing, but I would love it if you could spread out the sotries every now and then so we can have a steady and controled stream of DAL threads
>DAL threads coming back
We've always been here you know, just sometimes slower than others.
"A-anyway, I'm going back…"
"Why not~. Let's change your looks in prepare for winter for once~. Don't you want Darling and Yoshino-chan to praise that you're cute~?"

- Natsumi startled a little at Miku's words. However, she then shook her head to remove that thought,

"D-don't be ridiculous… They can't be saying that…"

- Natsumi turned quiet before she finished her sentence. She may realized they might actually say that to her. As if she noticed what Natsumi is thinking, Miku is looking at her with a broad grin. Eventually, Natsumi blush on her cheek while avert her eyes away from Miku and continue,

"…Is that true?"

- Miku asked back with a smile as if she don't know what Natsumi was trying to say. Natsumi, feeling humiliated, gripped the hem of her skirt and let out a "Gu…" voice,

"…That Shidou and Yoshino… will say… I'm cute…"

- Heard that, Miku let out "Awww!" and put on a face filled with emotion then hug Natsumi tightly.

"Ahhh! How cute! Cute, cute! Cute~~~!"

- Natsumi extends out her arm in hurry trying to get away from Miku.


- While looking at them and hearing their conversations, Mana dropped a sweat on her cheek. Although Natsumi refused to go to clothing store that hard, with just 'Shidou will praise that you're cute' could get her to change her mind that easily. No matter how Mana see it, the expression of her is that of a girl in love.
- Miku is even worse. It may looks like she only loves cute girls on the surface, however, Mana surely heard the moment she naturally calls 'Darling'. Darling. She said Darling. That's the word used to call someone one's love the most, and judging from Natsumi's reaction, that 'Darling' is definitely Shidou.
- Mana nearly kneed down to the ground once she came up with that conclusion. That Izayoi Miku, the national idol is calling 'Darling' without shame on the street. Mana wonders what Shidou has done to Miku.
I won't have much free time like when I did vol.9 and vol.10 anymore, so don't worry about that.
>We've always been here you know, just sometimes slower than others.
We went weeks without having a thread.
After S2, there a period where we didn't have a thread for like 2 - 2 and half weeks. Mainly because S2 was horrible and no volume info / release.
Play the game.
>"Come to think of it, there is also Nee-sam… er, Master Sergeant Tobiichi."
Does this short story happen in the new timeline or the first one?
He only impregnate one.
I'm talking about all of them at once.
See >>114562391
Spirits can't get pregnant.
Daily reminder that If Shidou doesn't choose all of them, everyone else will go inverse
So is the old timeline. Why? What was the point?
Citation needed.
But that means Origami, Miku, Kotori, and Mana are impregnable.
It could still happen in the new timeline, just with Origami removed.
Kotori and Miku are human spirits, Origami was human in the new. Kurumi didn't get pregnant and she got the sex all day everyday ending.
"I-If you want to go then let's go already…! You're going to take your time choosing clothes, aren't you…?"
"Sure~! Well, then let's go~!"

- The two then started walking. Mana who were thinking shook her shoulders in surprise and started following them. After they walked for a distance that Shidou won't notice if they make a little noise, Mana sneak around to their front and stood before them.

"—You over there, I'm sorry"

- Seeing Mana blocking their path, Miku incline her head in wonder. Natsumi only avert her eyes while shaking her shoulders.

"Ufufu~ What is it~? Do you have any business with us—"

- Miku noticed something mid-sentence and flapped her hands. She then shook Mana's hand with a smile on her face,

"Thank you for supporting me~. Do you want a hug as well?"

- Mana let out a shrill voice but suddenly noticed. Miku misunderstood Mana for one of her fans. Mana shook her head to deny that,

"No, that's not what I meant."
"Ah, you are not? Well, then I'm sorry~. What's your business~?"

- Mana feeling overwhelmed by Miku's unique atmosphere. Even still, she make a determination and continue her words,

"It may strange to ask this out of sudden… but what's the relation of you two with Nii-s — I mean Itsuka Shidou?"
"…With Shidou?"

- Miku widened her eyes in surprise while Natsumi raised up her voice in dubious tone. Their reaction is not surprising. If someone whom Mana never met before asked her such question, she would have put on her guard for sure. However, Miku loosen her cheek and continue,

"Fufu, you looks too young for a writer looking for a scandal about me~. Are you someone who love Darling as well, by any chance?"

- Mana widened her eyes at those unexpected words.

"So that Darling is really…"
"Darling is darling~. Ufufu~ Darling sure is heartless, for him to make such a cute girl like you fall for him~"
Looks like Natsumi is aiming for a 3P with Shidou and Yoshino
Miku is worst girl.
Don't you dare Miku.
>"Darling is darling~. Ufufu~ Darling sure is heartless, for him to make such a cute girl like you fall for him~"
Can't she see that Mana looks just like Shidou?
Why is Miku such a shit?
Because she isn't paying attention to Shidou, i kind of feel sorry for Natsumi at this point
>2 lolis
>not doing it
I don't like Natsumi, but you'd have to be a faggot not to go for it
>choosing Natsumi when Kotori and Mana exist
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Natsumi has good taste apparently.
Reminder Rinne Utopia is canon.
Or not
>"Gyaaaa! Yoshinooooo! Yoshinooooooo
Natsumi x Yoshino OTP
Godammit, this is just the beginning and Miku is already ruining the story.
Mana is best imouto.
Miku is going shopping, as long as she doesn't come back during the story it's ok.

>"Kotori-san will definitely send me to the hospital if she caught me…"

At least we know why Mana isn't around now.
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