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Dead scanlation thread. What are their names /a/? Axed series

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Dead scanlation thread. What are their names /a/?

Axed series need not apply.

>tate no yuusha no nariagari (only two capters of like a dozen)
>Alice in Borderland (vol2 ch8)
>Nyotai-ka (I can only find up to chapter 41)
>population of Earth
>2010 census data
Which nigger thinks there's some kind of world-wide census
>tate no yuusha no nariagari (only two capters of like a dozen)
>c.2 by Galactica Scanlations (10d ago)
>10d ago

Nigga you dumb as hell.
according to google the answer was 69

According to them, it is as well.

the UN and people like to keep a number on this to predict food shortages to predict war.

yeah well, maybe I am.
Uh, bro, since when is Tate no Yuusha dead? It's been ten days.
Since I was going to complain in the OPT about it and things and decided to make a thread instead and didn't trim.

Why the fuck is there such a back-up though? Aren't there like another dozen chapters sitting around in korean right now?
Yeah, since when is less than two weeks a back-up? How about you help 'em out, huh?
And so it was that I accidentally trolled my own thread.
Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service. Hasn't been any new chapters since 2008, if memory serves.

It was a Kotonoha series, it was bound to happen.
I'm not sure if these series are completely dead or the groups doing them are just slow but here goes!

>Aflame Inferno
>Red Eyes
>Char's Deleted Affairs

That's all I got at the moment off the top of my head but I'm pretty certain my back log would have a lot more.
Kotonoha is where series go to die.
Until as of last week, I was the ONLY proofreader for Galactica Scans. We have 3 more chapters waiting to be typesetted, but not enough cleaners to get the raws out fast enough. If you guys want more chapters out, APPLY AS EDITORS. We're pretty short staffed right now, and even one or two new staff members would speed everything up immensely.

Also, how based is Blacksmith-san?
You need fucking ENGLISH EDITTORS for Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari?

Fuck it, I'll sign up.
Not english editors. Editors = cleaners, redrawers, typesetters.
Isn't typesetting like, easy? If you know your way around photoshop?
If this is a thread where I get to beg for scans:
I can typeset
-Hitogatana- (dropped by Maigo, ongoing, 2/~13? volumes)
Nyan Koi (122 days ago, not actually sure if dropped, ongoing, 33 chapters/5? volumes)
Kamisama Dolls (indefinite hiatus by CxC, complete, ~6/7 volumes translated)
Baccano (1762 days ago, complete, 3 chapters/2 volumes)
Shakugan no Shana X Eternal Song (main series prequel, 615 days ago, complete, 1/5 volumes)
Cherry (847 days ago, complete, ~2/4 volumes)
Typesetting isn't the most difficult task to learn. However, it's difficult to improve at, and initially it takes a long time to do a chapter. To be good at it, you really just need a good eye for it.
I can typeset too, but that never helps get something revived :^(
Hanza Sky

Project Bite Me! Scanlations dropped it.

Also from them, Barihaken. It says "On Hold" on their site, but I'm pretty sure that's code for "Never going to update".
the pain when you cannot learn moon well enough to the point where you are comfortable with translating ;_;
Usually redrawers and TLs are the ones that are always the most in demand.
Barihaken is shit though.
As a proofreader who knows a bit of japanese, I know that feel.

Also, to everybody let me clarify that redrawing is the ONLY thing holding us back right now, and cleaning is slow. We need cleaners and redrawers.
Fuck you, I like(d) it.
The latest chapter is like five or six.

Not really complaining about speed here, but the raws you've got should take about sixty seconds per page to clean, and most of that on rotating/cropping. Flapper is really, really easy to batch.
My opinion on this:
TL usually highest in demand (that doesn't give you a right to be a dick though)
Cleaners/redrawers in second, especially if your group does complete SFX redraws like old group. The suffering is real, but the end product is usually quite satisfying.
Typesetters in third. I would say it's the easiest job to do a mediocre job and have it passable, of all the other ones.
Proofreaders/QCs in fourth, which is pretty bad.

A lot of groups end up delegating proofreading to the typesetter (as they're the person touching it last), and that's a pretty bad idea. Whenever you see really common mistakes in grammar or spelling, even typing errors, it's because the typesetter was the final guy touching the chapter, and he either didn't proofread at all, or did a poor job of it. QC, however, should be the typesetter's job, checking translated bubble positions, SFX, etc, the visual aspect.

Took a break from scanlating, but I'm kind of wanting to get back in, but when semester starts, not sure about how much free time I'll even have.

Cleaning takes a while depending on the spread and the manga itself. If you're cleaning off SFX, and the mangaka really enjoys handdrawing all of his, it's a tough ride. Overlevelling is the shortcut out of it, but why bother at that point.

Cleaning ain't the issue here.
Cleaning is slower than it should be, is what I meant. Redrawing is really what's holding us back.

I rank TLs and redrawers at about the same, actually. Also, imo if you want your ts to be your proofreader, I advocate having them pass both tests, then proofreading it as a script before typesetting.
>Took a break from scanlating, but I'm kind of wanting to get back in, but when semester starts, not sure about how much free time I'll even have.
What can you do?
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He said it was slow, I just assumed he meant it took a while to clean a page.

Yeah, SFX definitely makes things crawl. I don't even bother because nothing would ever get released if I did. Did a quick clean/easy redraw of a page from chapter 3, my main point was this series in particular is easy.
Sometimes I hate typesetting. Translating you'll get faster the more you do it, but typesetting is the opposite. The more experience you have, the more you try to make it not look like shit and the less satisfied you are with your work and the longer it takes.
>Detective Conan
>the Translators have dropped the series for the umpteenth time and it leads quickly to berserk levels of rage, even if the series already runs slow as molasses before anyone figures out jack shit.
You should come up with standards so that doesn't happen

Oh wait, you'll never be satisfied with them either :^)
I think more time gets wasted on unnecessary redraws than on any other aspect of scanlation. At least tell me you're not redrawing SFX.
I've had a hand in everything except TL.

Yeah, as time went on, I stopped cleaning off the SFX to save time... but again, depends on the series. SoL usually don't use crazy SFX and are generally really easy to just wipe off so I go for that. I haven't done a battle/action series in a while, so I haven't exactly encountered crazy SFX for a bit now.

I know what you're saying.

If I'm blazing through a chapter, main things I just pay attention to is the phrasing and rag of the bubble itself, making sure it looks visually centered, sometimes minor line-spacing changes and kerning if really needed. Typesetting errors that are instantly noticed are usually the glaring ones such as unneeded hyphens, broken lines and the like. Even then, it's passable to a degree.
What is the point of cleaning sfx anyways?
m-muh professionalism
>I've had a hand in everything except TL.
>SoL usually don't use crazy SFX and are generally really easy to just wipe off so I go for that

Anything in particular you'd be interested in working on now?
Makes it look a bit more professional, and there are cases where the sfx is actually important.
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scanlation chart.png
33KB, 846x951px
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It will probably never be completely translated but I would like to finish reading Digopuri. Only 2 volumes long and it's only half finished. The raws for both volumes look easy to obtain but no has bothered. Last update was August 2011 for chapter 9 of volume 1
>3000 days

I think you're a bit too forgiving.
Not particularly. The one thing I will say is that I'm not sure if I'll be able to commit. And even if I do, irregular release schedule will be in effect, so a popular weekly or monthly project would be no-go for me.

There's a pet project that I used to work on, basically the group working on the series skipped the volume that the anime covered. I was planning on just silently filling the gap, but the translator died, and the series itself is on indefinite hiatus as the author started a new series.

>>112444300 is a list of stuff I am semi-interested in working on, but more interested in someone with more time picking up (someone please pick up Hitogatana). Most of them are complete too, and I find it easier to work on completed series since there's an end in sight and you can pace yourself accordingly, haha.
Wasn't there a pastebin filled with stuff for this topic. Offhand for things I've read or reread recently that are fresh in my mind

Near Equal
Honoka Lv. Up!
I don't consider scanlations dead until at least 1000 days

200 is the usual time between scanlations for scanlators
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>Fairial Garden
>v.2 c.7 by Horobi no Michi (935d ago)
What about if the group doing it straight up died? Like Near Equal's last chapter was scanlated by a group that then basically died a week later.
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>3683d ago
>suddenly a new chapter week ago
I spilled my drink all over when I saw that in my RSS.
If it wasn't clear, I meant the last translated chapter. It's only a two volume series too.
a 10 year hiatus?

What series?
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never ever ever.jpg
153KB, 685x1000px
Choujin Gakuen. Release is complete, scans stopped at volume 3 out of 10.

It wasn't too great or unique or had great art. Different art, not really great, but leaving things unfinished makes me feel bad.
Ja Ja Uma Grooming?UP!. It's done by someone at Batoto, though, and his editing skills are shit.
A chapter just came out 4 fucking weeks ago.


Holy shit. Well, here's to a hopeful future.
Sekaiju no Meikyuu II - Rikka no Shoujo/ Etrian Odyssey 2 - Snow Girl, only two volumes. All of volume 1 is translated, raws for volume 2 are lying around, but will never be translated.
Shikabane Hime. Some one should pick it up.
>hana no Meiji
to already done but they just don't release
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>everything from Horobi no Michi
I haven't seen a dead scanlation thread in a while, unless you count partially translated story time.
>Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service.
It's got like 13 volumes released in English, nigga.
Only 5 behind the japs.
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>v.3 c.24 by BLAH (1327d ago)
>7 Volumes (Complete)
Where does the time go?
Thread posts: 63
Thread images: 9

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