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ITT: Legs

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ITT: Legs
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>no one likes legs
it's sad
/r/ Leg Man
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Why would anyone like anime legs? Keep your weird fetishes to yourself.
They are rarely well drawn. And I know about it because legs is my fetish.
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people is sleeping anon
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there needs to be more art with just right amount of health kind of like this
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legs fer you
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This thread should be regular here, legs are cute.
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captcha: atomic deLEGh
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check out lyn's tiny feets.
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nurse erza.jpg
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Needs more pantyhose/stockings.
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Show was shit but only watched it because Aria had a nice set of legs.
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4kids lewd.jpg
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>tfw every Yu Gi Oh girl have great legs.
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think thats all i got.
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Why are legs so underappreciated?
File: chachamaru.jpg (138KB, 985x562px)
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no they are not
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Damn, that cloak is so fucking sexy
File: Rio,_Cathy_y_Trey.jpg (148KB, 828x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Because dem mini skirts make them even more fappable.
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Akari fall.jpg
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kiyomi think.jpg
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Compared to other things, they are underappreciated on this board. Either that or I have truly horrible luck at finding threads dedicated to my favorite piece of anatomy. Even if we discount asses and boobs, I see significantly more comments on feet, midriffs, hips, and armpits than on legs during a typical day here.
there are sort of under appreciated but threads pop up every so often (not often enough though), feet threads can have overlap with this also
>they are underappreciated on this board.
No, these threads are just meant to be on /e/
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Kids. It's all about ass and tits with the kids these days. And this is not to knock some nice knockers or a big toned round beautiful booty, but no one wants to give legs their respect.
That poor pigpillow-kun, rammed right up to her stinky mojo vagina.
Her legs didn't keep from getting BTFO
meh, ive always had a stockings, pantyhose and garterbelt fetish.
I just want to say that "indian_style barefoot" is the greatest thing ever.
This image is very dangerous. Almost not blue board worthy.
Indian style in general is a miracle.
She started it
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>not posting the glorious Kani....
Thread posts: 70
Thread images: 56

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