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Reminder that Gohan's strategy of staying in the middle is the best strategy. Nobody is bothering his group and they don't have to do shit, why knock someone out when someone else can do it for you.

If Gohan somehow ends up winning the tournament it'll be by outlasting everyone due to him conserving his energy instead of outdoing them in power.
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Cuck circle
Kale is the best character
Kale is the strongest warrior
Kale is stronger than the Gods
Prove me wrong
Protip: You can't
Post the parallel between Goku/Gohan and Caulifla/Kale

How socially awkward will it be for me to go watch Kiki's Delivery Service in theaters by myself?
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As long as the theater you go to doesn't have a no singles policy, I don't see a problem.
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You're alone, aren't you? You cannot be awkward if you are alone, you mong.

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Would you try hard to look as good as Erwin like the manlet in this picture? Is Erwin the god of perfection?
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If dubs annie is alive
AM will be endgame.
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Endgame right here brothers

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You hear it, you lose.
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"The year is 2017 SE. Great powers, xeno and human alike, struggle to gain hegemony of the Milky Way. Cleaved into a shambles of planet-states, petty interstellar duchies and pirate havens, humanity struggles to defend itself from the xeno menace. From all directions, hundreds of stellar systems fall daily to the ALFA swarm - Aliens, Locustlike, Foes of All mankind - and thousands of planets are scoured as they escalate their locust plague against humanity. From the galactic east, the empire Phi Empire takes away lost imperial worlds opportunistically, aided by the millions of traitors who have forsaken their pride in humanity for "the Sake of All Sentience". The Alliance of Workers' Planets, a federation of over a hundred systems, seeking to destroy the system of serfdom that shackled humanity for so long, continues to accelerate their "war of liberation" against the crumbling vestiges of the Galactic Empire, seeing the chaos caused by xenos and opportunists as only a geopolitical opportunity to finally destroy their hated enemy, the Empire that had oppressed them for so long.

To make matters worse for the Empire, the Emperor had recently died - from a meal of undercooked mushrooms. Despite his Imperial Sanction to allow his sole daughter Princess Hikayu to ascend to the Imperial Throne - traditionally held only by men - Hikayu's treacherous uncle has made a bid for the throne for himself.

With the majority of her Imperial demesne fragmented by the self-interested high nobility of the Empire, her capital right on the doorsteps of the Alliance and the sacrosanct duty to protect humanity from the ravaging xeno hordes, Princess Hikayu has no choice but to become an Empress. She has no choice but to protect. For even if she is not a man, young Princess Hikayu now is at the head of the Empire - the greatest sword and shield that protects humanity.

So the question is, can the Empress Protect?"
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Cube is more moe than octahedron.
You cannot dispute this!
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No replies in the DB for this post!

Sunrise has come a long way, but I kinda think this is the best romance anime they have ever made.
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I'd fuck Melan.
The loli fanservice was pretty nice as well.
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Toradora a shit.

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>Beato, you're too tight
>That's a wrong hole, Ange!
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>implying Beato would let anyone but Princess in
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I refuse to believe anyone can view this scene and conclude this isn't a yuri show.
>Tfw I'm slowly starting to understand it

I see the light now, AOTY

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Is this kino
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>High impact sexual violence.
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$24.98? Try this, it's cheaper:


>also 9 years old.
What country do you live in that rates Dokuro-chan as 18+?

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Why is Cakey so shit? She ruined the entire manga.

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You know it's true.
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Kill la Kill stopped being self aware during episode 8 and ended up being worse than 90% of Shounen Jump series

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post yfw next chapter will be ultimate bunny suffering
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There's already another new thread, don't make more, it's not benefitial in the slightest >>160189506
but the other thread don't have ozen as the OP

The Riko bullying must stop.
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Just imagine if the population of Orth was replaced by /a/
>mainly populated by Frodos
>MiAfags try to tell them they have no idea of what they're doing, get called faggots
>lots of anons trying to base jump in, become easy meals for flying creatures on the first layer, some getting to the second at best before slamming into something or snapping their necks since they don't actually know how to base jump
>some build various flying machines despite being shown evidence of what happens if they do, same results as base jumpers except for one lucky bastard making it all the way down to the top of the 5th Layer while listening to the Top Gun soundtrack, he crashes into a wall once he realizes that he can't go down any further or land because it's just fucking water and catches the Curse as he heads up in a panic
>the ones that survive attempt to tame the monster birbs near the edge to fly in, they get eaten
>others trying to create tunnels into the ocean to cheat the descent and curse, all become depressed NEETs once they realize all they have is 19th century technology and say the Abyss was gay anyway
>some get enough funding and resources to build their elevator but it stops partway into the 2nd layer due to monster attacks and foreign delvers fucking with them for shits and gigs regardless so nothing of value was lost
>rampant pedophilia with all the anons hanging various children naked for the slightest infractions and several cases of those caught teaching kids about the wonders of playing "Cave Raiders"
>Philosophyfags get with the tunnelerNEETs and discuss whats at the bottom of the Abyss
>SCIENCEfags become followers of Bonezone, getting made into Praying Hands or otherwise sacrificed for SCIENTIFIC TRIUMPH
>only around 5 or 6 become White Whistle tier delvers but only so they could try to sniff and fuwafuwa Nanachi
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riko wants to hit the desk.jpg
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The Riko bullying must continue.

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Where are my blurays? I went to both of the new nyaa sites and found nothing, just batch sets of that shitty QUALITY airing Actas gave.

The BDs would at least fix some of it I would assume, but there's nothing. No Leopard Raws, no Ohys Raws, NOTHING.
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somebody has to buy them first, my man
There has to be some provider of raw BD rips somewhere. I know Ohys and Leopard rarely do BDs so usually we have to wait for someone to sub them instead, but the only BDs that get subs are for shit that already was oversubbed to begin with like Shingeki no Bahamut/Kyojin, fateshit, shonenshit, etc.

Hard mode: from this season

Pic very related.
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Working'!! Was really good.

Op: https://youtu.be/RZzqiMWmfFI

Ed: https://youtu.be/ElKhcCKHoPU
Princess Principal

spice and wolf


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