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stupid sexy undead.png
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are liches supposed to be this fat?
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Wiz and Darkness are filled with hopes and dreams.
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Never let go of your hopes and dreams
I just want to rub my dick on her butt but over the dress.

Would you let her fill you with despair?
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No, but I would fill her up with white hot kibou
No, but i would let Mikan do it any day of the week
junko clearly has bigger tits and ass, whats the obsession with the autistic nurse

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>Non Non Byori and Flying Witch are the most boring anime ev-
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/r/ meteora's "i love exposition"
Fuck you, Non Non Biyori is a top tier SoL and Flying Witch was decent too. Don't even compare them to this fucking snoozefest Inori Minase wanking circus.

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Thoughts on this body of work?
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Looks like me
are you literally my twin brother?? because she (male) looks just like me too
Prime breeding material.

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I'm still wondering if the author is just pulling every chapter out of her ass but she's been pulling a fuckton of shit and she better wrap this up real good,

she straight up revealed a new ciel "the real ciel" and i'm guessing he's behind the mass blood draining although i still don't know why would he kill soma.

this shit, the undertaker and the upcoming war.
What the shit are you doing Yana?


if soma straight up just go to fuck with ciel without reasoning he's straight up mentally retarded, he doesn't even have any "agni" anymore"
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Everyone knew the twist was going to happen before she revealed it, the series hinted at it for a pretty long time.
the 2 Ciels Theory has been going on since the beggining. You really didn't see it coming? Kek

How did this turn out? Watched two episode then forgot about it
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It was great
It got much better in the second half

It was alright. Didn't strike me as particularly good, but it wasn't notably bad either.

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I just finished Sevens, and I must declare that it is one of the best wn I have read.

Genre : Harem fantasy.

The beginning was very average.
But it become great the more you read, never saw an harem as interesting, and all the girls are likeable.

But you can notice there is no girls in the first volume cover.

Because the most important characters are not the girls (aside the mc), it's his ancestors.
7 ancestors who will guide the mc.

All about them are interesting, their characters, and their stories.

Guess I never saw a thread about this masterpiece.
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Because a mod's going to delete it sooner or later.
First ancestor best ancestor.

5th > 1st = Milleai > 3th > 2st > 6th > 4th > 7th
Also, anime fucking when?
Damn Hero Bunko isn't giving us anything digital unless it got an anime.

Can students and teachers fall in love?
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But does that mean it's right? That's for your dick to decide.
Sakura's mom
early birthing fucked up over on the second child.
I would really rather they didn't. Do you know how hard it is to find a series where a male teacher is a paternal or guiding role model to female students without romantic implications?

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My favorite opening is the one to Miyano's vagina.

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Can someone tell me WHY /a/ is so obsessed with studio wars? Pinning studios against each other is literally the epitome of retarded. It's the production staff that makes something good/or not.
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It is becoming less and less common slowly but surely and the opinion in you post is slowly becoming more and more common but there are always going to be those stuck in that 2012 mindset who fail to appreciate this.
I genuinely think this is how you can spot crossboarders from /v/. Studio wars make literally no sense if you're even somewhat versed in the medium.
what do /v/ users do when they come here and they can't post console war garbage?
studio wars.

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>before knowing what anime is
Saint Seiya.
>after knowing what anime is
Assuming we don't count stuff like dragonball and pokemon then I think it was elfen lied back in 2005 or so.
I think it was FMP, my brother showed it to me.

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Why would Lancer wear a single shoulder pad when the biggest advantage of dual wielding spears (which really aren't practical but anime) is being able to fight instantly from either side of your body?
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Rule of cool.
But he's not cool
Lancer turns men into cucks just by being present. I bet Altria wanted some as well

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Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon CH.48


Previous thread:

Choke on a dick.
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Nice, warming ep today.
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I'm really enjoying this, I like the MC's character development so far.

Why is no one watching this? Last thread died with less than 10 posts.
anon #3 here,
Is this officially the deadest show of the season?

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Read the guide Buyfag.moe
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Is this really a design worth making a figure for?
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Definitely a no.
Even the literal who on my pic related got a nendo. This wonfes is a clusterfuck.
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