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This show has one of the worst ending animations I've ever seen.

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The part where he floating in the air is hilarious.

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Who is the coolest character in anime?
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Do used goods deserve a happy ending or should they suffer because of their impurities?
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She's cute. I want to help her.
This again?
Getting really fucking tired of seeing this image.

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This is Yui Hirasawa. She has caught a Japanese cold and doctors say she only has a few days left to live. Please say your final words to her and be respectful.
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this is what you get for sleeping with strange men you just met, SLUT!
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Please do not be rude. This is a difficult time for her.

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You can only save one

The rest will suffer
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Maria, without a doubt. She was saved though.
Kayo is the only one worth saving.
This. I'd also like to save Nishimiya, but Maria really went through a lot.

Who is /a/'s goddess of competition swimsuit?
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I don't care for /a/ but mine is her.
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The longest.png
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Hey. The author of Sakamoto desu ga has a new serialization. Here's the first chapter.
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I didn't crop the pages, so you'll have to deal with that while reading.
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Harta 2017-07_o007.jpg
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Why is this show so widely hyped?

It is absolute trash. It has absolutely zero entertainment value.

Please someone explain why they enjoyed this
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You should probably explain why you thought it was so bad first.
Satania is fun, Gabriels seiyu has an incredible voice, most of the gags are decent (apart from the fucking dog, but even that one improves towards the end), the only annoying character is Vinge, the art is good, the sound design fair (op and ed are great), the premise interesting. I dont get where youve got the idea that the show is "hyped" though. Nobody claims for it to be a 10/10, people simply enjoyed it (the few that watched it).
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Cute characters.

It's not nearly as "hyped" as you think it is, you fucking autist.

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Fuck Marry Kill
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Fuck Yoko
Marry Yoko
Ignore everyone else
Wow good tastes
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>10 years ago almost exactly
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>almost exactly
First episode is already a decade ago.

When is this gonna end?
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>S2 fucking never
this show was so fucking boring until episode 8. Then it was pretty good, not gonna lie

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This is what anime should be like. Not Moe-Shit. Not everything-we've-seen-in-the-past-decade-shit. Not Higurashi shit. Not pandering shit. THIS IS GOOD. This is really good anime and this is what people should order multiple copies of.
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But the first two seasons of Higurashi are top tier anime
Akashic Records was great but the final episode was very obviously "buy the LN to see what happens next goy"

But yeah it had great characters, an interesting magic system, good plot, and good character design.
Pic unrelated?

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Will she genocide the "demons"?
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manga got boring as shit after they easily escaped the farm, who cares
ray? yes. emma is useless.
This scene was Emma realizing the demons did nothing wrong. They're just killing for food like she did.

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Besides pic related who's the most iconic loli in anime?
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Stella is waifu material
Sell me on it OP. Without going into spoilers.
It's from an era when liking anime instantly made you uncool, Daft Punk basically said "fuck you, I like cartoons and from this day onwards so does the rest of the world" and thust the world liked anime decades before normies knew what it was.

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