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kizu II poster.jpg
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So, was it worth it after waiting all these years?
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possibly the most forward-thinking piece of cinematic artwork to be released this decade
I've been waiting for Kizu for about 6 or so years after reading the novel, which I still consider to be Nisio's best Mono to this day. Having watched all three, I'd say it is a very tentative 'yes'.

Here's the thing: while they took a lot of the little plot-points and themes that existed in the novel out of the movie, what they gave you instead was arguably as good. Example: the movie doesn't at all talk about Araragi's thought towards plants, and the whole theme of headpats does not receive the ample the importance it has in the novel and the rest of Monogatari anime as a whole. Coming from the decision to cut out all inner monologuing except for Araragi's last one, marking the transtition from Kizu Araragi to the Araragi everyone knows, I suppose some sacrifices were necessary. Still, sacrificing a central plot-point like headpats in particular by not having Koyomi pat Kissshot's head before he continued drawing her blood was a disappointing decision by the directors, though they also never did the build-up headpat scenes from the first part of the story correctly to begin with.

Now, as I said, a lot of what they gave us instead made it just as worth it. Araragi's smile towards Shinobu at the end of Kizu is a perfect microcosm of their relationship and was very poignant. It's not the Kizu we imagined and hoped for, certainly not a perfect adaptation, but worth the wait for me.
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What the fuck am I reading?
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I don't know, you tell me.
Japanese Garfield.
This one actually takes some effort in contrast to whatever Jim Davis shits out in the papers.

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Post high-quality rare Berserk art
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go to an image dump board
Like clockwork.

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flcl 2 haruko.png
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So it's not being written by westernies, right?
who are you talking to?
Masturbate frequently to hardcore child pornography.

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On this historic night I shall answer all of your questions about the savior of Anime, the Ponyo that should have been, the anime of the century, Master Yuasa's masterpiece. Or Yuasa's other movie if you still care about that one.
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Pictured on the left: that other movie
I will reply to this thread because I care about Yuasa the future of anime in theaters. How good is Lu no Uta?
Oh, so you saw it anon? So it was better than >>160568520 in your opinion?

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All gundam series are like this one?
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No. IBO is one of the worst.
Yes. OBI I the best one.
No. IBO is the best one

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Ueno is bueno.

She did nothing wrong and was right all along. Her methods might've been extreme but it tried to convey what was truly going on.
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>nasty cunt
>jealous bitch
>"I did it because I liked you so it's okay"
>really fucking selfish whore
>pleases old men for money at her part time job
She could've easily been worst girl if the megane class president didn't turn out to be an even worse selfish cunt.
No one can out bitch Kawai. I haven't seen a single anime character who made me rage so hard whenever they appeared on screen.

So... Is this a yuri manga now?
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No, it's just shit
It's complete garbage now is what it is. Jumped 10 sharks.
>character development
>i-it's shit guys

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99% complete fan translation of one of chapters from Kobayashi-san Chi no Maidragon: Kanna no Nichijou:

The only line I couldn't translate is

この才川 ぼへるに他人の手は借りぬ!

at page 50.

[Imitation Time]


From a KanRiko shipper, for KanRiko shippers.
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Page 48
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Page 49
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Page 50

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Friendly reminder that Slice of Life is the patrician genre

All the best anime/manga is slice of life

Shonenfags will disagree with this
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Akuma a second best boy, after China.
When will you learn that shonen is NOT a genre, fucking idiot.
But that's a sports show.

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5th grader.jpg
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Is this realistic?
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No unfortunately real ten year olds aren't that sexy.

In anime every girl is slim, cute, and has a simple to understand yet desirable personality

No OP, reality ain't like that. That's why it's escapism
This sort of chest is realistic for a 6th grader. I remember two girls in my elementary school looking like It by the time we gradutaed. They weren't particular slim, though and certain not as cute has Hotarun.

Kale is the sexiest
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>making this thread
for what fucking purpose? theres 3 other threads up. use the catalog idiot

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This is anime's greatest director, say something nice about him.
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I love your explosions.
3.0+1.0 when?

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MAI DICK!!! Best girl of the decade or what?
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ur anime is shit.gif
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>/a/ tells you an anime is good.
>Its utter garbage.


>/a/ tells you an anime is absolute trash.
>Its actually really good.

What's that anime's name, anons?
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/a/ told me the report function was good but it is truly worthless shit

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