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What is "good character design" to you?

Pic related. Simple, but cool, and it does a good job at symbolizing his Quirk while not being obvious about it.
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A design that has character. Something that's unique and aesthetically pleasing
I don't follow BnHA, but "cool" is definitely not how I would describe that design. If anything, it looks like it's meant to be comedic.
The school uniform, sure, but the black cloak goes well with his bird head

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Just a friendly reminder that Asuka is the best.
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I know, right?
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For angel penetration.
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time to git >>>/out/

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ITT: Anime characters with literal autism
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The children of these two
who has the image of like 4 threads up at the same time when this first aired of this same image and everyone was fucking pissed

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tsukahara hibiki.jpg
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This is Tsukahara Hibiki.
She just awakened her sadistic side after caught you in one of her swimsuit.
Say something to her.
Good luck.
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Rihoko is best girl
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Please introduce me to Ayatsuji-san, Tsukahara senpai.
best amagami

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unnamed (24).gif
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Me on the left
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I love it.
Need more doujins, though.
s2 when?

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is being mentally ill a prerequisite for being a reifag?
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being depressed certainly helps. I'm just surprised so many reifags have managed to stay in the same state since when they first saw Eva.
Most of them are attention whores whose
worst life experience is their mothers not tidying up their beds when they went to sleep. The last thing an actual depressed guy wants to do is to sound depressed in every word they mutter.

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I want to dance with Shizuku all night.
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>tfw can't watch Dragon Maid because Kanna is so cute it makes me start crying uncontrollably

Anyone feel this way about a show?
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I like Kanna and anons who post Kanna (one anon especially)
I tried watching gochiusa on multiple occasions but I always have to stop because I'm already out of semen by the first episode
Madoka Magics make me cry like a damn baby.

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What anime has /a/ given up on this season?
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literally all of them
Koi to Uso
Welcome to the Ballroom
Isekai Smartphone

The rest I kept or didn't even pick up.
>implying anime wasn't already dead and is just coasting on the reputation of old titles

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Chad the Cheater gets cucked back by based Roba. Is he gonna fracture, too?
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Kinda hard for me here: cucking chat is good, drugraping girls is not really. Well, I doubt Roba will survive to the end anyway.
>lost her virginity to a cheating bastard
>got raped and brainwashed by beta orbiter
Karen is the only one I feel bad for.
This story line is for the weak minded. The sooner robo transcends this or die the better. Ideally, he wont go insane like a fodder fractured human but this whole pussy tag with chad shit is bad.
Only character to root for is Jagasaki.

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WOO OW.gif
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I miss this show :(
re-watching it now
Don't use emoticons on /a/. Lurk for 2 years before posting.

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images (48).jpg
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>anime has a karaoke scene
>the song they sing is the OP
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>anime is only known for the popularity of it's cast
>it gets dubbed
Name 16057366 examples of this.
I prefer this to the OP desu

Hey I was trying to explain the plot of kizumonogatari to some friends who were interested in it and they asked some questions I don't have an answer for.

Are vampire minions' powers based off of their masters CURRENT power,

How does Ararara make it so that Kiss shot doesn't get her powers back (yes I understand he drinks her blood to take her powers, but where do they go from there?)

Im prepared to be called an idiot or whatnot but I haven't read the light novels so I'm certain there are facts that I don't know about vampires in the series.
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why are you redditspacing
File: 1501293311234.jpg (332KB, 1007x3343px)Image search: [Google]
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where did this meme come from anyway?
File: also bat is a fucking shit.jpg (93KB, 1920x1080px)Image search: [Google]
also bat is a fucking shit.jpg
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Everything supernatural in monogatari is based on appearance/belief.
All you have to do to rob a vampire of her powers is ruin her "vampire" image. By nearly killing her and making her beg for death, she becomes a husk of her former self.
Same for the first question. If the Vampire isn't much of a vampire, their servant wont be much of a servant.

This is how Nisio manages to get away with all the conflicting bullshit, if there's not a real explanation, just assume "haha it just works because everyone thinks it works, so deep!".

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It's 8/1 the day the kids went to the Digital World.

New Tri trailer dropped at thid years Digimon Fest and Tri is still unimpressive but that's beside the point! Nrw Digimon have been introduced like GraceNovamon and VenomVamdemon - Undead which will appar in the Tri stage play.

Anyway get the fuck in here Digidestined and lets reminisce on those past adventures.
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Konaka is going to comeback just to write the new Tamers CD drama that is gonna be included in the BD box set. Best fucking timeline.
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Christmas girls.jpg
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Reminder that Mimi is best girl.
We will be getting Tamers Blu Ray as well. Can you believe Tamers is 16 years old already?

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Whats this I hear about Funimation fucking up the dub of pic related?
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They rewrote some lines instead of accurately translating them, resulting in significant changes to characterization and the relationships between characters.

Why do you care though? It's just a dub, it can safely be ignored.
that should tell you everything you need to know
Why do you give a shit about the quality of a dub? They are inherently shit in nearly all cases.

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