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Why is hook-up culture frequently omitted in anime?
It's incredibly prominent in any developed country, yet it's practically never shown in anime.
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This will be a high-quality thread.
Fuck off retard.
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There's an extreme amount of low-quality threads being made en masse, and it's beginning to concern me.

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This is Takumi, she has the most beautiful smile out of all the cinderella girls.
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What about her other smile?
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Which one? There are lots.
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Best CGs.

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I started drinking Dr. Pepper
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Read manga.
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I became a barrister, baker, soldier, maid, traditional Japanese lady, an author, and a ballet dancer thanks to Gochiusa.

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This is your waitress for tonight. Order something nice from her menu!
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>youtube screenshot of a CR stream
Kill yourself, cancer.
She's still waiting patiently for you to order something anon...
There are probably a lot of orders in the other thread that is up since yesterday.

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Don't hate Kurisu!
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Kurisu needs to get off the internet.

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Read the guide buyfag.moe
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Where is the subject?
I fucked up.
You niggas buy plastic toys tf up with that? What if people come over and see that ish baka.

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How many manga artists are westaboos?
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Well, Kohei Horikshi, of course.

And Nobuhiro Watsuki, the author of Rurouni Kenshin. He even admits he steals designs. Jin-E is Gambit and in the Jinchuu arc there's one guy who is literally Venom.

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4chan has never agreed on a best girl.
But then I started thinking...

This might be possible.

>Tsuyu best girl 2017
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Botan already won best girl.
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it never will
now fuck off

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If they didn't know they can take their clothes off, how did they poop?
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you cant poop if you dont have anything to poop out of
Cute girls don't poop.
girls don't poop

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What are your favorite finisher moves, /a/?
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Infinite Faggotry : Autism Machbreaker Punch
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The one where the MC talks down the big bad.
XX Burner

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How is your progress coming a long, /a/?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Who could this be?
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I never come here, but I need some confirmation on something.

Someone said they tease Part 5's adaptation shortly after the recently released Rohan OVA ends and posted this picture as proof. The art seems in line with what we've seen of David Pro's approach to the anime thus far (especially in Part 4) but since I'm a lazy shitter and can't be arsed to pirate the OVA myself I wanted to see if anyone here has.
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>I never come here
Then fuck off? Newfags aren't supposed to be posting yet, retard.
>Then fuck off?
What the fuck is the question mark for nigger

I just came for answers, I figured you guys would have something and /tv/ would throw a shitfit even if I tried to make it tangentially related with the Miike movie coming out
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This is clearly fanart, silly
Now go back to >>>/co/

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Should I just watch this on 2x speed? I like mostly all stuff from the Nasuverse but this is just incredibly boring. I've watched the first movie and 35 minutes of the second one and nothing has happened yet.

Did /a/ lie to me? Is this just shit?
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It's unironically too smart for you
I fucking agree

Everyone shits themselves over how "great" this shit but it spends like 15 fucking minutes showing this bland fuck opening and eating a measly piece of shit ice cream. Holy fuck it made me want to blow my brains out

Don't now how anyone, ANYONE could enjoy this .
I'm currently on episode 5. It's a bit slow. But I like it how it doesn't try to info dump the viewers and story unfolds at a good pace. The music is also good.

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The author should have ended the story in Farmland Saga.
Now he lost the way to conclude it.
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What makes you think its anywhere near ending?
No, I want to see him in Rus.
Well, the Thorfinn Karlsefni from the sagas got his ass handed to him by the natives and sailed back. So I guess his utopia will end in a disappointment.

I assume this adventure to Greece will follow along the same lines as the second half of the book Red Orm aka Longships by F.G. Bengtsson

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