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He's a Giant who ate the Human Model: Giant Fruit and literally became a Giant Giant.

Prove me wrong.
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Why was Ichigo making this face when at the end when Ywach was speaking to him? What does it mean?
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Disappointment in victory.
It means that Kubo is a fucking cunt

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Who is strongest rabbit in anime ?
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>shit filtered gif
>namefag retard
kill yourself. lurk more
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>multiple girls fall in love with MC
>when asked why, it's because "he's such a nice guy!"
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Thanks for the made in abyss spoiler, you piece of shit.
It's all a dream, anon.
>still getting annoyed by decade old clich├ęs

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>Sony Pictures Television Networks will acquire a 95% majority stake in U.S.-based anime distributor Funimation Productions for about $143 million.


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this is good, sony is based
they haven't shown a great track record in the past few years
I think this announcement is bad timing. Remember: This was announced not long after The Emoji Movie got brutally panned.

Our spies have found out that PriPri is still on your backlog, please confirm that your IQ is at least two standard deviations above average to watch it on your own.

Failure to comply or pass will result in mandatory thread participation where you will be subject to infographs and brain teasers.
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Ei Yo Dis Jamal *smacks lips

Dem English teachers told me I wus 140 IQ n shiieeet.

Dis animay is so easy to understand like taking candy from a whitey.
How is this show holding up?

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Happy Odaiba day everyone
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>you will never watch adventure as a kid again
Why even live?

It's still wonderful as an adult.
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>tfw also my birthday
should I rewatch it? is not like I have anything to do

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Why are they blue?
Looks like leiji matsumoto garbage. Fuck
Cool movie.

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Are the new characters ever going to show up? Is it possible that the writers just forgot about the new characters completely, and they're never going to show up at all?
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We're only 3 episodes in, give it time
Also, make-up Hifumi is shit
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Usually new characters are either introduced in episode 1, or episode 2 (with episode 1 basically being an extension of season one before things officially get kickstarted with the next episode). To have the redhaired chick nowhere in sight after the first three episodes is unusual.
>Usually new characters are either introduced in episode 1, or episode 2
Watch more anime

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Why do boys make the cutest girls?
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Look. I don't have a problem with traps.

But do we really need to make this thread every day?

It's worse than yurifags at this point.
Do I need to quote Kaiki again on this? However, remember that the fact that a boy do not automatically be better at being a girl only because he wants to. Its only correct if said boy actually succeeds at doing so.
Because you're gay.

>"Fuck me Ichigo"
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what do you call that hairstyle?

boner inducing

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>create one of the most appealing and iconic character designs of all time
>draw her off model and deformed through 70% of the show
how was this allowed
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Ergo Proxy is just ok
if i remember correctly, most of the things throughout the show were off model too. and it was drab. so mostly everything blended together a lot.
EP had alot going for it despite some production hiccups. Doesn't deserve the hate. People get upset by things that they don't understand

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Will this show become darker and add a element of horror once the protags go deeper into the Abyss or will it stay light hearted with a hint of danger?
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Get out before you get spoiled
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They are literally descending into hell with everyone warning them to turn back. What do you think?

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>those anons who's entire enjoyment of a series depends on the threads here
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that's the whole reason to even touch monthly manga
That just seems like a terrible excuse to not just drop a shit manga
it's inevitable you'll forget things reading in this format, which will kill half of the enjoyment normally, but here are anons tor help. Some care about art and post it, saving another time. Some maybe follow news. Sometimes there are translators around, so there is info on the backlog chapters if it is here, and so on. There's sometimes questions to anons who can read raws as well. The rest 80% of fun is all about brain dead speculating. And then anime happens and all of this is kill.

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Hard Mode: Post OC.
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OP stop being such an utter faggot.
Instead of making those boring gay threads, how about YOU create some oc?
An anime about a bunch of uncreative NEETs trying to make an anime over the internet. The anime ends with them giving up on the project after spending weeks getting nothing done

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