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Well /a/ what do you think?
Do you think it was wrong for me to be shedding manly tears almost the end of the vid?

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i think he overhyped it, the arc wasn't that great, forest is gonna be AOTS though

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This is sexier than moeface
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Moe is not necessarily sexy.
>frog eyes
The fuck is a moeface?

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You've embarrassed Froppy! Say something to calm her down!
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I want your tongue deep inside my fartbox.
That's filthy, anon. Might as well smell your own farts as hard as you can.
I want to fertilize Froppy's eggs so we have 99 little tadpollys

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>pic related will never get an anime adaptation by Madhouse
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It'd be shit
am i in 2003?
Why do people want adaptations of things that don't need it? These template threads really need more effort put in by the OP or it's not going anywhere.

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Why is Sagiri's height so inconsistent? First she's 174cm and then she's 163cm and now she's 148.5cm?
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It's a representation of her emotional state
Authors realizing she is still too big to properly manhandle.
She always have been 174cm
Anything else is just a manlet propaganda

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You know what really rustles my Jimmies?

That people mistake Ayanamis loyalty with submissiveness.

She is faithful to the cause and helpful to those who contribute.

Don't be fooled, if any of you losers were to mistreat her, she'd turn you into oranje-juice without even blinking an eye.

Rei is the strongest pilot, the best waifu, and a perfect soldier.
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Rei is a whore.
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Rei is okay.
Would carry injured Rei to safety and try to administer aid/10

I like Asuka more tho

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There is literally zero reasons to keep watching anime past 500 shows.

Everything is a repeat of something else, most probably of lower quality and imagination.

If you just want new "waifus" (!) just go to sadpanda?
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There's no reason to watch anime in the first place seeing how almost all of them are shit.
Neon Genesis Evangelion is better than your Top 10 movies.

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Six episodes is the optimal amount of time to tell a memorable story with only slight fluff. Provide counter examples if you dare.
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Gunbuster, the first half was incredibly boring.
>Provide counter examples if you dare.
Monster. 72 episodes. Has more thematic and characterization.
Gunbuster is a collection of cool moments stuck in an OVA wanting to be and do more.
Simply incorrect.

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Fuck, this is so cute. Marathoned it in one sitting.
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Reminder that there's a cameo of them married in Komori-san.
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what chapter?
I dunno. Just read it on TvTropes

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Why is MC always big dick?
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She still want the d tho

Source on this?
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This better be a cropped porn thread.

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New PV out.


How will SHAFT do with Fate?
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Friendly reminder that Male MC x Nero is trash.
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Reminder that Hakunon is best girl!
I remember seeing the FeMC in an earlier trailer. What was up with that?

Even when you were younger, did you have a Sensei complex?
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I would tell you, but then I would be blogging.

all my senseis were ugly as shit, so nope
Only for the one who won a beauty pageant the same year she started teaching.

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I love it!
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you didn't even get the filename right
There are two sakurafish posters.

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Why Reg became such a creep in the 6 layer ?

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Sorry you can't appreciate Reg's patrician taste
He is a dog.

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This is Lala González.
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This is Cha- I mean Harima kenji
Where the fuck is Marina Inoue these days?

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