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Why is filler resented?
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Because plotfags.
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because it's usually not very good, OP

when it's good it's usually appreciated on merit

hope that helps clear things up for you!
They're side stories and can help expand a world. There is nothing inherently wrong with them unless there is a blatant quality dip due to the show's directors being less talented than the mangaka. In cases where the director and his team are superior writers to the mangaka I think it can actually save a series, which happens more than one might think because most mangaka are terrible writers.

But many people judge on the basis that it IS filler rather than simply the quality of the filler.

Is this the original Umaru ?
Dumping the first chapter
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Frozen sold 660k BD alone in its first week. No one bats an eye.

It's ridiculous to compare movie made for mass consumption with your average niche anime.
Up there with Evangelion and Haruhi.

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Why was Shigatsu so brilliantly underwhelming?

This anime had so much potential and could have been a 11/10 but they had to ruin it with the le waifu dies in the end meme from episode 13 on wards.
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If you think this show's problem was that she died, then your ire is horribly, horribly misguided.
Your Lie in April had tons of problems, and waifu death was a relatively minor one.
What the fuck are you smoking, you clearly missed the whole premise of the show, plus the show had a realistic ending unlike every single story out there.

Shit happens in life and many time there is nothing you can do about it, you can go expecting cinderella stories with happy endings every single time.
1 cour too long.

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>tfw even dangos have wives and get to impregnate their qt dango wives
/r9k/ pls go
busta rhymes nigga

Never forget
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season two never
Thank God for that.
Girl's Work
Uru in Blue

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Shinka is literally made for...
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being inferior

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Chapter 190 is out.
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>it's fucking nothing
The pace is getting so slow nowadays.
I wish they'd just hug already.
They did, though I can't find the chapter.

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>There are people who would actually pick Kirino over Kuroneko
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Stop self-insering. It wasn't about who was the best girl for you, the viewer. It was all about who was the best girl for Kyousuke
What about people who pick both?

One of the things I appreciated about this show was the rendering of the mechs. It's the scuffs and dings on the units. They're not all picture perfect and brand new because they're actually being used. It's just a small piece of attention to detail that I respect
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what about the writing?
who in their right mind would appreciate the godawful writing?
>It's the scuffs and dings on the units. They're not all picture perfect and brand new because they're actually being used
Break Blade does it better.

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Just watched the anime and i was blown away, why the fuck are there only 5 volumes translated? To my understanding the anime follows up to vol16. Why hasn't anyone picked it up?
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I'm guessing it's no use picking up a title left unfinished by a dead author.
I read the books long ago. Fucking dropped the series when Guin was revealed to be some king, the thief became a prince, and the useless slut also became a queen or some shit.
She left the manuscript for someone else to finish, there's 132 or 134 volumes now, im not sure if its finished or not

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So am I the last person on /a/ who still follows this after Death Toll sperged out and dropped it?
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I'd gladly keep up with it if it was still getting scanlated. As it is, just finding raws has been a hassle.
I know several sites for raws, the first thing I did after the autism. It's also been a great impetus to finally bite the bullet and learn Moon Runes.
Big bro looks kinda sadistic. Will he join in on the fun as a ward or something?

I'd like to point out most of the disasters that happen could have easily been avoided by a more highly experienced delver.
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Stop making constant threads when there's nothing to discuss. You're only going to turn MiA into shitposter central.
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This not a bunny. Bunnies dont have tails like that.
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Why not start the thread with a picture of one, then?

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Not after I'm done with her.
what did he mean by this

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All Adachi MC's are the same. But which is the best?
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That extends to more than just the protagonists
Still Tatsuya. Kouta comes close though.
Hmmm, I dunno about that.

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