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Hey /a/ I fixed rin for you
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Maybe with some other short hairstyle, this is hideous.
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Still a shit!

Superior Rin coming through!

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That was very satisfying to see.
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>Implying incest is ever acceptable.
Nice bump from page 10.
Source? I am new here.

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Pic related wasnt bad, it wasn't that bad, it was pretty good in fact, but definitely overrated.

It seems the majority of /a/ has very mainstream tastes. They like
>full metal alchemist

I've seen them all including gurren lagann and they weren't as good as /a/ hyped them up to be.

It's a shame that i take anime recommendations a from this board based on what's popular. Shame on me.

I liked Umaru though.

State your opinions, don't be shy, /a/utistics on this board couldn't hurt you even if they tried
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Every single Fate series. They're repetitive garbage.

It's a shame the later series have such good animation; it's absolutely wasted on it.
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>shits on FMA an TTGL
>likes Umaru

Garbage thread just like OP's taste.
what were you expecting?

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I'm glad I never watched this series
I feel bad for the maid

Fucking amazing anime though
The maid did everything for him, all Emi did was let him sleep on his lap and look pretty, the maid did all that and more and gets shit on.

Being a maid is suffering.

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Post worst girls
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a shit.png
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Is Rem the most tragic character in all of anime?
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Definitely the most tragic character of the season
>all of anime
Roswall is the one that evaporated all of the demon dogs. Why isn't she lusting for his gigantic clown cock?

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Stay in one thread you useless piece of trash normalfag.

This is not you're goddamn blog. Your opinion has been expressed over and over and over and over again since this piece of shit episode aired, you're adding NOTHING. You are wasting space, just like this piece of trash normalfag show is. GET OUT.
>muh generals
Go away crossboarder.

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ITT: manga that should never have been adapted
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re: zero
now the waifu shitters can see their 20 minutes of cute girls without felling ashamed of themselves because there's 2 minutes of plot at the end

you go first

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Sad panda thread
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Turns out people weren't wrong about just having to delete cookies instead of editing them to access panda.

The problem is that this only works in non-incognito mode. Is there a way to access panda in incognito mode? It stopped working after they introduced HTTPS I think, for whatever reason.

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You belong to me now, anon.
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Y-y-you too
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*Stares menacingly*
I don't really want to die for you, Griffith

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>Stephanie Dola
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I want to bully Steph
get in line
How long is that line?

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OP watched the Berserk movies last week and got hooked. I'm now a real Berserk fanboy, one of you guys. I think about the main character, Gut, almost daily and make meme pics of him (pic related).

But then I was soon disappointed with the new Berserk anime. Everything I loved about Berserk was gone. There was a naked gay fairy flying around and this broke the illusion of a dark medieval setting for me. I mean what the fuck? Puck ruins the whole series and the guy responsible for writing him in is an asshole. Miura ruined Berserk.

All I wanted was to see more of my mancrush, Gut. He's awesome.
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>remaking the same thread

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This Infinite Tsukuyomi filler arc Tenten had is the most hilarious shit I've seen in anime for a while, for all the saddest reasons. The one chance she had to do something important in the entire show, and she got caught in a genjutsu.

And then she realized she was in a genjutsu, and just sort of gave up on it.
And her genjutsu was of her being a hero.
While she was actually fucking up the most important job of her life.
The one and only job she had.
That literally the entire world was depending on.

It's like watching a wheelchair kid try to force his way up a flight of stairs to get his scholarship, but after getting up several of them, he rolls back to the bottom, falls over, and then bursts into flame.

Thread topic: How do you think Tenten coped with her constant, unabated stream of failure throughout the run of Naruto? Because if I failed as much as she did, I'd be crying myself to sleep every night, minimum. What else do you think she did to muffle the pain of her unrelentingly pathetic existence?
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Oh, hey, look at that, Tenten failed at reading. That's a surprise.

That explains the blank scrolls, though.
Because your life is suffering, then only thing you can do is to throw shit ton of iron at your enemy.
But if seriously, Tenten is dumb. Like really dumb.
Her stong sides always were a weapons and sealing.
She could learn kenjutsu and make sashimi out of enemy just on skill and pure speed. She didn't do it.
She could learn sealing and just throw people's shit back at them. She didn't do it.
She could learn both the weapons and the sealing and make fucking artifacts, like Rikudo's stuff, to rekt everyones shit. Well, she's dumb.
She had opportunities, she missed them, because she's too dumb to see herself as something more, than just shit thrower with perfect score. So she has only herself to blame for this shit.
I felt the same way, easily one of the biggest jobbers of all time

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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ay lmao
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I thought I wanted to do it once.

Is she moe?
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Plain Jane more like.
The story I've heard is that during the hiring process they rejected all animators who knew what the word moe meant.

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