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Post only anime that gave you one or more of the following symptoms:
>a new sense of what is a good anime
>really bad post anime depression
>you began to cut onions
>the sweetest escapism you've ever had
>the greatest laughs you've ever had
>motivation/inspiration to do something irl
>taught you a life lesson you'll never forget

>pic related
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Novel chapters 1 and 2 are translated


>Our first protagonist in the short, The Author and the Auto Memories Doll. A writer that cannot write anymore. Is gifted with Violet (and her writing services) for a period of three days to help encourage him to be able to write again.

>The second short’s protagonist. Featured in The Young Girl and the Auto Memories Doll. A young girl who becomes jealous when her mother rents Violet to help write something.

>The protagonist in the third short, The Boy and the Auto Memories Doll. Soldier who encounters Violet while on a mission.

>Our protagonist in the fourth short, The Scientist and the Auto Memories Doll. Is partnered with Violet when his employer pairs researchers and Auto Memories Dolls together for a collection of research pieces.

>The “writer” in the fifth short, The Prisoner and the Auto Memories Doll. Has prior knowledge of Violet and her owner. Is a giant prick.

First story seems quite grim, but seems might be some more lighthearted in others - but generally seems well written and not a typical material for KyoAni.
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The scene where Violet Dances near the lake
is same spot where the MCs daugther died exact on his hands

seems from 2nd short story

3rd story

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You're allowed to pick one.
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The nigger of course
I want me some of those dark buns

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What are your thought so far
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Best anime of the season.
Possibly best anime of the year if you can ignore the low budget animation. Certainly best story in anime for 2016.
Apart from the frequent QUALITY, it's been very good. Can't wait to see how the last ep plays out.

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>To the next 10 years
What did he mean by this?
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Obiviously he meant Sachin route.
He wants to turn kamige of the century to all ages kusoge.

Come on, it's pretty good with Melty blood and Kagetsu Tohya, but not that good.

So did the anime skip around a lot and leave out a lot of stuff from the LN or have I not watched all the episodes? They mention some whole thing with Wiz but I don't remember any of it from the show.

Also KonoSuba thread. Aqua is cutest idiot
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Yes, they skipped most of vol 2
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>10 episodes
>did they skip anything

What do you think?
Vol 2 got the axe

So by now you guys have probably seen the GITS teasers from paramount pictures. They look alright, but I'm not here to discuss that.

It seems fairly obvious that the superhero train in hollywood is going to run out of steam at some point. I don't think it's much of a stretch to imagine that if GITS performs well and makes a decent profit, we will start to see more anime/manga influence or adaptations coming out of hollywood. Cowboy Bebop has been in pre-production for years, but I guarantee if GITS does well we'll have a bebop movie within a year or two.

The question is this: If GITS makes money, what do you think the best and worst case scenarios for the near future are? I imagine the sentiment here is in general going to be very skeptical of these adaptations, but are there any you think might actually work? Or conversely, things that they might be stupid enough to try only to make a cinematic flop the likes of which the world has never seen?

Personally, I'd say the best thing that could happen would be a Berserk HBO series, since GOT is gonna end in a few years and they'll probably want something to fill that fantasy + tits and violence niche. Worst case would probably be Evangelion by Michael Bay, or FLCL by literally anyone.
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best case scenario is bebop with a good cast

worst case is gurren lagann directed by bay
The white race must be destroyed.

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There will be a lot of Yuri.
Thailand and Italy a best

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>monogatari series makes up nearly 50% of their output in the last few years
>the oishi style rip-off squad have no weight behind their directing
>barely any sakuga in their shows
>their narratives are always shit
>poor at character portrayal
>production disasters always guaranteed
>eternal slaves to aniplex

Is there no hope left for this sad studio?
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>>the oishi style rip-off squad have no weight behind their directing
Second Season blows Bake out of the water though.
still better than bones and dogakobo after five good years, and just as many bad years as Kyoani had to go through, long term it's hard for any studio to keep making the same type of shows
Eh, I still end up liking most the stuff they put off. The only SHAFT shows I've disliked in the past few years are Mekakushitty (shit script and series compsition) and Nisekoi (shit source material).

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Post em.
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Bigger one for a challenge.
>tfw no experience in photoshop
>tfw dont even know how to use mspaint
>tfw tech illiterate
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Why is there no anime about the Bible yet?
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There is a lot of manga that uses elements from Bible.
Yes but no literal Bible anime/manga
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only manga.

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Will this be one of the best seasons in years?
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Is probably the worst after summer 2015

summer had no good shows, this one has at least eupho
It's good to know I only watch Haikyuu.

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Favorite Studio Ghibli Movie?

For me it's Princess Mononoke
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Kaguya-hime and Princess Mononoke
Umi ga Kikoeru.

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I think you mean how bad
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There's no umineko anime
I want to deito Lucifer.

Just finished StB. Who had the best kiss?
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Himeragi a shit.
Threadly reminder.
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Yukina usually have the best getting the fang and kissed scenes. Well, she is the main heroine and best girl after all.
I imagine getting your skin pierced would be a little painful.

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