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How do you make Naruto not shit?
Hard mode: Something more creative than 'it doesn't happen'.
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>Have Naruto learn more than two jutsu pre-timeskip.
>Use techiniques more creatively to find out new combinations.
>Have the Sand-Sound invasion have political ramifications for Sand.
>Get Naruto and Sasuke to an actual therapist to work out their issues.
And this is for starters.
people don't get res'd by Pain
Cap Sharingan power levels right around the Valley of the End fight. No ultimate crazy Sharingan bullshit. Naruto doesn't befriend the fox, using it too much still holds severe consequences. No Kaguya at the end.

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hey there fellas,

just started Toradora what am I in for? Does it live up to its rep as the best love anime ever.
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>Does it live up to its rep as the best love anime ever.

Yes. But that says more about anime than what it says about the show.
No, because best girl didn't win.
how the fuck is she best grill

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I'm curious what the worst are. Typically, they're all pretty good.

Pic related, see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7IpzlDPtSP8
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The 2nd OP was pretty good though.
yeah, i'd agree. it's like they wanted to make up for the first one
Tokyo Ghoul Root A's opening should've become an ending song.

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Nenecchi has had enough. She's debating on Sandy Hooking Eagle Jump. Should she do it?
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Are you just gonna pussy out again, Nenecchi

do it

come on you midget dyke

fucking do it

go straight up to the front office and do it.
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She can try.
Anyone who uses this word should be banned

>Oh, hey anon, have you filled out that club registration form yet?
>You...you ARE going to join our kendo club, right? You're not seriously considering going to those swimming club losers, right?
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*unsheathes longsword*
"Let's see how your children's toys can stand up to a real sword!"
>not wanting to see qt anime girls in swimsuits
Let's go swimming!
Does HEMA even have a following in Japan?

>wanting to suffer in horrible water
I don't understand people like you.

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Dumping chapter 1, which has been typeset, and chapter 2, which has been translated.

I was going to ask the scanlation thread about my typesetting, but it died at 50 or so posts, so please feel free to criticize it. Feel free to correct my translation as well if anything's wrong, it's a bit wonky again this time around.
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That was a good fap.

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ITT 10/10 EDs

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more like
>EDs better than their respective shows


couldn't find it on YouTube

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What would sex with Haruhi Suzumiya be like?
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Godly. (haha, see what i did there? i'm so funny and original)
If you don't satisfy her the world ends

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Sorry fellas, she's taken!
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Waifus aren't objects
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Well, I love you, Anon!
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But I prefer Ram
Love you too Rem.
episode 18 ruined the whole series

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What will Gowasu's fate be? Will he really die?
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Well every good meme, needs to die at some point
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Ur answer is here.
stream link guys

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Now that the dust has settled what is the final verdict for this anime.
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Decent show.
Wasted potential.

> Wahhh they didn't show "Who's Rem" wahhh

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I do believe quite a few were overjoyed about the second season annoucement.

But I really want those who haven't watched it since it aired 3 years ago, or those who didn't even watch it, to realize how truly lucky we are to get a follow-up to such a masterpiece, made by the same staff and studio that made it so good in the first place.
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It wasn't that good. 8/10 at best.
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If you haven't already, give Uchoten Kazoku a watch or a rewatch even.
I really don't get why it's so highly praised.

I will post this every day until Christmas!

92 days!
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I Hate My Life
three more months
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>i have to live through another christmas

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