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Where are all the males in shows like New Game and Love Live? It's really distracting when all of the fans are females it's so unrealistic.
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>Where are all the males in shows like New Game and Love Live?
In the background, where they belong.
Why bother with something that you can see everyday?
You're right, all anime should be about aliens since we see humans daily.

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Yukihira Best Option

Who was in the wrong here?
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Guts, he should've been begging for that D
Guts should not have kept his ass away from a negro

Gambino was wrong. He could have charged WAY more.

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Has an anime ever made you legitimately laugh out loud?
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absolutely. Gintama, for one.

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Rape Face 3.jpg
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Name ONE thing 4Kids did that was actually an improvement over the Japanese version of YuGiOh!

Protip: The human brain cannot survive for more than 3 minutes without oxygen
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Seriously though

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How would you get out of this situation?
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Kill myself.
Stand up I guess.
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Make a simple compliment about her beauty and throw her off guard. Then rip her heart out by saying I don't like her type.

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So what was the verdict on the new Makoto Shinkai film?
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Do you like it? It's shit.
Do you hate it? It's good.
It's ok. 5cm/s had the better script, but this has better animation.
Flick tier.

Koe no Katachi is Kino

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Yamada is literally saving Kyoani. Everything good made in the last 4 years featured her as the main director. Tamako Love Story, Hibike, Koe no Katachi, the latter of which is going to end up as their 2nd highest grossing film.

Free? Bad
Kyoukai no Kanata? Bad
Phantom World? Bad
Chuunibyou? Bad
Amagi? Bad

Not to mention she directed K-On, their most successful franchise. Aside from those Hyouka, Nichijou and Disappearance are also good but everything else the studio made ranges from mediocre to bad.
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VEG will be good
>Phantom World?
Sexy girls, not bad

Sexy girls, sometimes funny, not bad

Also Love Story earned less money than chunni garbage recap movie, fuck this gay Earth

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ITT: Best facial expressions in anime
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Terrible tornado is cute, CUTE!!!!
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>You will never be dominated by Tatsumaki

Why even live?
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Tatsumaki is the cutest.
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Stupid sexy cute brat.

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Im not a pedo but Shinobu is hot.
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It's too late. She's already started to turn you.

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Is it a bad time of the night for a manga thread?

What are you reading? What have you finished reading recently? What do you wish was scanlated?
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>/a/ - Anime & Manga
>0 replies on a manga thread
Just started Vagabond, after it sitting on my wish list for a while

On chapter 9, and it seems pretty forced atm - feels a little too try hard / edgy
Just started I am a Hero, been reading Berserk, One Punch Man(both versions) and It's not my Fault I'm Not Popular.

I wish there was more variety in Manga and Anime, so really I just want more things that aren't the usual "Main character who is, or is friends with, a waifu has a normal high school life until supernatural event happens"

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Who would win in a fight?
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Kazuma because he's not from a garbage show.
Which Subaru are we talking about?

Old one is kill and no one was rating anyway.
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You're taste isn't very good. Perhaps watch more anime?
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I never finished tanaka
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Films, mixed.jpg
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4/8 what is bottom right
5/9, but the ones I do like I like a whole lot

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Favorite underrated series?
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That ending though.
>implying there was a second season

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