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Is this the edgiest MC ever?
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Never read it, but the MC has a point. IF your arm was eaten by whatever bitch monster eats it, and you come back ready to round 2 that bitch you gotta ask that bitch was it good.
Considering the MC now follows the kill or be killed policy, except when paid, proceeds to still get a harem, and generally wants to kill anything that looks at him the wrong way, yeah, pretty edgy.
Don't forgot how his main enemy is god himself

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How Digimon Tri's gonna close out this Sorato/Taiora arc
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sorato is canon. soooo
Its been 14 years. Get over it.
I want Taichi and Yamato to bro it up and leave Sora to go on a trip to Las Vegas, wining in Black Jack with the help of izzy and fucking some bitches.

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>tfw you wake up every day and know that it's going to flop
It's just not fucking fair, /a/. I deserves at least 6k sales per volume.
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it deserves*
I agree with you, OP.

But more importantly, how does their gradient stockings work?
Well then, go buy the volume 1 disc a few multiple times, and convince your friends to also buy the anime disc of Flip Flappers volume 1 several times. And try to convince as many anonymous users on this very /a/ board that they should buy many copies of Flip Flappers volume 1, if disc sales matters to you.

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What is the edgiest anime you can think of?
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I edged pretty fucking hard to new game.
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If it's anything like the manga, I'd say Deadman Wonderland, but I haven't watched the anime.

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There's any manga where the true best girl ends with the MC?

>pic related is a example of best girl that dosn't ends with the MC, sadly
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She did get to be his dream girl at least.
It was fun rereading this during October
She tricks the others and gets pregnant with MC firstborn

How do we fix the mahou shoujo genre?
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By killing it.
There's nothing to fix. There just needs to be more.

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Boku no Hero Academia >>149516524
World Trigger >>149516859
Love Rush >>149517272
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In which Kokoro continues to prove how she is worst girl.

Seriously, her reason for falling for the MC is just as shitty as I imagined.

Boku no Hero Academia >>149516524
World Trigger >>149516859
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Let's do something useful, anons.
I'll post raws for Yakumo-san. Anyone who can translate lines from it, please do it, and I will type.
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(I guess we can skip contents for this time)
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>hey shinji, your uniform is in the music room
>go to music room

you motherfucker kensuke
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What game?
girlfriend of steel 2
Is it good?

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koi to senkyo.jpg
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Does this shit get better? I've been playing it since seeing the threads but it just makes me feel numb. The club scenes are the worst because it's mostly just weak comedy skits.

Helps me get to sleep though. Comfy sleep.
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Bitchsato a shit. A SHIT.
Well I'm locked into her route so...

to be honest though even if she's generic tsundere, the scenes at home with her are like a nice reprieve from the painful school antics
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Aomi bestgirl

This is genuinely he worst thing I've seen since Sparrow Hotel.
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>Sparrow Hotel.
Now I feel like vomiting, OP.

Don't ever mention that filth again on this board.
Picked up
>Not Kaiki
Not kaiki

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Are we still getting that second season?
Hopefully so, I want more Nancy Lee.

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3-gatsu no Lion - 05.jpg
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I have no idea if it hit the right spot at the right moment or it is just good overall, but I'm glad I decided not to skip on the show completely after the first episode.
So far it maintained a really good balance of drama, depiction of family interractions and humour. And main character, which at first appeared to me like the one always going with the flow, shows that he is able to change as well. I like it.
Oh, and Akari best girl.
Step-sister is second best but needs some serious therapy.
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3-gatsu no Lion - 04.jpg
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thanks moot
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is the lack of head-tilts killing discussion?

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Who would you rather have?
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can I die instead?
kill them both for being worst girls

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Akames body was made for my D.

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