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>[161109] TVアニメ「ラブライブ!サンシャイン!!(Love Live! Sunshine!!)」挿入歌シングル3「想いよひとつになれ/MIRAI TICKET」/Aqours [320K]
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>Thread nearly dies
LL is dead.
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Oh no!
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Too cute, my heart.
Traumatized for life. Nice, asshole.
oh no...

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find me a better girl than Hime

you cant
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I cannot, Hime is objectively the best girl.
iirc, gattai within like the next 10 ch..
she's best but won't win
it should get an omamori himari ending

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Can we have a serious, mature discussion about this man and the state of the industry?
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>Can we have a serious, mature discussion
I can't wait for him to die so anime can be good again.
He is annoying everyone with his life lessons and hippy stuffs
The industry is fine. Profits are up and so are sales.

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What manga are you reading /a/?
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What's the deal with Shinji?
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Goddamn, Asuka looks stacked. Thought she only looked that stack when she was in the red and white-striped bathing suit she wore while discussing thermal expansion with Shinji.

It's causing a thermal expansion in my loins, if you know what I mean.
he just wants to find peace
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>lives with two whores, constantly berated by them
>one of them is an alcoholic
>other is a total bitch who can't figure out how to express her feelings
>his mom died when he was still too young to remember her
>hasn't seen his dad in years
>when he finally meets him, he expects shinji to get in the fucking robot and go kill angels
>only cares about shinji when it's time for him to get in the fucking robot
>his friends only care about him so they can be around giant robots and misato
>kills his only real friend against his own will
>ascends to godhood along with the rest of humanity, but decides to return to earth anyway
Shinji Ikari had a hard life.

Is KyoAni the pinnacle of modern anime?
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Consistently in the visual category, sure. Consistently dogshit in the story category.
>Consistently in the visual category, sure. Consistently dogshit in the story category.
I am still mad that they threw in a dance episode for Kyōkai no Kanata. They cared so little about the plot that they randomly threw in an episode that had nothing to do with the story.
Are their adaptations faithful to the source materials?

When will the trap meme die?
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she sees your dick.png
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Right after you do. Care to speed up the process?
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He was less of a trap material in first chapter though.
I bet author decided to sweeten the pill for readers after that.

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Franklin deserves to win.
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Both do, anon. But this is really starting to seem like super power football, the author needs to keep a check on that shit.
I honestly don't get why the author spend so much chapters on literally a stepping stone team.

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I want to hurt Louise and make her cry
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Louise is for rape, marriage, and angry sex+cuddling in that order.
Man, Louise never fails to make me instantly diamond hard. Her design and body is semen demon incarnated.
Yeah, me too. For ruining tsundere.

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Why do people act so stupid and oblivious in anime
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Bad writing in an anime? I refuse to accept that.
I have noticed that in animes like parasyte they have very small eyes and the characters have human level intelligence

Perhaps writers intentionally write a character's intelegence to follow the art style. And character design.

The bigger the eyes, the dumber they are
Or the more dumb and daft the writer portrays at character.
So they can have some kinda reason for the writer to project his ideals.
ONE does this shit constantly in OPM and mob and its really goddamn obnoxious on how preachy he is.

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What are you looking forward to the most in this arc?
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>another new thread


>When Sanji said everyone would suffer of their marriage, she said she wouldn't let it happen. Then she said she wants to marry him and that he's her only savior.

>Sanji said everyone would suffer of their marriage, she said she wouldn't let it happen
>she said she wants to marry him and that he's her only savior

It's probably pointless to reply to this now but this person is incorrect, right? I agree that Pudding isn't lying but what the fuck? Sanji was saying everyone would suffer if they DIDN'T get married, and what Pudding was saying was that she wouldn't let their marriage be hell for him, as in how it was for him before he left G66, with no people around who care about him

Then when Pudding thinks she's being too presumptuous Sanji is actually touched and grabs her and tells her she's his only saviour now/in the scenario of being married and having to give up his adventure

Right? I feel like this is really obvious
caesar saves luffy
Why doesn't Jaji marry Big Mom?

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Time for another catch up thread. If edit anon shows up.
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For now, some Imouto.


Sports Festival

"What nice weather"
"It's the perfect day for the Sports Festival"


"Ahh oh no"
"That 'Sports Festival' is way too perfext"

"I hear this"
[Above] Sports Festival
[Below] Pores must smell [TN: Pun on 体育祭 (taiikusai) - Athletic/Sports festival, and 体位臭い (taiikusai) - smelly sex organ]
"The target of your laughter is pretty despair inducing"
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Comic 1
Start sign

"Is there no pistol?"
"Yes. Everyone's looking for it"

"But we can't delay the events either"
"I'll do something about it, so start the competition"


"Can we run?"

Comic 2
Up to two balls

Ball tosss

"I put 2 in"
"I also put 2"
"2 as well"

"I put 3 in"

"Please read the atmosphere"
"Oh man"
"You virgin"
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Comic 1
Fight yell

Three legged race
"Let's count back from 1 to 2"



"Do it seriously dammiiiit!!"
"We're in last place"

Comic 2
Lingering summer sweat

"Wheeewww, I got sweaty from running"
"I should drink something"
I'm thirsty

"I'm okay"
Haah haah
"When you get sweaty, it's better to take some liquids"

"Because I'm drinking my saliva"
"Wrong sweat?"

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>when you start saving lewds of your waifu
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What's the point of having a waifu if you weren't going to fap to porn of her? That's like having a girlfriend and not having sex with her. That's the whole point of them.
Unless she's a robot, I'm pretty sure a waifu would get very turned on by the thought of her husbando fapping to pics of her

I rent bucks on the weekends (and bulls on special occasions) for my wife Mugi.

Fuck me this is ending

If we don't get a timeskip end I'm going to fucking murder Ryuta sensei
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Did they fuck yet??
We have one more chapter to find out
>your frog has turned into a man

What do?

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