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Shiho does things to me.

I need help.
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Underrated girl

Dead eyes just do me.

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X (2).jpg
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Why can't oppai lolis become more common?
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Womenlet are not loli!
She's wearing a randsel. She's clearly a loli.
Makes about as much sense as saying "girl" with a dick.

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commie fansub.jpg
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>This is an approved fansub on /a/
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I've always called her Bill Cosby so this is nothing new
Hai hai, Commie desu.
It's pretty funny desu

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Will anything reach TTGL's hype ever again? (Except KlK)
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one punch man s2
KLK was nowhere near as hyped as TTGL.
Imaishi's next original, obviously.

>implying you were here for both

>Spotted Flower officially confirmed to be a Genshiken sequel after author swearing up and down it wasn't

Kio is such a goddamn troll christ.
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Fucking yes. It completely makes up for all the shit in Nidaime
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what? I can't into moonrunes, is that supposed to be Kousaka?
Looks like it is.
Post more pages, OP. Also why'd you screenshot the page?

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Death Note. Yes, that one.

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A shit opening? You mean like a butt hole?
Why does every Maximum the Hormone song sound the same?

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What does /a/ think of Kaijuu Girls?
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Not very good, but it's a short so there no harm in watching it.
It's cute and makes me think of Ultraman, which is all something really needs for me to like it.
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Angry Pigmon.webm
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Pigmon is pretty cute. Wish we would see more kaijuu other than the main casts.

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RenRuki LN next month.

How long until we get something about Kazui and Ichika?
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Ichigo walking Orihime home after the wedding when.
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>the kids adventures in Soul Society
I want that.
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If it's covering 10 years, like the 17 month timeskip it will probably end at shortly before the manga moment, in this case Rukia's investiture.

I'm not sure whether Ichika will have an actual scene or only glossed over in passages between the wedding and the captaincy.

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Death Note is actually pretty good.
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It is, and don't let other people tell you otherwise
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Good work guys, I think we can call it a day.
Ending was shit but not in the "it should have ended with Light winning after L died" way that's parroted on /a/

Near and Mello should have worked together even if they started out working separately. More info on Wammy's House and L's legacy should have been included...maybe as a complimentary spinoff like Railgun is to Index.

I feel like the series should have been longer rather than shorter

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>the good kind of empty feeling upon completion

What's her name /a/?
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Oh wait.
Is there a "good kind" of empty feeling?

I guess the Deen FSN that ended with sleeping Saber.

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You can find chapter 54 here

If you missed any of the previous chapters check here

If you've just finished the anime and want to catch up with the current discussion check this link
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Felix 181.jpg
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I want to kiss and cuddle with Ferri while comforting him so he doesn't have to cry himself to sleep because of Crusch-sama's unfortunate situation.
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This is the picture I really wanted to posted but it's shitty as an OP pic so Chidna.
File: 1465229738594.png (279KB, 937x781px)Image search: [Google]
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New chapter time.

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This is bullshit!

Really wanna drop it real bad but it will be an act of cowardice.

Who here is still gonna watch it to the end?
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shit just got real after #6
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Why couldn't the mahou shoujo realize that they are being played and team up to stop this bullshit plot. Rip best girl
Top Speed still in it,so yes

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Watched some live action porn ages ago Rin had lost her cats and some guy came and offered to help her find them. It involved Rin sucking his dick and wafting the smell around to try and attract the cats back. After 30 minutes of foreplay and sex they still never managed to find those fucking cats. Don't watch 3DPD it is full of lies and deceit.
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Gunbuster or Diebuster?

Which was better?
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I liked Diebuster more.
honestly they are so different that its not worth comparing the too. Both are very good and both do exactly what they set out to do and more. They just reflect the studio at the time. Its kinda faulty to compare them as they are both some of the most cherished stories in the medium.

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Fuck Reinhard.
Yang #1
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