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Still one of my favorite characters
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What he said was true though, but he could've just lied, that cocksucker.
Kurapika is the manliest HxH character. Just try to prove me wrong.
He couldn't

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Have you ever been to the top /a/?
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I have a long way to go. I'm in the process of getting my driver's license (which I started because I watched the show).
Now, but sometimes I get cool vibrations.
I did but then I crashed.

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So I've become pretty interested the ideas of feminism and have worked along with them over the last few months. I'm always interested in learning more about the subject so i'm thinking there may be an anime out there that really shows how some Japanese people interpret feminism. I'm not just asking for "feminst friendly" anime as I'm personally ok with whatever I watch but i'm asking for an asking for an anime that has direct connections with feminism.
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Pic related
tetsuwan girl
School Days

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How has Homura not killed herself after watching Madoka die for just about 12 years? Insane if anything but that is really strange how she didn't shoot herself. Love really is strong.
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She manned the fuck up for her waifu.
She probably fucked her every once in awhile and then went back in time.

I want a doujin where Homura fucks Madoka in front of her mom, goes back in time, and acts like nothing happened.
Nope because when Madoka became a god she remembered all the timelines and she would have known about it.

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Which anime has the best soundtrack? And why is Initial D?
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Cause it's not an anime soundtrack but a bunch of songs handpicked for an anime.
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>mfw it's winter again and I can drift every corner while listening to Initial D ost

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Yokoi is made for molestation.
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Molesting others you mean.
This thread has potential

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>Earlier anime was more expressive and had better animation
>Modern anime is more aesthetically pleasing and more detailed
Is this correct?
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>had better animation

no, this is not correct
>Earlier anime was more expressive and had better animation
I should have stated that I don't watch much anime, my bad. I just find this shift interesting. So you think overall modem anime is of higher quality than earlier anime?

>Qanoon-e Islam
What did she mean by this?
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It's a bunch of typos.
She meant to write "Canaan is lame".
I checked the original senpai
its means isuramu (which means islam) no something (can't read the kanji there)
That she will take dick of a soldier of Allah inside her.

Now that I've gotten over whatever the fuck this was can someone tell me why the most recent episode sucked so bad?
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Toei's budget.

You were not in on the industry joke so you were like wtf was this shit. Also the opponent wrestler was bland and forgettable.
There were shilling some real life idols

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How do you pick a best girl when it's all of them?
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>best girl
That's easy.

It's Chizuru.
>not me
Fuck you.
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I like brat because of that doujin

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jojo is shit
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"No u"
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Josuke > Gappy

/r/ing transparent Josuke

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Sieg did nothing wrong
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It would be an honor to die protecting Hime & her wife
>Shot in the femoral artery
>Lasting 10 minutes

He would die within three minutes.
Honor doesn't buy you dinner.

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I have noticed that in animes like parasyte they have very small eyes and the characters have human level intelligence

Perhaps writers intentionally write a character's intelegence to follow the art style. And character design.

The bigger the eyes, the dumber they are
Or the more dumb and daft the writer portrays at character.
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I'd say that's correlation not causation.
big eyes=more moe, and dumb=more moe
so when going for maximum moe of course you would see both
This isn't /r/
This is also not /h/.

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Desu 2
>one poster
Is 4chan dead for third time?

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>tfw have an NTR fetish
It's the fucking worst. You know it's terrible, you know it's disgusting, you know it's degenerate.

But I can't stop watching and reading it, FUCK WHY DID GOD GIVE ME THIS SHIT FETISH
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As long as you're not self-inserting as the guy getting cucked NTR is fine. It's embarrassing seeing people on /a/ so offended by cheating in fiction.
Its the thinking mans fetish
Welcome brother
Just stop feeling bad about it.
The society can't tell you what's right and wrong.

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