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Man, friendship sure is great!
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I wouldn't know anything about that.
If only Kircheis were here
Indeed, OP.

Healthy normal friendship.

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Just do it, you weebs.

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But I don't even like wearing black.
Texas is really far away

Which is too bad because I would kill a man to be involved with Alita in some way
Holy shit the chick they chose to play Alita actually looks perfect, compared to Scarlett doing the Major especially.

The people producing directing and writing this film are top notch too.

How did Alita end up getting better treatment than GiTs?

Not that I mind, BAA is one of the best sci fi manga of all time and I've been waiting for this for literally a decade

Who is your least favorite JoJo and why he's Jonathan Joestar?
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He's a fag
I think he's the best in his own kind. Also he's cute.
But he's my favorite.

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>You lived to see Macross become idolshit
>You lived to see Gatchaman become moeshit
>You lived to see Black Jack become fujoshit
>You lived to see Cashern become emoshit
>You lived to see Yamato become waifushit

What classic will be ruined next?
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Please fuck off.
People who weren't alive for the originals don't get to pretend to be nostalgic about them.
But they were all shit to start with so nothing of value was lost

It's another /a/ tries to start shit it doesn't know what's it's even talking about thread

What's /a/'s opinion on Bobobo?
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Holy shit this brings back memories.

Get these Japanese characters out of my face
The openings are awesome and while I kinda enjoyred the first part, the overall series is frankly too stupid at some point, without being that funny. Kinda like "it's so stupid so it must be funny, don't worry brain".

And hates how the Anime toned down the blood.

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>A controversial masterpiece
>described as the bible to a new millennium and an absolute disaster in the wrong hands
>shockingly vivid violence and the extraordinarily-portrayed characters
>Beat Takeshi's gangster movies
>modern-day Mowgli
>technical discussions about things like the military chain of command, political maneuvering and manipulating public perceptions
>ludicrous amount of Godard-esque (or would that be Anno-esque?) subtitles
> 12th volume is absolutely epic.
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yup it's awesome, it probably isn't sold in the west because it has terrorism in it
I know...that's stupid
Bakabt scan are okay?

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okay boys bout to watch higashi no eden or whatever. what am i in for? you guys said this shit was good right?
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>wasted potential
>best cinematic timing
>school food punishment
Literally all this show is known for is a 30 second segment in the final episode, which won't feel satisfying at all since you'll be busy wondering how they fucked up a concept that was guaranteed to succeed that badly.

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who let this become an anime?
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ironic shitposting is huge in japan
Team Rocket's breakup must have been really hard on James

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How much value do you put into visual direction?
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There's no reason you can't have a waifu and a family. Your waifu would understand.

If you're a fucking white male it's practically your duty to raise a family.

Pic related is my beloved

I miss her you guys.
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Real life is not a topic for /a/.
>>>/r9k/ >>>/rpol/
[redacted in compliance with global rule 7] so hard my heart stopped fro ten seconds
This thread isn't about real life, it's about your relationship with your waifu. I want other anons to know that they shouldn't feel like they're cheating on someone literally in another dimension. Your relationship with your waifu will always exist no matter what.

Does anyone have a decent explanation or analysis for why Gendo is considered one of anime's worst daddies? He just seems distant but it's not like he ever molested or beat his son.
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Abandoning your child and being completely indifferent to the idea of them fighting in life or death battles is not the mark of a good parent OP
could be worse, though. I mean does he ever even verbally torment Shinji as much as not talk to him.
I disagree that that isn't plenty bad in itself, but either way, Gendo doesn't have that much competition - anime doesn't feature many abusive parents, with most of them either absent for convenience's sake, quirky comedy relief, or good and normal parents. A lot of abusive parents that do exist are also given more sympathetic traits, like Rose in Umineko genuinely loving Maria despite being an abusive and generally horrible mother. Gendo has few redeeming qualities at all, he treats everyone except Rei like crap.

I really like the story, I just wish the animation and artstyle wasn't so crappy.
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That's too bad OP, hope you come around to it.
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I wish it wasn't so pretentious, like Tatami Galaxy.
>Ping Pong animation

Look at this retard that can't make the difference between artstyle and animation.

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How would you go about making your ideal ace pilot anime?
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set the anime before the advent of jet planes

Area 88 gave me plenty of jet pilot awesomeness. À shame the remake had such shitty CG, though
Homoerotic beach volleyball.

Will I be lost if i skip from stardust crusaders to diamond is unbreakable?
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Seeing as DiU is right after SC and you'd be skipping 0 chapters, probably not

What I mean is I havent finished SC
Where did you left off?

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Anyone read korean manhwa?
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No and before you ask I don't eat dog either. Fuck off, gook.
Theres some Chevalier threads from time to time. I dont remember what the fuck even is going on in Yureka.

And sometimes there are the obligatory Im Dal Young threads which are mostly raging at him and his "works".
are you ok?

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