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Sipping kinshi.
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I swear to god if one of you faggots make that noise after taking a drink I will whoop some loli ass

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Just watched pic related. Can someone explain this feeling??
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it's called being suicidal
yeah. you like dicks
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>fap to ntr daily
>watch this
>doing another fap dailies
>my heart aches

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She wanted it. I can tell.
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She is the best girl with the worst route.

They should have made a Kyou After.
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So much time would have been saved if she just said that at the start.

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What if Viktor Nikiforov coached the rugby team from "All-Out!!"?
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Doesnt have enough stamina to fuck all of them
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>Viktor will never coach this simpering little shit and release his inner eros

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>It's a school festival episode

Why are they so comfy?
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Because you wish you had that close feeling of community that a festival brings out. Because you realise that your community would never come together like that and enjoy yourselves. Because in your society people are too distant from one another now.
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>keeps the setting and characters of everyday high school
>none of the restrictions of classes or teachers
>characters get free reign to do basically whatever they want with almost absolute freedom

Comfy AF.
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I grew up in Japan, and every school festival was a fucking nightmare. There was nothing "comfy" about it, you fucking weeb.

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>epic story
>deep lore
>interest characters
>great sound truck
>one of the most popular eroge

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Because the protagonist is a serial rapist.
I giggle everytime people automatically disregard the rance series due to rances antics

Hes a sex offender no doubt but the story of the VNs itself is good that the sex is just a plus at that stage

That and all the girls, wether main or a side, all look beautiful. Hell even that demon lord looked wonderful

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elfen lied.jpg
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What went right?
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She didn't render herself into a puddle of flesh in the anime adaptation.
That was somewhat of a bonus.
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Great background art.

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Who /cel/ here?
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How do you even go about buying any nowadays?
Also i'm mirin.
to expensive and old, I'll just make my own, can't be that hard

>cockoro-chan you now
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I want to give Kokoro the cockoro
Movie uploaded when?
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>SHAFTfags don't care about it since there's no otaku pandering
>normalfags are put off by the weird (but trademark) SHAFT direction
>fans of the manga are disgusted by the abundance of headtilts, jump cuts and other SHAFT-isms shoved into the source material
Who the fuck thought that handing this to SHAFT was a good idea?
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shaft was a mistake
>Who the fuck thought that handing this to SHAFT was a good idea?
I think there was confusion between the studios. HeroAca was directed as if it were slice of life, Sangatsu was directed as if it were a dynamic story.
Where are the Lions?

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Was he the villain?
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He was the hero /a/'s been yearning for.
No, just an asshole.
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Shadow of Mikado.jpg
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Originally. Though, by the end of the series, even he admits that Mikado has surpassed him and become the new big bad of the series.

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What does /a/ think about Erina?
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Delicious modern tsundere.
She looks cutest after running.
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...reading Gun X Clover?
Is cause it's a harem-series?
But /a/ usually likes them
Or is, cause the mainchar hates lolicons?
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Because it's shit just like the other 50 series the guy's written.
>Because it's shit
well, I haven't read one of his other series, but this one is pretty decent
Please, explain why Gun X Clover is shit?
>being this retarded

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Admit it, /a/, this was fucking retarded and retroactively ruined the entire series
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it's a joke ending for a comedy series. Stop taking it so seriously.
It was a joke.

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Is madoka a good show?
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Kamen Rider ripoff
Why do you keep making more threads, !Akemi. It won't make it less obvious you are the only one making them.
Sorry you have the wrong person

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