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Everyday she's Shufflin
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>cute magical girls, they said
Come on anon at least today post an image from the episode.
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>tfw your Top Waifu is preggo with another guy

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ladies first.jpg
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French Canadian edition.
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white boys except russians are all trash, why is this?

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ITT things that trigger /a/
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it is only a cat.jpg
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She's 14, you pedo.
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>[HorribleSubs] WWW.Working!! - 09 [720p].mkv
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Posting in dead thread. I thought people liked this show.
>"Are you lactating?"
>That terrible engrish

10/10 episode
nana engrish was glorious

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Another round of befriending.

Will Fuuka win and challenge Einhart?
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Fuuka is the underdog. She'll win against Rinne, but lose against Einhart.
Rinne best girl. But she's gonna lose ;_;
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You fucked up OP.
Should've been this for image.

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34 ep. preview pics:

Tekkadan on Mars
Vidar in space
Gundam Flauros waiting for repainting
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34 ep.)Vidar Rises
-The connection between McGillis and Tekkadan strengthens. Meanwhile, Gundam Vidar finally rolls out.

35 ep.)Awakening Calamity
-A huge object is discovered in Tekkadan's mine. McGillis, who received from Orga info on the object, decides to visit Mars secretly.
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Gundam Vidar
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It is 1am in Japan which means it has been this princess' birthday already for an hour. Happy birthday, Yui. The world would not be the same without you in it. I've known you for 7 years now and every day with you being my waifu has been grand. I couldn't ask for anything more. Happy birthday, Yui.
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Happy Birthday Yui!
Stop trying so hard to be Komeiji.
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Hirasawa Yui Birthday 2016.png
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Man, K-on is still really popular huh.

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Rakko is a predator in more ways than one. Railgun and Accel chapters soon.
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Kakine is looking good.
>Tormenting a pure boy like that
She deserves all of the bullying.

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Generic synopsis:

>When a gate to another world suddenly opens on Earth, Mikado City is invaded by strange creatures known as "Neighbors," malicious beings impervious to traditional weaponry. In response to their arrival, an organization called the Border Defense Agency has been established to combat the Neighbor menace through special weapons called "Triggers."

Opening: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zIT3HdkBK1k

Reminder not to post spoilers until the entire volume is done.

So without further ado, let's start.

Vol. 1 >>149996248
Vol. 2 >>150019175
Vol. 3 >>150055432
Vol. 4 >>150092587
Vol. 5 >>150135557
Vol. 6 >>150171727
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the movie is shit and people who liked it are paid
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kangerou alt.jpg
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I do not believe that is a factually correct statement.
Fuck off with you generals
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Uranami is shit and people who like this potato are massive cock sucking faggots

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>implying you can pat her head

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>Type-Moon is just so fucking bankrupt and out of ideas they are shamelessly copy-pasting their characters

A shame!

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Does Yayaka have chance to win the Cocobowl?
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Nope. Cocona's heart fully belongs to her soulmate, Papika.
Yayaka didn't have a chance even before Cocona met Papika, though.
The chances certainly increased after Papika called her her ex-lovers name.
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Papika has already almost won. All that is needed is for the real Papika to want to do something fun and not a PI fake.

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Hey, you. Rub my feet.
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Okay but only because you're best Amagami
Surface of the pool~
Say nishishishi

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Not the translator of 1&2
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Is the manga where Germany wins WWII because a Japanese businessman was sent back in time in the body of a 12 year old girl?

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Why the hell didn't they end up together again?
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Because Kubo is a hack. Simple as that.
Kubo has always been a hack.
Kubo is a hack.

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