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What was the best part of Digimon: The Movie, and why was it Angela Anaconda?
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>I'm Greymon now
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>Angela Anaconda
This bitch gives me PTSD

Is it that time already?
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Not yet, anon.
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I'm counting the hours, boys.
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Get your shitty Megumeme off my gay ass board.

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Write an anime/manga ,anon.

>Trigger mode: Must have Mary Sues and Isekai
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Mary was killed by a flock of which fell out of a truck. Reborn in a fantasy world, she finds out that she will REMEMBER a new game-breaking cheat skill each time she fucks someone who isn't her childhood male friend. Fucking a furry or colored person also grants her bonus stat increases.

Eventually she gains the power to summon a cellphone. Memes ensue as she....
>Mary was killed by a flock of frozen seagulls which fell out of a truck.
anime of the year

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What does /a/ think of it?
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kinda forgot about it when S2 was airing and I don't really want to finish it.
S1 was quite fun though.
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I like it, it was fun.
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Ryuu has a great ass

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What are you currently looking to buy /a/?
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What exactly is the logic the new "rules." I don't understand it. Is it a money thing?
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Thanks, Hiro. Great mod you hired.

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How will fairy break his legs?
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He won't.
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Would you?
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high impact sexual violence

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>Enjoy the Loli pussy while you can Mcgillis
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Are we going to get Bael vs Vidar?

Or do you think by that point Vidar will cast off the "Disguise" and get an upgrade into some kinda Kimaris 3.0? (4.0?)
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V for Vidar!
>The skirt slides down to draw the new lance tip instead of the gundam having to awkwardly draw it out manually.

I didn't even notice that before.

Fubuki story ends with movie but with she leaves a legacy of most badass potato in Kantai Collection story.

Respect Fubuki.
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Snowflakes characters are the worst.
I wish poi was the MC.
Ruined the anime, ruined the movie, took too much screen time away from Poi. Truly the worst MC.

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Every Day She's Shufflin

So what did everyone think of the chapter? Pure Elements? Grim Heart? The wonder cunt duo's plot? Attack on Shufflin? All the deaths?
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I like how almost nothing happened for the first half of Jokers and suddenly everyone starts dying the next chapter
Brutal chapter.

did kafuria's power not predict her death then, or what? Sad how uselessly she and Umbrain went out.
yeah I hope that Tempest doesn't go out the same way as Kafuria and Umbrain since we got to know her more,and Quake's death was sad af, Lady Proud got done in by her hubris and she kinda lost it when "Umbrain got kidnapped, and Uttakatta got fucking stealth Shufflin'd. I hope Cherry gets some big heroic moment to make up for her mistakes

Also for the WEG for Jokers, got should be something along the lines of some Pythie Pfle keikaku bullshit, an escape game, and attack on Shufflin

Best girl?
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But that's just 5 of the exact same girl with slight alterations
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Muh dick

Is it all downhill from here or was this just darkest before the dawn?
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I can see it getting even more retarded, but I don't want to think about this.

Let's hope that Sophie can carry this show to the finish line.
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Hope we get to see a parade.
So, what is Germania going to do with Izetta? Use her as a sex slave for all the soldiers or be given to the fuhrer as her property?

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>Code Geass: Fukkatsu no Lelouch
>Legend of the Galactic Heroes 17
>One Punch Man 2
>Full Metal Panic 4
>Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel
>Evangelion 3.0 + 1.0
>Panty & Stocking 2
>Steins;Gate 0
>Ao no Exorcist: Kyoto Arc
>No Game No Life Movie

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Except for Geass and FMP those are all shit. Sorry m80.
>Except for Geass and FMP those are all great. Sorry m80.
Wouldn't it just be better to have new shows instead of sequels? That's what made 2004-2008 so good.

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Read the guide before asking any questions: buyfag.moe
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[stupid question]
I wish they re released all the Nishimura Kinu figures.
>Nishimura Kinu
Which ones do you like? I got nurse morrigan for 7k at HLJ BS.

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This entire scene - and by extension the entire ending - now has no meaning

Lelouch saved nothing. Lelouch stopped nothing. He even failed at fucking killing himself.

Celebrate all you want /a/

You are not getting Code Geass R3

You are getting Code Geass Super

You are getting a zombie of a series

You are getting a continuation that never needed to happen
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Lelouch didnt die in the original ending faggot
Sadly this is how I feel about it after the initial euphoria disappeared.
Well duh, any actual fans are mad about this.

It had a perfectly fine ending and didn't need a sequel.

The only people spamming threads are newfag shitposters that only know about CG from "le epic meme screenshots" and are trying and failing to recreate that feeling.

It's probably going to be pretty shit and will do nothing but retroactively ruin your appreciation of the series as a whole.


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I'm so jealous of this guy.
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He will die very soon. Why would someone be jealous of him?
Loli end get. Will Sunrise really do it?

Godspeed this fabulous gentlemen.
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Hahaha yeah…. NO!

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