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M10 tank destroyer.jpg
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Both tanks and giant robots are consider mecha genre by Japanese, but why there are so few anime about tank compare to giant robot? Even planes got more anime than tanks.
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Robots are the same thing as Mecha.
A Robot can be a dog, a dragon, anything as long as it's mechanical. But a Mecha will always be humanoid.

I don't even know how you thought tanks are mecha
It's the Japanese definition.

Because humanoid robots are more interesting to kids than tanks are.
Cultural cringe regarding war. I think the Muv Luv guy talked about it once.

So this show is about the making of the anime Hundred, isn't it?
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Is about the making of Seiken Tsukai no World Break.

I forgot what the premise of Hundred once other than that it was shitty and forgettable and I didn't watch it.

But it's a more general satire on production of the "overhyped trainwreck/flop" sort of anime. Would have had more bite if the anime in question were an isekai (the shitty pandering genre of the 2010) rather than a battle harem (the shitty pandering genre of the 2000s)
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>tfw your wife only gets one scene

Just wanted to post these wide pics to counterbalance the amount of recent stick figures.

new Manga Time Kirara Carat cover - just add glasses and you get a Yuno obaasan.
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volume 9 cover.jpg
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Festa-chan on the cover - with double hand holding.

(NSFW link because of ads: http://blog.livedoor.jp/geek/archives/51536950.html)
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volume 9 cover b.jpg
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and a reminder (old pic).

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how the fuck did she get that far when it's not even motorized
10/10 wheelchair, would take it.
She looks like she could use a hand.

Hello friends. Let's have a nice 3x3 thread
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Dead thread. I think it wasn't a good idea to make a thread in such a dramatic moment.
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My anime 3x3.jpg
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Blake Kami -sama.png
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5 Chapters dumped.

How can Blake be so based?

Also how about that revelation that sleepymoe had two loli-lesbian-mommies?
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Sensei still best girl.
lel i forgot about this series. Thanks OP!
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Oh great, now Blake's party have demons as his followers. They better join the party permanently.

>And now I'm going to invade Korea, and hopefully China!
Do they die?
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Oda never made it to gookland

Monkey sets foot, tries to push further in but never succeeds. Forced to return to nippon and lose to Tokugawa
>and lose to Tokugawa
Not really lose, he just dies of old age and then Tokugawa makes move.
>Monkey sets foot, tries to push further in but never succeeds
Should have taken out Admiral Yi first.

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It's out
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What do y'all think about Flip Flapper? Any pros or cons?
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Quality animation, backgrounds and sound throughout the series, great variety of episodes, great direction. Cute girls developing lesbian relationshsips naturally, doesn't feel like pandering. Story has potential, could go in all different directions. Speculation if you are into this. Dialog that doesn't treat you like a retard, a lot of visual storytelling.

Some episodes rely on references, might look like an episodic show with story going nowhere. A lot of plot questions from the beginning still unanswered.
Trying to think about more negative stuff, but that's all.
Style over substance, not impressed. Director is a newbie, and even then he's an untalented hack. Animation is a shitty webgen eye cancer. Excessive fanservice (they're middle school girls, you degenerates). Flat characters without any development at all. Plagiarism everywhere. Yurishit.

Subhuman niggers with double-digit IQs hyping it (because they feel 'smart' watching it), but it's not even top 3 (if only for the fluid animation), especially after the writer supposedly changed. Literally Phantom World 2.0.



An episodic format isn't nececssarily a bad thing, but I feel like there are too many unanswered questions that have to be covered in the remaining five episodes (the nature of Flip Flapper and the organization Yayaka works for, what exactly the artifacts do, who/what Papika is, why she roped Cocona into her adventures, everything).

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How was this allowed on TV?
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What is wrong eith it
>documentation about the territorial advances of a tarantula is considered a bad thing for tv
The same way kiss sis was

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Chapter 17 is finally out. Don and Gilda need to learn how to keikaku if they want to survive.

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nice thread
It's as dead as their siblings
Don and Gilda are going to overhear something that makes the main trio look bad, but also makes Mama an obviously bad choice to confide in. Then Gilda remembers Sister Krone and they tell her everything. Three different sides are going to be waging a subtle war in the last week. Shit's intense.
How much do you want to bet that the P.R.O.M.I.S.E. book is Peter Pan?
The fact that they wouldn't tell us what the giberish message of the second book was is telling

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... The fuck was the point of those hand movements, Trunks?
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What is the point of any of their hand movements?

I don't see any functional difference between the Kamehameha that requires you to do the pose and shout the name, over the generic energy wave that doesn't require a pose, aside from being blue/white instead of yellow.
it looks cool
But these spasms are the most random things ever. He does them, and then he does a regular ki blast.

A kamehameha is focusing all chi into one point, so cupping your hands makes sense. maybe not calling out the name. uh

actually never mind you're right, they're all ridiculous

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What is Code Geass known for?
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epic and memes
shitstorm culture

Everyone on /a/ better fucking watch R3
Let's go.

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It's that time of the month again. Looks like the previous thread with the spoiler pictures died fairly fast though.
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Aoi a cute.

>there are people who actually think he's not best boy
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He's second worst boy at best.
Yeah I like him after Shima-chan. If they both don't win than I wish they get together.

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