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>The increasingly lopsided nature of Japanese cinema is having an effect on its acting community. Nearly three-quarters of Japan’s Actors’ Union are voice actors, up from 60% 10 years ago, according to union representative Michihiro Ikeumizu.

>“It’s ranked at the top of the most desired professions,” said Ikeumizu. “Especially voice actors who focus on voicing anime. Recently, the marketing of voice actors with proven ability and voice acting talent agencies have increased a lot.”

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B-but /a/ keeps saying that anime is dying. What the fuck is going on here? I thought anime didn't make any money.
If Japan actually made good live action movies, this wouldn't be a problem
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>a movie so dangerous it jeopardizes the balance of the 3D world

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When did you realize that Luvia-sama is actually best Fate girl?
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She's not even breast Fate girl.
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That isn't how you spell Illya.
Luvia is for fanservice.

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When does this shit get good?

I just marathoned the first two episodes, and it's pretty boring so far.
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Episode 4.
>he thinks it gets good

Go watch something else.
>45 minutes

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>There's too much fanservice in anime! DISGUSTING! Let's tone it down, Japan.

Why are westernfags like this?
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Who cares what they think? Japan certainly doesn't.
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Just ignore them. Japan does.
But if I wanted to fap, I'd watch hentai.

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Why don't you like Aquors?
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no maki
No Rin!
I do, they're better in every way.

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Who is the best JoJo?

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>This many votes for Giorno

I didn't expect that many people to enjoy characters with the personality of sandpaper.
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>no gappy

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You can only date 1.
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Of course, polygamy is heretical.
Stella a best. A BEST.
I'll take the dead one.

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YO. FUCK. THIS. SHIT. Fuck the people who thought this was a good idea. Fuck the feelings associated with it. Fuck the ending. FUCK
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Of all things, if Akame ga Kill inspires these kinds of feelings in you then you probably should watch more than five anime.
I really enjoyed the ending. Esdeath got a comfy death.
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But really he should kill himself.

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So we can all agree that this is the most attractive character in jjba right?
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He looks like a hobgoblin
He is beautiful fuck you.

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Am I the only one on /a/ that doesn't love this anime? The only standout thing about this for me is the soundtrack, and the messages don't mix with me well. Also, does the anime get better after 1st season?
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Yes, you are the sole person on this high traffic board that is special enough to not like Aria.
How amazing, unique and perfect you are OP.
I just asked the guys and yeah you're the only one here
Yep, you're the only one.

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What the fuck did I just watch?
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A good anime, for once.
The queen of the semen demons.
Lusting for Lain's physical body is not a sin, but sharing said thoughts or concepts with other people is an unforgivable offence to Lain herself.
Keep those thoughts to yourself, unbeliever.

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Did she was the best representation of autism in manga/anime?
I'm not even joking
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you seem to represent it the best OP
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how to be a good mother.png
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Mommy, I'm getting married!

Have a wide Sunday.
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Have a wide Sunday and a wider Christmas!
Have you all been good this year?
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I miss them all so much

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I want to have babies with her
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You're probably going to have to consider adoption.
Don't be stupid. Pull out and shoot it in the sink.

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What were they thinking?

Was this supposed to be ironically bad?
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perhaps it is a visual manifestation of this character's edge.
How many years has it been at this point?
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maybe they wanted to trigger the autists that sit and watch every frame of their show.

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