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Is Aqua a virgin?
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>constantly nopan
Yes, but Darkness isn't.
A goddess has no desire for dick

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>I spend entire days listening over and over to old anime intros from my country
what's wrong with me?
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Define old
80s up to present day, I mean old as in "I watched them as a child and while growing up". Except I never stopped growing up.
We're all little girls here. There is nothing wrong with you.

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What's it gonna be about?
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i mean i'd assume it's about godzilla
Godzilla was people all along
Space Godzilla.

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Fuck all this Fate shit and servants, Nasu has forgotten the real and true fans, the original and real story here. Remember Dead Apostles? Nasu doesn't, fuck him. Remember vampires and Arcuied, or mystic eyes? Nasu doesn't, fuck him. Fuck servants, when is Nasu going to get back to the real story here, the actually interesting story, rather than rehashing all the shit I don't care about. Get back to the one thing I do care about already. Remake never! Nasu has forgotten us, Shiki can kill servants, Tsukihime was ten times the game and fifty times the atmosphere of Fate, fuck Nasu for forgetting the one actual good game he's made
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Turkeyhandle was just as mediocre as Fate, don't kid yourself.
That's not true and you know it.
Tsukihime is edgy garbage.

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Is there a show that you force yourself to finish, despite having no interest in it?

Shomin Sample bored me right out of the gates, none of the characters are interesting.
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Most of them.
i enjoyed shomin sample for the antics, kinda like konosuba but with flat characters. also karen alone kinda saved it for me

i've never formally dropped a series before, i feel like if i added it to my list and forgot why then i at least owe it the time, only forced myself to finish 2 series- momo kyun sword and rakudai
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I still don't know if it was worth it. The anime has such an horrible pacing

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These will always be the best TLRs.
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All girls are best girl.
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True. Living weapons are just superior to humans and other species.
Riko confuses me a little.

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It's time.
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Time for what?

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I will grant you one wish /a/, but only if it's within my power.
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I want an xbox
Transform into a cute girl and gimme that dragon pussy
i wish for you to stop giving people wishes

When did Yae's boobs get so fucking big
Muh dick
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I want to make Kazuha a mother.
She's the sluttiest Girlish Number, so I'm sure she wants to make you a father.
It's the miracle of loose t-shirts

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This is literally my fetish episode.
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вжух и ты анимешник
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Moshi moshi?
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Why do they look so weird?

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That's some high quality Engrish.
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>last minute re-replacement with Risa Taneda

(Or do we really like Takahashi more?)
No, Senpai. Risa is the only kouhai for me.

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That was oddly hot. Shin Sekai Yori gives me the weirdest boners
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Is this the ultimate ntr?
>actually reading this young authors crap
It is funny how close to SAO-tier this shit is

What's the first thing pic related makes you think /a/?
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What a gigantic cunt.
Kuroneko share my birthday date.

You will never even share a soda with her. Just go kill yourself.

No matter how much Anno wanted it to be, it never could, because it was already through the looking glass of fan reaction and desire, altering his vision irrevocably. This is shown in the most literal fanwank ever, a scene very far removed from the spirit of the show, or the audience in the theatre scene.

Good movie though I liked the Asuka scenes she is such a show stealer.
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Drafts for episodes 25, 26 indicate that EoE-like ending was planned but discarded due to budget restrains
Furthermore, the original ending, while being superior to EoE in some categories, doesn't provide us with the whole picture of events
The original ending doesn't indicate whether Shinji accepts or refuses Instrumentality (accepting it wouldn't make sense to me) while EoE shows us that Shinji indeed has grown up and made a decision not only for himself but for the whole humanity by refusing it and accepting the real world
I think that both EoTV and EoE should be watched.
Why would EoE be non-cannon? There is no conflict between episodes 25-26 and EoE, they were designed to be canon together.

Also Asuka is a showstealer every time she's on screen, not just when she's crushing production evas.
whos to say the fan reaction informing his art isn't part of his vision? he's even admitted some of the story was improvised as the show went on. and seeing how the show is clearly an extension of anno himself, not reacting to a fans reaction would actually fall closer out of his actual vision.

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Anime dykes that would make great waifu after you gave them a corrective fucking
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>corrective fucking

This whole board is in dire need of this.
Do lesbians even exist in Japan?
Shit thread

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