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Why is there a burger in fantasy setting?
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because burgers are my fantasy
Funny, she doesn't look all that American.
American culture is so pervasive that it is being exported to fantasy nations.

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So this is why some anime characters never open their eyes...
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So what oscular chunni powers do her eyes give her?
power to molest little boys.

The power to do completely unspeakable things to her younger sister and get away with it

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Hayate no Gotoku 559 scan. Salt on wound edition.
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They're all gay, aren't they?
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My wife S*aro is so cute
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My wife Chino is so cute.
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I don't understand

Why would her boobs suddenly become hotter? Is this some dullahan thing?
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It's the point of contact
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>Why would her boobs suddenly become hotter?
Body heat is propagated through the center of any given extremity, it makes perfect sense.

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What did he say?
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I fucked yo mama.
if this isn't bait, "I needed you."

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Why is the bear so pissed off?
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Because those arms were embracing a sweaty, very virile black man a few moments ago and she didn't wash them.
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mugi soccer.png
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I switched my phone background off of this for a couple of days but switched back after I had a breakdown sobbing and thinking about how to kill myself
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I can't believe K-On still has daily threads almost seven years after S2 ended.

This is Sasuke. He's sad. Say something nice about him!
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Your brother died for nothing.
Hey kid, want some power?
he can't possibly be a worse character than todoroki or bakugou

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It's time again to listen to anime remixes and EDM tunes straight from Japan, mixed live by our fine crew of DJ little girls!

untz dot xen dot prgmr dot com
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Find a flaw
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Yukino - Pan san.jpg
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I cant

My wife Yukino is literally perfect.

Can't wait for her kimono figure to arrive.
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She's not Iroha.
She's not real.

Dont say lazy
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The Keions are not for sexualizing, but Mio is an exception

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We all agree that Mio was the best girl, right?
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Mio a shit!
Troll is the best.
Mio is the hardest working and cutest!
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>no one ever brings up true best girl

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Hello anon, would you like to become an Idol?
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Will you sponsor my visa?
I'd become an idol slave to some company for a third season of Spice and Wolf.
This. >>153024104

I'd work my ass off 10x over if it means that you'll sponsor my visa without me having to spend my neet bux on a 4 year degree.

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You should be able to solve this
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Odoriferous, nasty dragons that are not your waifu.
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You should be able to solve this
A window.

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>Monster Girl Quest got an OVA
>it's a hentai that isn't an adaptation of the story
>only Erubetie and Alma Elma

Will we ever get a proper adaptation?
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It's too long and too well written to ever actually be adapted properly
If these OVAs sell well, then it might.

BTW, is someone translating this?
>Only Erubetie and Alma Elma
But why? Alice seems like a far better candidate with her being the Luka's constant companion and eventual wife

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