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How can one girl suffer so much?
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>Tells Lulu to meet her in the afterlife
>Lulu becomes immortal
You mean her mom, right?

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So we can all agree on this right?
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Don't fucking remind me. I'm still mad.
Was it that bad?
Gonna be honest her. I liked the Little Busters adaptation more than the Clannad one. That may be because I just enjoy Little Busters that much more.

These are your bodyguards tonight
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This is your health and fitness instructor for the evening.
Mio a shit
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But she's so popular with the lads. Such a nice girl, see.

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You'd have to remove Nina to make this fair
>no sd gundam

the best of the gundams
What'sherface from 0083
fuck that bitch.

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Is Fuuka airing on any late night or premium stations it might be uncensored or we have to wait for brurays?
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I don't know but truck-kun made a cameo in today's episode. It was great.
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Fuuka Courting Death by shittalking Truck-kun was Goat
I love Fuuka 2.0 and everything, and she's probably the hottest girl along with Sara, but I'm kind of pissed just reading these past chapters again. Seo can't help but self-sabotage his own work.

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Which one /a/?
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right because it has more detail
left for nostalgia and charm
left because right is too animey
Left because right is NOT cute.

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Mary Sue piece of trash. Nobody with an IQ above a rat will even look at this shit. How can you respect an anime where all the characters are god-powered off the bat?
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>Mary Sue
>God powered

Maybe you should actually watch it? He's slightly above average, definitively not god powered, the villain laments how despite having power Naruto cannot pass it on to his son, and the entire movie is about his character flaws being quite flawed.

He's like Kakashi, if Kakashi had horrible daddy issues and spoiled slightly. He's not godmode, he's just somewhat talented, but really not grand scale. Final attack was all Naruto's.

If you dont think Boruto is a Mary Sue youre an idiot. He is literally First World Problems the son who learned powers that took Naruto years to master in just a few weeks. Stupid writing
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Remember when Nurutu was not allowed on /a/?

This is for real totally unrealistic. No twelve year old girl could ever be a battle commander in WW1.
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How do you know? You only have one WW1 to base that on out of all the universes out there.
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>he didn't lead a whole battalion on his own in ww1 when he was a kid
what a maggot
Its not WW1

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What are the flowers for?
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Parasitic lifeform that has taken control of the host body. Like a Parasect, but less useful.
For deflowering
fertility. Its a sign showing she is ready to breed. Just like bees and flowers.

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Name 1 autist cuter than Yui-chan.
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Pro tip: I can't
Yui chan is so cute
I want to pet it
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>This saintly angel will never test your faith in god by bullying you

How does that make you feel, /a/?
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I would only submit to bullying by characters I like.
I want Satania to bully me.
>your faith in god
I'm an atheist.

If /a/ had to pick an anime character mascot for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics who would it be?
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Hank Hill
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After many years of putting it off, I finally finished NGE and EoE. Discovered that Asuka is best girl, so I wanted more around best girl. I've already read the doujin Re-Take, EVA Epilogue and some others, but the few others I've read are just too short go strait to porn. Most however

Like 95% or greater are not translated, which is a shame. I wish someone would translate them. I've read a few of Peppy Angel's, Monkey Taste's and Tenzu No Tsuzura. I wish I could see some more of peppy angel's and a little of a Amelie's doujins.

Any anons recommend some Asuka centric doujins? If its well drawn, that's all that matters.
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Asuka is best girl and Rei is a toilet
Just look through the panda. What the fuck kind of lazy fuck are you?
ehentai/exhentai doesn't do a very good of filtering doujins for English language.

Damnit, I wish someone translated these for fucks sake. It will take me years to learn japanese, and at that point its not worth it.

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Why is Velvet so perfect? She should've gotten a whole anime devoted to her instead of this Zesteria shit.
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She was too good for the Tales series. Velvet might be the most badass of all Tales protagonists
There's also a mischievous Master Spark alongside her plus with not-retarded MC like Zesty's.
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Magilou is a miracle of the universe. In fact, it's not often that I say I loved every single character in that cast, but for me at least, Velvet and Eizen took the cake.

Too bad Eizen goes full dragon

>it's been FIVE YEARS
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GC was a beautiful train wreck. The weekly threads made it all better.
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Truly a classic trainwreck anime.
>mfw valvshit and crapgantia tried to replicate GC success and utterly failed

Cant beat the WIT.

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