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Is this a good cartoon?
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Ninja Scroll? Yeah it's pretty good.
And you're not so big
I don't know

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Would you a clock?
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Is the manga still ongoing?
That's not a clock it's a very cute girl stuck in a shit show.

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Confess, /a/. You have masturbated to lolicon in the day the Lord and savior Jesus Christ has risen, haven't you?
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Not today, but I had a dream last night that I was railing a cute lil loli in a tub. I woke up full on humping my pillow.
only occasionally, I prefer tits
No I just masturbated to that moth girl doujin.

Either way lolicons must be purged.

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Trivialize and entire part or arc with "muh x"
Ex: muh identity
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>it actually plays the intro music

Oh wow.
muh 4
>muh file resolutions
>muh board

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Please tell me Salad won't be another Sakura.
She's the only redeeming aspect of this show so far.
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Seems unlikely, since she has Sharingan and isn't unhealthily obsessed with an edgy asshole.

She's shit. ChouChou is better.

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What is /a/'s opinion on this show again?
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>/a/ is one person
I thought it was kinda fun but hella predictable and the story was weak with cheap "feels"
Guilty crown tier garbage but I completed it because cute loli
Lolis ruin everything.

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Nobody likes Honda Mio.
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Are you calling me a nobody?
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Mio loves a refreshing drink from the toilet
I watched this when it was airing forever ago, never post in the threads, haven't really even thought about anything idolmaster related since then besides Iori's butt, but I have to say, if I do remember anything about CG at all, it's that I fucking hate Mio. You are correct, OP.

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This is a seed of Yggdrasil that will grow into a new World Tree once Grand Triskelion is released.
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Then you will die
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Honestly english subtitle was brilliant much brilliant than other

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No thanks, you can keep them.
I prefer boxers. Panties are not comfortable and they ride up.
Fuck that, I want a glove.
nice piss stain

Please do not bully Stylet. She's a good girl and tries her best.
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new fags when?
Materia twincest soon.
Birds, wind, clouds, stars

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Who is best girl and best tank?
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For me its Nonna and the panzer IV
Miho, StuG
Darjeeling, Churchill

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Make or request /a/rt
Old >>155862425
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Anti-degeneracy girls.png
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Requesting lingerie yuri between Akiba's Trip politician and Sophia Nishikinomiya. If you're not into /u/ just make them pleasure multiple men to show their hypocrisy.
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Requesting color for Maka in a bunny suit with a carrot scythe. She's wearing single garter with carrots on it and her token green necktie. The color of the bunnysuit body I'll leave to the colorfriend. Thank you in advance if you take this on!

Maka color ref: http://i.imgur.com/3xWbYtG.jpg
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Idol Window.jpg
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Requesting any of these “Rear Window” movie covers with Chihaya as the photographer. Further instructions are in the same reference.
The references for each idol are here: http://imgur.com/a/Z1Rl4

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This guy is so overrated. He has exactly one voice and he even used the same style and intonation for almost all of his roles. I don't get why people seem to like him so much.
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Because it's a sexy voice. And acting isn't all about range, it's also about emotional depth.
Directors know that yet they still cast him on roles. He brings magic to the show.
Cause he is an actual avid gamer and is an authentic otaku. I have yet to see any other seiyuu bragging about having a waifu in Love Plus.

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People fear what they don't understand
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Shit show, but it had some of the best threads.
The only good thing to come out of this show were the threads and the OP
I watched it shortly after it aired, what were the threads like?

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Why does he have this same damn look on his face always?
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thingken on annerose
Because he's dead
When is Sentai releasing this shit? It's been like 2 years since they liscenced it.

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