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who's best monogatari and why's it actually kaiki
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Its Koyomi > Kaiki > Shinobu > irrelevant replaceable cunts.
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Wow its like I've never heard that one before.

Best girl is actually Sodachi.
this desu

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cute couple
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At least we can all agree that the writing is objectively trash.
No arguements here. It's criminal how much wasted potential this show has.

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Is Scum's Wish the Evangelion of our generation?
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Closer to Robot Chicken of 1972
I never fapped to shinji.
Sure why not

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Hopes and dreams for LWA S2/LWA Game?
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What is the moon says ?
The game was already announced, though.

Reminder that these posts are all true

Why didn't he kill the androids in Trunks future?
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>weakest Z senshi
>kill anything

gee I wonder
he can 1v1 against goku in dragon ball super so he was stronger than the androids back then easily
None of the humans were ever as strong as the androids.

Goku was holding back.

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Can we go through the points that make her unrelatable as a character? First off she doesn't even try to get emotionally invested in what happens around her, such self-centred people have no concern for their peers and don't even try to acknowledge the suffering of other people. When she auditioned for the solo part she was of course better than her opponent but she lacked human emotions in such a way that it made me unable to be happy for her when it was decided she'd play it.

She didn't even try to feel pity for her opponent, not a word of comfort; nothing. And i just can't bring myself to relate to her because of this. At the end of the day you can be as skilled as you want but you're still worthless if you don't even try to relate to your peers.
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Not all characters have to be relatable.
in this case i think that they should be emotionally invested in each other. It was often said throughout the series how the staple requirement for playing in an ensemble is the ability to be on the same page with each other. An ability that she obviously lacks. Care to prove me wrong?
>not a word of comfort
>implying you want the person who just fucking destroyed you to give you words of comfort

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>Good trope

>Bad trope
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>annoying thing that occurs frequently in anime
>Good trope
Strong, independent woman

>Bad trope
Mysogynistic patriarchy
I'll be saying "no" to this thread, thank you very much.

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What's she holding /a/?
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It's a floppy disc, moran
A jelly donut

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What's your take on pic related?

Do you think this means Rickert is somehow very special?
Remember, nothing could hurt Griffith, not even several volleys of Kushan arrows, yet Rickert slapped him silly.

I think either Rickert is someone who also exists "outside the story", or Griffith fucked up when he outplayed Skull Knight.
Skull Knight told Guts that Grif is untouchable before Ganishka was transformed, and Grif was slapped after Ganishka was transformed, so maybe now he can be hurt by anything again?
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Anyone not affected by Griffith's charisma is outside his tale so their actions can't be predicted or controlled. Guts, Casca and Rickert were all suppose to be sacrifices but didn't die as prophesied so it means they weren't under the influence of Godhand's causality.
The "outside the story" makes a lot of sense honestly.
I love how many berserk threads we are getting lately. I guess with actual progress incoming in the manga and the anime also airing at the same time we're in a glut of berserk goodness.

Contrast/Gamma in anime: if you have a perfectly calibrated monitor, do you think when watching anime, the contrast/gamma needs to be adjusted? I say this because, most lines around anime characters that should be solid black, are usually a dark gray when inspected closely on a properly calibrated monitor. Is this the artistic intent, or an production error for lines that are supposed to be solid black? What are your thoughts?

Pic related. Zoom in on any black lines here and you'll see they're just dark gray. If you used the "average grayness of anime characters outlines" as a reference point, you could adjust your contrast/gamma so that these lines are (on average) solid black.
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Pic related. If each square on this page doesn't look like a unique shade of gray, you cannot post your opinion ITT.
>contrast/gamma needs to be adjusted?
No, I use contrast -5 but it's only my personal preference.

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How did they pull it off?
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Shit taste man.
Kill yourself.
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They didn't.
By the way, Violet Evergarden is supposed to come out in 2017, not 2018.

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I really miss this show...
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I miss Maekawa.
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I'd like to try and give Erio a little brother or sister.
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Well that was an asspull if I've ever seen one

They have exactly one episode left to save this trainwreck.
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The series was really good up til this point. Definitely a train wreck now.
sausage toei animation
>They have exactly one episode left to save this trainwreck.
Anon, they have three episodes left.

This is Kotori, she is not an idol, but she still very cute.
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Is Kotori virgin?
Japanese office workers are all virgin.
Kotori is a hag and will die alone and unwed

I'll start with a Ghibli classic
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probably why betas hate her

those same people thought Akari was the love interest for Rei
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