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Is manime making a comeback?
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No narutard
Real men watch cute girls doing cute things.

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I'm glad TSF is getting another season
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me too, if they animate the old mall chapter I will be undescribably happy
Same desu wa~
Aren't they going to skip alot as to catch up w/ Hikari? The 2nd OVA already did it.

If Kyoani is the Beatles of anime, is Shaft the Rolling Stones?
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SHAFT is more like the B52s
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>Yui is wearing shoes
Shaft is SMiLE-era Beach Boys.

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Thoughts on these characters?
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if toriyama wasn't a hack. then they would have a meaningful arc and stop being a joke.
as a kid I could relate to them and they were my favorites
I can't say their my favorites anymore but I don't hate them
Future Trunks is the best

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attack on titan
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you mean lain and flcl, you little ignorant shit
That's not K on contrarian.
Everyone in this thread is a retarded spic, don't you have a better website to use?

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Also, what happened to the lewd /a/?
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Belial is worst girl. I wish she'd go away.
The show has no idea what it wants to be.

Maria is best girl.
I didn't expect anything but this show is so exceptionally bad it makes stuff like seikon no qwaser look like a literature masterpiece.

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I just ended this thing.
I think that there are some filosofical gaps. Some actions, some talks... They just don't fit with the philosophy. Like, in the "true chamber", there is this concept of "not god"... But Tae Kojima was saved a lot of times by the aliens without explanation several time.
Plus... There is the germany-alien-god? who accompany the japanese journalist in germany and tells something about god-semblant-akasha?

I want to hear your thoughts
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by the way. I'm talking about the manga
God, leave.
Author is a hack.

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Post Mexican anime characters
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here's one
Is this the thinly veiled /hispa/ thread of the week?
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she will definitely eat your tacos pedrito

Do you like Idol anime?
What's your favourite idol?
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I never watched any
Probably Sachiko. She just have that one smug smile and attitude that stays exactly between cute and punchable
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Who here likes Lupin? I know I do.
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I like lupin III!
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This is the next Kemono Friends.
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What the hell
who the FUCK asked for this?
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>watching Anime when the superior media platform Manga exists
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>watching anime
>reading manga
>when LN exist
so pleb
LNs are garbage most of the time, anon. You read non-light novels if you actually want good stuff.
Listen, the only thing that makes Manga better is that they are typically less constricted in terms of censorship and length.

Anime is an infinitely better medium, but is constrained by the shitty business strategies that surround it. (Which is also true for Manga, but to a lesser degree)

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>this is what happens when you grow up without a dad
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>this is what happens when your mother makes you join her in whoring herself out to the hokage.
Fuck off Narutard
But Anon, the Narutards have already fucked off. We're Borutards now.

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mitsuha gaze.jpg
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You remember her, right /a/non?

Anyone else read the novel and manga too?
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What's her name again?
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Think hard on it, Taki-kun,
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I really loved the novel, it gave a few more details on the thoughts behind the characters while also limiting what was shown in the movie to be only from the characters' first perspectives. Makes it worthwhile to remember the movie as I wait for the BDs to come out.

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Nice funny screaming men reference
Honestly, Chris is the only reason why that show isn't a flop
jon is kil
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>Ross mentions anime
>It's always pleb shounen fighting shit

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