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>kael'thas will never be your older brother
Merely a setback...
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So why is this whore going after other people's brothers when she has one of her own?
Thanks for the memories, anon.
Good old times of skipping school to farm for raids.

Because little sisters aren't meant to fuck their brothers.

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ITT: sexy waifus
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This is the best day of my life.
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What an amazing OP and really fun show, can we have a takkyuu thread.
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>patiently nomnoming
No, but we can have an ACE thread.

When's the next season of Nichijou?
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Anon I am sorry to tell you this but

full cgi

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how do >we stop her lads?
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with dick
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Ya can't stop love!
Don't worry, the author will just make her retarded so she can be beaten.

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>From the afterwords, it is mentioned that Dengeki Bunko will be releasing Ore no Imouto IF route light novel for Ayase, and Kuroneko’s route has already been planned.

It's happening.
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Were Ayase's breasts always that big?
Kureneko won


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June the 26th.

Prepare yourselves.
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This news is old as fuck my man

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There are 20 days remaining until our next album release, and we have several mixes that are close to being done, but we need your help to finish them. If you play FLUTE or TRUMPET, we desperately need you now. Help us do what most of your favorite anime don't and make Season 3 a reality.

If you'd like to participate, please visit our website:
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Looking forward to the new album. I hope the one song I was able to contribute to makes it in.
when are you guys doing your lie in april covers?
hopefully never

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I miss her already, guys.
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Why was maid dragon so fucking shit?
>getting this upset over some random daft titcow
She was the worst character in the show and the show itself was shit. Get a grip.
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It got very repetitive after a few episodes.

>[HorribleSubs] Tiger Mask W - 35 [720p]
That fucker Naito is still missing! What will NJPW do?
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>Stick by your bro from beginning to end
>His old friend unknowingly fucks him up and you're furious for what he did and you seek out revenge
>Unaware the friend and dude that injured him made up
>Ends up teaming up with old friend and beating the shit out of you

Being Kevin is suffering. The only way they could make this worse is if they never allow Kevin and Takuma to reconcile or even worse never see him again.
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DBS is shit tier.
I still watch it.
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Imagine having taste this bad
did you actually just put DBS above DB?
it's not summer yet, go back to class kiddo

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New villain
Also, more Kubo:
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Fucking kubo
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No swearing.
>tfw reading the novel I figured Tokinada and the brat 90% looking like that
I have assimilated The Kubo Aesthetics it seems

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Korean scans are out:

Essentially nothing much happened.
Youta explained everything to Lumi and she take it more less, pretty well. But one thing is now sure. Lilia is next! And probably right in next chapter.
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>Lilia is next! And probably right in next chapter.

Thank you based Lynn
>she was masturbating outside the whole time
I hope they get over the waterfalls once they get fucked.
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>getting pissed cause he sexed her to save her fucking life rather than out of love

Dumbest shit I've read all week.

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We have played a game, and it was shit.
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Anal sex with Megumi.
Go take her other hole. It's not like Tomoya has the guts for it.
Utaha a shit. A SHIT.

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