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Why does no one talk about pic-related? She looks like perfect wife material yet gets ignored? What's wrong with you people?
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I never watched nge before and I don't intend to but I too think that she's the hottest girl in the show.
People have their old waifus and she's better than all of them, so they avoid talking about her to not make the others look bad by comparison
Because it's Eva? If you're watching Eva you aren't doing it for the hot chicks.

She only really exists in a single movie, in which we learn nothing much about her. What we do learn is interesting, but it was pretty much bait by Ano so he could crush the souls of the anime fans he detests so much with the third movie.

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Thread level
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How are they similar outside of their hair colors?
What's the point of this? Also, I'm pretty sure that lvl 1 would destroy lvl 18 with a single tentacle. Why would she get weaker as she levels up?
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I made this one forever ago.
Should've used Aqua instead of Esdeath.

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Does /a/ actually prefers Stay Night over Zero or is it just a meme ?
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Both are shit
Stay night because it has the superior Caster
If you're referring to the adaptations DEEN's 2006 anime is a mediocre mashup of 3 routes, Zero has horrendous pacing and animation errors out the ass, the UBW film was a mess albeit entertaining, and the UBW anime is an atrocity with all the anime-original garbage they crammed in.

Ufotable might have shinier animation but believe it or not DEEN's is more competently directed. Neither are very faithful to the source, though if you asked me yeah I preferred Stay/Night.

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what age group is the primary audience of this show?
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>when people are so scared of being called edgy they watch their anime heavily blurred

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characters that can't have children.
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more like eat food

Evangelion is not that good. Can we stop pretending?
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Evangelion is too deep for you. None of you truly understand what this anime is about. Some say its a deconstruction of mecha, or say it's about depression. Both are wrong. Evangelion is a deconstruction of anime itself. Anno did something truly genius with this show nobody has ever done in any other anime, perhaps any other medium in general. He ripped off a bunch of truly great anime, but then made it as bad as possible (Gunbuster was the prototype for this). One element of this is present in the characters Rei & Asuka. Anno took the best girl Rei Asuka from another anime and split her between too giant piles of shit known as Rei Ayanami and Asuka Souryu. Evangelion is truly deconstruction in its purest form.
I think evangelion is about looking at yourself through shinji and him trying to find happiness, the show is but a means for him to find it.

In other news >>158381927 is a shit posting faggot
Grow up kid. Just because you disagree with an opinion does not mean it is shitposting.

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It's that anime or manga that started with such promise but went downhill. You stick with it because of one or more characters. Who is it?
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You can tell because it only got worse when he died.
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LWA has a mecha now?

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Why is Love Live so popular? Who makes up their audience?
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Teenage Japanese girls
It's popular precisely because it appeals to everyone

It's been nearly a season since GabuDroppu aired, and most people here still remember both Satania and Raphi, but is there anybody here who still loves Vigne?
Here's three reasons why I love Vigne:
1. She is a nice girl, who looks out both for herself as well as her friends.
2. She has the required skills to become a proper housewife (cleaning the house, taking care of kids, cooking, etc.)
3. She is perfect breeding material, and will most likely become a great wife and mother.
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Won't forget Vigne.
People only remember Satania because her annoying and unlikable fanbase keeps spamming and circlejerking her. If it weren't for her she would have been forgotten, much like Hestia.

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So at this point isn't Guts stronger than apostle Zodd in his Berserker armor?

Since Zodd is always evenly matched with skully wouldn't that mean that Guts is stronger than Skull Knight?
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But skull bro still has a flying horse and behelit magic
Guts would probably have a hard time winning, unless he teamed up with loli witch
Berserker armor was a mistake.
How else was Guts supposed to keep up?

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What's she holding /a/?
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A floppy disk
a save emoji
Next Generation iPhone

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/a/, how does it feel knowing that without learning Japanese there will be hundreds of manga you'll never read
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I'll translate Golgo 13 myself, some day.

Make no mistake; I have the power to make my dreams come true.
It's fine I'll just wait until like 2040 when they invent competent universal translators and consume my taiwanese comics with that stuff.
No one will ever read all manga

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Who's the better artist?
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It doesn't matter as I'd fuck both pics.

This thread is massively underrated.

I gotta back up my home boy ONE though, fuck that weaboo ZUN
Zun can't draw men, so ONE is clearly the winner by default.

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>Huurrrrr durrrr I'm just jealous of humans because muh friendship
>Even though there's absolutely nothing preventing homonculus from having friends on top of their awesome powers as greed proved

Why was brotherhood such a sanctimonious steaming pile of shit?
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Because random injections of "FUNNY" content into SERious moments really KILLED the MOOD

also wanting to eat god who is also the moon and then losing a fist fight is fucking stupid
that was retarded but him being a giant green penis monster was by far the dumbest shit ever.
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Don't do it Colonel! Don't you know? If you kill your enemies, they win! I mean come on, it's 1914!

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Barron and Vladimir joined forces?? scanning..
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seems lewd

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