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Quality subs
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The english translator for CR was a retard, the other language subs were accurate but the english one was inserting memes every line and generally being retarded

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Wait, how was she relevant?
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She was hot. What else do you want?
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She was turned by Alucard mate.
i love her. wouldn't mind being her sloppy second.

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Looks like shit.
is everything really shit /a/? i cant find one good anime in this next season to save my life
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It's shit.

Will we ever get an ending?
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I just want a Saya spin-off
The author is dead, so most likely not.

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>Moments when MC completely BTFO of betafags.
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new harem member(s)
how about a thread where the author btfo out of editor san and his corporate masters?
wtf is this terribly written shit

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What is the point of Iwabe and Denki? I get that Namida, Sumire, and Wasabi are there so that Chouchou and Salad aren't the only girls, but on the boys' side we alreadyhave Boruto, Mitsuki, Shikadai, Inojin, and Metal Lee, the latter two of which barely do anything when they're original character offspring. Denki was introduced as being a good friend to Boruto and future innovator in the first episode but he hasn't really done much. At least Iwabe is kind of a bro.
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Iwabe will be teamed with Sumire and Denki.
I'm figuring the show will pick up a bit when they get put into their teams, more time for characterisation then.

Tbf the show needs more new characeters. The old gen kids are cool, but having literal who's for development gives more options

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Why didn't Shisui just use Kotoamatsukami without Hiruzen's consent? Just gather the entire clan for a meeting and say "Don't be a bunch of cunts, we've got it pretty good here."

Or once Itachi got the eye, use it on Obito (who he knew wasn't Madara at the time anyway) and say "Don't be a cunt, don't attack the village, also, kill yourself."

Kishimoto entirely fucked up the entirety of the Uchiha massacre. Was it Itachi testing himself? Was it the ruling class of Konoha? Was it Danzo? Was it Obito? Was it Madara? Did Hiruzen know? Why didn't anyone tell Sasuke that it WASN'T his brother? Why did everyone seem ok with the last loyalist Uchiha being hellbent on vengeance against his brother when most of the upper echelons knew that Itachi didn't actually do anything wrong? Why didn't Sasuke immediately kick the shit out of Obito once he realised it was Obito who was behind the massacre? Why would Sasuke just believe a random dude with a Sharingan who kidnapped him and stashed him in an underground bunker somewhere? Why, when Itachi said "Dude, Konoha didn't make me do anything, it was literally ALL Obito. I don't want Konoha destroyed", did Sasuke say "Yeah ok so I'm gonna go destroy Konoha haha."
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>someone spent the time to make that
Tobirama was right
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I've made several. Used to work at a newspaper.
I think the implied reason is that Danzo somehow got the drop on Shisui before he got the chance and shit was going down regardless.

Plus, as powerful as Kotoamatsukami is, it's still just a genjutsu. It can be broken if the connection is disrupted by pain.

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ITT: Arcs that marked the downfall of a series
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but android saga was great. All of DBZ had a good run

saiyan arc 8/10
Namek arc 10/10
androids 9/10
buu 8/10
This arc turned into such garbage when Toriyama started humoring his editor by giving Cell new forms. At least we got Satan.
The android saga sucks. It has the most objective issues out of all the arcs.

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What should happen after season 2 of Oregairu?

I think 8man should hit on Iroha so that Yui and Yukino aren't sad because the other one of the two got 8man. What do you think?

Also what did Yui plan in season 2 episode 13 at the end? What was Yukino's problem Yui was talking about? Was the problem that mother and sister didn't let Yukinon be? And am I right in assuming that Yui asked Yukinon not to leave the group in the event that Yui wins the competition and 8man's love?

If there are light novel spoilers please don't post them.
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Say hello to my wife.
Fuck off cancer.
My favourite is Yui.

Thanks for the bump
t. OP

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>sudden time reset ending so no one actually died
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>Big brother/sister and Little Sister/Brother fall for each other.
>"I'm going to marry Onii-chan/Onee-chan"
The moment where you know you should drop the show
incest ending

So Mahouka movie is out in a week. And by 8-bit instead of Madhouse.

Is anyone here actually waiting for it?
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No the plot is really stupid. There was an advance screening already.
No, even Onii-sama can't save that trainwreck of a script.
The reviews I seen of it says the movie was alright. Just that couple of parts could of had been done better mainly the first half of the movie.

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Do you agree with her?
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She is incorrect in a manner that is intentional so as to make her more appealing.
On her specifically, no.

Those traits accompanied by an disfigured face, yes.
This is a good manga.

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Daily annoying Flip Flappers thread
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How about no.
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eww gross.jpg
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this has got to be the cutest sound on earth

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Why did KyoAni stop adapting key VNs?
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VNs are horrid.
Air is better than 99% of your favorite anime
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Nagisa is the cutest

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