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That's a cute witch.
Looks good.
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Perfect Dream Project Profiles are now up.
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This 3rd year would be such a nice mommy gf
Right most covering her face.
What's wrong with the far right girl? Is she ugly?

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What's the best manga story wise?

>Ichi the Killer
>Kokou no Hito
>Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan
>No. 5
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The only two I know is Dorehedoro and Akira.
Dorehedororo dtill hasn't revealed the main plot as far as I know.
And akira its more like a "one moment" story, perfect for a movie but not really that great
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Is it bad that Kakihara is my husbando?
Yotsubato and YKK

What special technique does she possess?
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The power of NTR projection

Readers have 35%+ more assumption of NTR happening once in a while when new chapters get released.
Do people still believe NTR will happen?

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I heard horrendous things about Mahouka from the sister having a brother fetish to the main lead being Jesus.

But can this be enjoyed as a trainwreck ala Valvrave or Guilty Crown? Or will it be like SAO again where the asspulls from the OP Jesus don't make you laugh, but annoy you to no end instead?

Also the Mahouka movie is coming to Anime Expo this year.
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>the sister having a brother fetish
Shit taste
Read the LN.
Mahouka is 100% ironic watch tier.

MC godstomps all the time and fake drama + asspull doesn't exist. He's the ideal writing of Mary Sues.

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Why this bitch always crying?
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Probably cause people like you watch her
My wife Machi is so cute.
Rape victim

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>yfw the Ayase wins the IF route Oreimob Owl

Based on the PSP route from the first game. It seems like the author needs some quick and easy cash.
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Fucking who
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Ayase Aragaki. Currently the most popular Oreimo girl in Japan.
>If route
Are they making a Kuroneko one?

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Looks like the famous Mangaka Kubo Tite is coming back stronger than ever with his new manga titled #Magic in 2018. Have you forgiven him yet?
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What went wrong?
>he tore a shoulder ligament while working on a private stash of Bleach fap material

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Post /a/ original content through the years.

I'll start.
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/a/ is dead, anon. And so is my oldest HDD.
/a/'s OC fell off a sheer cliff somewhere around 2012.
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>old hags are worst girls
Like pottery.
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>not worst girl
But those hags are the best girls.
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Celica a best. A BEST.

Re=Tard a shit. A SHIT.

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Voice you unwanted, unpopular opinions about anime here.

1. One Punch Man is overrated garbage and is nothing more than a rehash of dragon ball z
2. Studio Trigger is going downhill
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I think EVA is okay at best and unbearable at worst. I think One punch was mildly humorous as an idea or skit concept but bad as an anime. I genuinely do not like DBZ
>2. Studio Trigger is going downhill
This has been happening since KLK. KLK was hot garbage, and not the good kind.

Trigger is only capable of producing shorts.
>1. One Punch Man is overrated garbage and is nothing more than a rehash of dragon ball z
Popular opinion.

>2. Studio Trigger is going downhill
Also a popular opinion.

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RIP Tomo
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Will she passive-aggressively try to go after Jun and cuck Tomo?
the opposite

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Animu OPs from around the world

No Japanese
No English
No German Naruto OP
Fox Only
Final Destination

Starting with a masterpiece:
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See, not only spics love this garbage.

Only burgers don't
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Is there a manga with better art than tsugumomo.
Landscapes are childplays, so few artist are capable of drawing the human body in motion.
One punch man is a close second but it really feels like other manga arent even trying. Honestly hentai seems leagues ahead of manga in terms of art.
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Oh shit he has no dick
>Landscapes are childplays
He uses pictures for the background.

But I would agree that he has a great control on drawing characters and clothes.
Yoshikazu doesn't draw feet too well but few artists do.

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Hit new show "Sunshine Sketch" coming to 4kids this fall!

Join Juno as she moves to Los Angeles and starts her high school life, living at the Sunshine Apartments, together with Sally, Hillary, Mary, Nancy, and Noelle!

Featuring such amazing wacky characters like the teacher Ms. Youngdale, and Juno's cat, Meowta, and Juno's upperclassman friend, Alisa!
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File: 1414889680440.gif (366KB, 540x540px)Image search: [Google]
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Miyako is the sunshine in Sunshine Sketch.
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