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>people unironically liked this generic piece of garbage
Remind me again, why /a/ has such a shit taste?
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I'm pretty sure anyone who says they like this shit is trolling.
It was pretty cool for the first five or so episodes. It didn't get really bad until like halfway through when it just became a shitty self insert power fantasy.
people try so fucking hard to promote the LNs too, it's disgusting
was in a recommendation thread, and instead of shooing the fag away they all spoonfed the fuck out of him

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I hurt myself, today
[Spoiler]Berserk Thread[/spoiler]
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>/v/memeshit op
>fucking up spoiler tags
lurk for 2 years before posting
The fanbase doesn't deserve quality
So? Everyone and their mother knows this show is garbage.

Konosuba is one of those anime shows that could go on for hundreds of episodes and still be fun.
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but season 2 was shit.
shit series tbqh
Stopped being funny when I found out the author is a guy.

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No time to question my moves
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Stick to the path that I choose
Me and my friends are gonna do it right
You'll never see us run away from a fiiiiight

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About to start watching this. What am I in for /a/?
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gay homosex
The best anime ever made.

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Girls nobody on /a/ dares to fap to.

Pic very related. Too pure for /a/.
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Even masturbating to Anko makes more sense.
I've done it.

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So the strife begins
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Wow this long of a wait and a new drama arc
TL's out

So how exactly did Rei "stand up" to Gendo here? I fail to see the conflict of interest, as far as i can tell they both want the third impact to happen.

Same goes for seele turning on nerv, didn't both organisations have the same endgame?
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They all want to cause the Third Impact, but they all want to be personally in control of it for differing reasons, except Rei, who wants to put Shinji in charge.
They believe it can be controlled or regulated by the one who initiates it. Personally I think that is just hubris.
But doesn't Gendo's plan of merging Rei (Lilith's soul) with the Adam fetus also put Rei in control?

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so does shiggy diggy?
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Should I dump chapters 27 and 28?
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No, if she dug a hole she wouldn't be able to climb back out of it without bleeding from the eyes.
Go on.

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Do you think he ever raped any of the sisters?
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for sure
he's not that edgy
It's not edgy if it's consensual rape.

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Which is the best millennium item, and which is the worst ?
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Pegasus can see through cards but the pharaoh is straight up bullshit. Can you imagine if Weevil didn't throw away those cards?

Exodia deck with the power to draw any cards at his will. Literally draw Exodia on turn 1.

Worst is probably Bakura. Doesn't even have special powers or shit. Just houses another soul.
Seeing the future means shit if you are based, you can change it by sacrificing god.
The eye is very strong but it wouldnt be able to do much once it got to rituals and effect monster. It doesn't matter how much you can see on someone's eyes, if they pull a bs effect you can't do shit.
The mil puzzle gets you a bro.
It's either Puzzle or the Cube
The Rings power was that it could find the other items.

It also looks the coolest.

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Is this the pinnacle of 70's space adventure manga, /a/?

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The game was better
Huh. Didn't even know it had a game. Does it focus on the story?

The playstation game is absolute bullshit and barely follows it. The one on Sega CD is unintentionally hilarious with transitions and art direction, but has some obnoxious mechanics. It's coherent enough though. Highly recommended.

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Why is 8-14 the best range?
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Cause pedophilia

More like 12-16

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I like the show, but there's tons of better slice of life shows.
I guess you've seen about five and avoided the obvious good entry level ones.
Gif unrelated of course.

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>38 year old businessman swaps bodies with a 16 year old schoolgirl
>They don't know each other and can't contact each other so go on living separate lives
>Meet years later, the guy in the girl is a rich model, the girl in the guy is a bum
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do they fuck tough
wouldn't you ?
i'd be disgusted to fuck myself actually

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