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This is how best girl wins
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Utaha a shit.
Eriri a best.
Megumi a cute.
>best girl
Pick one.
Eriritards BTFO

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>nipples are censored on BD release
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>Fog isn't removed

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What is her problem? why does she act retarded when she's at home?
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When I come home after work I roll on the carpet and make dog noises.
She's 11 years old.
Why don't you act retarded when you're at home?

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a piece of shit.png
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What kind of pathetic,self-hating worthles beta faggot would like this disgusting,self-centered,insufferable cunt Asuka?

It takes the most pathetic piece of shit cuck in existence to want to be used as an emotional punching bag by this disgusting slut while she gets her disgusting,smelly cunt moist whilee thinking about a man twice her age.Not only that but the said man shows no interest whatsoever in her and he already is taken.

If you like this disgusting,ugly,cuckolding whore more than Rei then you should unironically kill yourself right now.
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22 years and the faggots still are still pounding each other in the ass proudly proclaiming that they are, in fact, not gay, and love one of two two-dimensional women with bipolar disorder and chronic autism.
That's a lot of buzzwords you got there, /pol/-kun.
What's the matter Asukafag,too accurate for you?

I need more Kon in my life. Also Tokyo Ravens thread.
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Its a shame this didn't sell well, really interesting characters though.

I've reread Medaka Box a while ago. And it makes the story more cynical.

Medaka isn't some perfect human she's just pretending to be a mary sue, Hitoyoshi is an unimaginative normie who gets punished for it because he hangs around autists. The flask plan, and every related fight, were all just a gigantic live action roleplay. I mean, in a real school or hospital any project that aims to gather "special" or "abnormal" children would be to try to cure them from whatever disorder they have.

Kumagawa's and the minus are just antisocial. The "Plus" are the kind of weird but friendly and funny kid you can hang around with, whereas the minus are the weird kids that hang out alone. Notice how they have extremely OP abilities, that are just there to ruin everyone's fun.

Ajimu's some kind of teacher-figure, who plays along with the kids by inventing billions of powers while also trying to teach them to act normally. Which is why her arc was centered around stuff like sports, music and an election. And also why she chose Zenkichi as the main character, since he's the only normal person in the whole cast. Not to mention his "Devil Style" is litterally just there to prevent Medaka from acting like a mary sue. The story should've ended there honestly.

Iihiko's the only character who's actually serious about fighting, when Medaka says powers don't work on him, it's just because he doesn't go along with their delusions.

I know it's not the kind of manga you're supposed to take seriously. But if you interpret it that way it becomes a shonen about some special needs children growing up.
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Nishio Ishin is truly a God.
I was surprised a lot of people didn't get this on the first read through, I thought it was obvious it was a meta on not only shonen but humans.
Fuck off, cancerous crossboarder.

>Dio in part 1
Gets cut in two by Jonathan and it does't kill him.
>Dio in part 3
Star Platinum kills him by splitting him in two.

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Wew lad. Do you even read/watch it till the end? It's the sun that completely killed Dio.
He destroyed The World which "killed" Dio. Then they exposed him to the sun which finished the job.

>you will never sing and dance with them
>ywn be a school idol

Help me cope please
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I hate dancing. It is meaningless
It feels great
It's all right, anon, guys can wear cute skirts and sing cute girl songs too.

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How do you feel about Rie Matsumoto's works, in particular Kyousougiga and Kekkai Sensen?

I feel like these two shows were kinda fun but ultimately lacking in any meaningful story, and everything is confusing as fuck. I see a lot of praise for these shows but I can't really see why considering they're not that great.
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I love both of these series and I have to say it's likely just because of the nice family aspect. Both series revolve around some kind of group of associates/friends/families that are or grow closer and have amazing interactions. Also their settings are just the kind of stuff I dig.
I really dig the chaotic first episodes for both series. They created bustling worlds that felt lived in. I agree that things do kind of fall apart near the end of each series, though they do both end on a high note.
She definitely has a unique way of directing. The first few episodes of both shows were a treat to watch. Her shows also has nice OSTs, and she definitely knows when and where to put certain songs to elevate scenes. It's a shame that usually the plot is a mess. She usually made things more complicated than it seems. A simpler story with her direction style would be interesting to watch. I do think it's better if she kept doing original stuff. The Kekkai Sensen cast (except MC) felt so out of place in her original story.

So I just finished watching this movie and it was a lot better than I expected. Had a little bit of unnecessary drama from one stupid girl but it was overall a good movie. Does anyone know where I can find subtitles for this movie in Thai? All I can find is a bunch of streaming websites or mp4s. If I can at least get a .ass file that would be great cause I want to run both English and Thai subtitles simultaneously.
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So the girl I'm dating can watch it as well.
You should Read the manga, your hate toward the girl will be even bigger

Did we ever find the truth that exists beyond the gate?
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Nope, but it's probably aliens or something.
Did it matter?

What does /a/ think of this show?

I don't find it ground breaking but it has certainly been enjoyable until the Robo Wrestling arc started. Compared to the visuals in the opening, those CG filler-riddled fight scenes were crazy disappointing. I wish they had focused more on fleshing out the characters.
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I wasn't fond of the SoL portion

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will she make it.png
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Spoilers on friday. Early thread for the theories
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Omakes are out
I forget did we already have omakes last week?
I felt lime the manga was kinda meh during the last arc, but now it's picking up steam again

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Meet Nagisa. She loves her family, and dango. Hope you get along with her, anon.
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she sucks
But she's dead.
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Please be nice!

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How much value do you place in visual direction?
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Incoming Narutoposter in 3...2...1...
None, I'm a Kyoanifag.
Very little when it's an anime I dislike and a good deal when I like it.

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