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Are they entirely booked with movies in 2018 aside from VEG?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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I don't really know what to say.
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That fuckin plot twist hearing nakama voice at the end fuckin worst of all
I laughed my ass off when they broke out of the crystals

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Why is (s)he so best?
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I just want to eat her ass, /a/.
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But you can't, because she is a scribble
I want Kevin to eat Takuma's ass.
Too late, she's Tiger Mask's goods now.
Unless Truck-kun does his seasonal duty and kills Naoto for good.


why is /a/ hyped of this shit?
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why did you have to make a thread about this if the amount of attention it is getting is bothering you friend
why make another thread when there is a thread up retard

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22/7 is performing their first live show on guess it, 22 July.

New Groups have been revealed for Onsen Idols


Idols saving Anime
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Idol Jihen Second Stage happening on July the 1st.
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Mayushii's interview with MAL.

Reminder that two of the Big 3 will be performing at AX along with WUG and Walkure.

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Asian people look disgusting.
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>men with wigs - the anime

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This is Shinka
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She's just another popular bitch character. Stop obsessing over her.
She's a lesbian
Shinka! More like STINKa!

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This gonna be god
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>another generic isekai

no thanks
Using the catalog announced:

This gonna be good.
No its not.

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Did they ever release an English dub version of Black Lagoon Roberta's Blood Trail?

I saw it subbed when it came out, but I'm a big fan of the Black Lagoon dub, and wouldn't mind watching it again in English.

in b4 >dub
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check the db you reddit spacing monkey
I'm angling for a download link. Probably should have mentioned that in the OP.
Lurk more and read the rules, newfag.

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Which anime has the cutest soundtrack in your opinion?

Bonus points for instrumental.
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>that awful gif
Detroit Metal City

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Just finished both seasons of this. Why do I want to get my shit together, find a girl who finds my hobbies strange but accepts them anyway, and start a family?

also I want her to rape me in a drunken rage every once in a while
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Japanese brainwashing to raise the birthrate
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Because you have been brainwashed. It tricks your brain into believing that this particular kind of relationship is possible by applying some wabi-sabi shit to it. I.e. she smokes, she can't cook, she's not really into anime etc. Your brain enjoys the thrill of assuming that this particular kind of relationship would be possible because it is "not perfect". But in reality she still is too perfect to actually represent any real life woman

No woman with low awareness of nerdy shit would ever want a person like MC or you close to her because no matter how mainstream it is, it looks like shit to whoever is outside of it.
No woman would marry down to the point where she would be happy for you to get any kind of job.
Only 1 in, like, 20 women have a sex-drive that could actually be perceived as somewhat aggressive by an average male.

Even if you were to marry a similar person due to some incredible circumstances, she would proceed to turn your life into hell by nagging the shit out of you in attempts to get some gain from that initially unbenificial union and would get closer and closer to considering you a mere obstacle in her life no matter how you respond to said nagging.
At best it would end in a mutually agreed upon divorce. At worst (normal) not being able to leave with a bigger share would give her even more incentive to attempt to antagonize and ultimately destroy you due to "unhappy life" you personally (it is never woman's fault) brought upon her.

Don't fucking trust Abe's propaganda. 3d is not worth it. Have a squid.

This is my wife Karen! We work out together!

Say something nice about her!
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karen is best imouto, and top 3 girls
She had sex with her brother.
when she sliced off her ponytail in ep.9 of Nise, I fucking screamed. All that beautiful hair :^(

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>Anime television series

This has to be a fuck up, right? Because I can't find any info on it.
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No one?
Yeah I think it's fucked up. I don't see any stories about a new season/ova/movie or anything.
If you like zatch bell you will like black clover

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raphtalia play.png
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>as anniversary celebration of the novel release they made an anime adaptation
Hold me anon.
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It's shit anyway so who cares?
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In "brave shield upstart" animated anniversary print information leaflets for more official KADOKAWA DL!
Between ranobe ranobe literary publications and media shelf so please feel free to!
Please check with your own eyes SS back up! Has mean MF books never animated works.

thanks bing!
I bought the first few volumes a whole ago because of raph

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