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Post moments that trigger /a/
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Removal of (You)
Pretty sure most people on /a/ were glad, it's mostly the normalfags boards that cried about it.
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(Y-you) was removed?

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what were their names again?
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Quentin and Javier
Miguel and Tulio
Heavy and Object

And this is Baby Magnum

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Well this went better than I expected. Last week I had my money on this chapter being a fuckup from the word go and possibly the start to a new dramafest. Hopefully they keep getting closer next chapter and this doesn't turn into a bad situation. They passed the 'just fuck already' point ages ago.
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Does the girl finally know? And i hope the author wont betray us and give the mc what he wanted, family/stable job etc.
It remains to be seen whether his reactions this time will be interpreted by Hishiro as evidence of being an adult or not, but honestly it looks like it could be. He had no idea what she was doing so didn't clue in and try to make himself appear less suspicious. But this author can fuck shit up so who knows, I hope Hishiro also comes closer to finally admitting she's completely in love with him.
Man, he's really trying to drag this shit out as much as he can.
I bet he'll fucking try to make a whole arc of those 3 childhood friends as well.

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Alright, I uploaded the ending of Little Witch Academia, if anyone wants to watch it again.

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T-this doesn't seem right anon-kun!
You fucking faggot
Kek. nice

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Why did he smile?
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>hey...what...are you smiling for?
He likes discovery, thread is over.

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Is it acceptable to listen to anime or anime-related music?
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Only "ironically", and ironic weebs are the worst of them all
Who gives a fuck

No. I’d recommend Future or Young Thug though.

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What did /a/ think about this series?
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It was horrible.
it was not long ago but I already forget what this show was about
If the dog had been bigger the series would have been much more memorable

>Comprehend, make her the aunt of your children, marry her
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Reiner is so handsome.
Kenny did nothing wrong.

Vigne on the front page!
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vigne on page 9 lel
New chapter out
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Doing this

67: What you're seeking
[Left] A young child, but he's really...
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[Right] The stage changes again...
"Oh, he really is a clever boy"

"Well, I was depressed because I was never awarded with a child, but now I'm relieved since a good child came by"
"Even though we're not connected by blood, I will let that child succeed in my footsteps, as a parent and child should be"

"But he has a skin disease"
"And he can't come out in the afternoon"
"Ohh, how sad..."
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"I think it would be great if we make a miracle cure in our company"
"As soon as possible"

"I have come to make a report"
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"Did you find what we talked about?" [Emphasize 'what we talked about']

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Mesucki Yurasa
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Can they do no wrong?
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>Flip Floppers
At least the incoming trainwreck Princess Principal won't entirely be their fault since Actas is working with them.
No, if they have a series that actually sells their early series that flopped only because of studio recognition will be remembered as classics.

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>Samurai Flamenco

When will this meme die?
>garbage threads OP tricked you into posting
It is after that meme scene.

Show becomes full on fucking retarded and then destroys the main character with a fake gf for the sake of gay pandering.

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Takari's canon now, boys.

incestfags get BTFO
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dubs confirm, it's canon
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>tfw everyone knows you low key tried to kill hikari back in 1999
Taichi eternal cuckold confirmed...

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Prison school. Discuss.
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Slut a shit. Mitsuko a cute.
End of discussion.
Gakuto loses super hard next chapter.

Also, I began to like Shinai Fugly more and more as this arc goes on.

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