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What the fuck was her problem?
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He's a big guy.
He was mentally ill didnt you watch the episode
there was no batman to fight

What are your honest thoughts on Tri?

Do you like Meiko and Meicoomon?
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>What are your honest thoughts on Tri?
>Do you like Meiko and Meicoomon?
Not even meh. It's bad.
Obvious cash grab.
I like all the old cast.
>Cements Koushiro as best boy
>Confirms Jou as worse

Meiko and Meicoomon are absolute shit.

I'm halfway through and I don't know if I should drop it. Is it more of the same for the next 12 episodes?
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Fucking figure it out for yourself.
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>draw a boy
>call it a girl

Why is this allow?
is she a slut?

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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Sure thing buddy, you do that

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Where is my fucking chapter I swear I will kill you all
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>starting a thread with death
Bold move
Yes, it lacks ACE.
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Takkyuu Diary is currently murdering our redrawer. We're going to try to have some 4-koma specials ready in the meantime, so look for that tomorrow.

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Cum inside Amajiki

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Do you guys think Luffy will marry Nami this arc?
I believe so. Sanji will marry Pudding and Luffy Nami.

1 day for spoilers btw
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No more metaposting please. You're making us all look like idiots
Pudding either will never be mentioned again or get a cover story in four years after WCI arc ends
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Canon Soon™.png
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>L*N*whales are THIS upset by pic related.
End game right here, brothers. L*N*whales to stop posting when we get our extra panel with a kiss in the volume release!

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See you little witches...
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Remember everyone, Diana's final destiny is to be shota'd.
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sasuga trigger 9.png
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if collage anon is here confirm to me if mine is getting in i dont want to repost it forever
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Believe in a season 2!

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My dad heard all of the JoJo themes and I had to act like I didn't like them.
He liked Chase
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shit dad lmao
>I had to act like I didn't like them.
fucking loser

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How a Charlotte x Angel Beats! crossover could work? Any Ideas?

Any comment about both shows is also welcome in this thread
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It wouldn't you fucking nigger

Unless it was some crazy fucking nonsensical shit
I would like a Charlotte VN honestly.
Am I the only one that hated the time travel shit? Yuu had a good development after his sister death and he also helped with Nao's brother. The ending was quite unsatisfying too, but at least he got the girl.

Me too.
I enjoyed the soundtrack a lot.

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King of humanity.png
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>yfw the gods bow down to him
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Died like a bitch

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Everything's going to be daijoubu because best pet waifu will be OK right?
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Everything will be DIEjoubu.
Post Cthulhu.

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Annie's father and Annie flashback next chapter.
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RE alliance soon.
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Annie is actually in love with eren, He's the only man in her life to ever bring her some kind of happiness. Even her and her father have a toxic relationship. Yet this cute oblivious boy she met brought her joy and help shift her world view, with his ignorant yet passionate ideals.

His enthusiasm and dedication for getting stronger as well as going against the current ,against all odds had a great impression on annie.
She thought it was especial cute how excited he was when learning a new move, it made her smile :^)
She had wished she could be like him but admits she's a weak person at heart, scared to oppose the marley empire, yet she wishes for the courage to do so.

When she wakes up next chapter, she'll learn that eren possess the founding titan and humanity now has the colossal titan under their control. Meaning opposing marley is now a viable option and not just stupid optimism. She'll then join eren and the walldians to help save the eldians and destroy the marley she hates so much. So that the eldians stuck in marley, weak people forced along the current, can be considered people too.
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Just kidding. OreImo thread. Why is neko so worst girl?
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She tried to steal an onii-chan from his imouto. Like this slut. Pic obviously related.
Neko is adorable what are you talking about
I'm honestly just shitposting to get an ironic incest thread going because I think it's funny and Oreimo has legitimately fucked up my sexuality and left me interested in girls 10 years too young for me, for unadmirable reasons

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What did they mean by this?
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