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i just found this and its fucking amazing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wec6QmAZd5Y
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Wow, really great find, I've never seen this before!
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Oh wow really?
no bully pls

Season 2 when?
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Movie is this year.

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It's been nearly 7 years and I still read it to the tune
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Good times.

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characters with distinct eyes; any and all
bonus if also best boy/girl of series

I'll dump a few
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Eyes distinctive enough to be immediately recognized across ages and art styles.
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was evangelion really that good?
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>Asking the question when the answer is obvious.
only end of evangelion was good
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are you saying its not?

And this is the proof.
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>virgin killer has been sighted

Female ninjas, sluttiest mammals known to man.
H-How old is she?
Why is Shanoa in Naruto??

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Damo Edition
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Say bye to the man villain of part 8
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Gappy makes me happy

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Which GJ-bu would make the best fuck?
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I want to ask Kasumi for help with my sexual frustration!

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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Why are Umaru's fingers so long?
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Because she is Umaru, do not question her
umaru is a dumb rat bitch
Because she's a goblin.

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Said no one ever
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If you play anything but the original release, you're a secondary faggot who should kill themself.
You mean everyone ever

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Sorry for using some /v/ media in the image. I've been watching some Lupin III and playing some Wario and Pokemon when I noticed a few perfectly human characters, at least for the setting, have weird, pointy ears. This seems to only happen to uglier, crazier, or more bizarre characters as I've noticed, so don't confuse these with the Warcraft-ish, footlong ears of actual Elves, Demons, or other paranormal humanoids in anime.

Why do you think this is? Do pointy ears signify anything in Japanese culture? Just a quirk to emphasize their oddness?
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They like Elves, which is probably a symtom of their Germanophilia.
But the ones in the OP are solely for 100% Human characters, albeit they're frequently more brutish or gothic. What most people like about Elves is usually their beauty first and foremost, followed by their lack of aging, and then pointy ears, right?
A lot of people in real life have told me I have pointy elf-like ears. It's just a thing some people have. It's not a big deal.

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What the hell was their problem?
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he liked jazz; the filthy fuck
Was Jupiter Jazz the best set of episodes? It felt so different from everything before and after to the point where it could have been a different show entirely.
Reminder: Gren was a filthy tranny due to space radiation.

Will a saga ever surpass this masterpiece?
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2 arcs before that in the same series. Skypiea.
1 arc before that in the same series. Alabasta.

One Piece has really degenerated hasn't it?

>Marineford arc

>never speaks
>most interesting character in the manga

How does this happen?
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Vagabond is back??
Not sure what you mean by interesting.
His entire introduction/childhood arc felt like a drag with not much to it apart from the actual departure part. With exception of couple fights, there is too much exposition of him acting like a retard which provides really shallow character depth, unless you are retarded yourself enough to buy into the whole shtick of 'muh deaf life means I mastered sound of my own sword'.
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Vagabond Aku Cameo.png
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Kaede was...

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