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It's out.

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pls dont spoil, thank you
Luffyfags BTFO
pls spoil, thank you

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It's finished!
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oh shit that was much faster than I anticipated
Very nice.
Should have had at least one CG frame even if it's just shitty quickwork on Blender or something.

It's going to fucking suck isn't i-

>Dai Satō returns as head writer

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Dai Sato's most recent mecha work makes AO look like art, so I'd keep my expectations low if I were you. No bad surprises that way.
Just let it die already. It's really, really sad at this point.
Oh god more E7 shit for me to be thoroughly disappointed in? Why can't they just let it die a peaceful death?

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Why does everybody in Part 7 shit on Diego?
Sure he takes advantage of others and will do anything to win, but he's not "evil" like Dio.

Dude had a shitty childhood, and wants to take revenge on those people. Gyro and Johnny fucked over way more people too.
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Did you miss the part where he murdered people?
>Dude had a shitty childhood, and wants to take revenge on those people.

Just like DIo?
Op is right actually. Diego does'nt have

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What happened to REMIYAXER?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Explain this logic
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it's mental damage, senpai
the effect of each cross is rule of product, but adding crosses is rule of sum. basically, its the sum of 4*x*n, summing over n (number of crosses), with x being the normal straight strength.
I've yet to see a triple cross counter in the real life.
Hell, I didn't even see a double cross counter yet.

Pic related debuted way back in 2002. Were there any popular oppai loli's prior to the 2000's, not counting hentai/videogame girls?
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The original, and still the best
She's not a loli, dumb cunt.
how big mus a loli be to be opai ?

You thought an Emperor couldn't look cuter?
Well, you thought wrong.
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Stupid Emperor poster.
Dumb Nero poster
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But anon, that's not the cutest Emperor.

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Why don't they just chart the Dark Continent with satellites and Drones? The HxH world is the same technologically of our own and things like GPS (which requires satellite) are mentioned.
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I I think they did, but they can't get a grasp of the life there from the satelites and the people going there are not scientist but adventurers.thars why there's a ig thing about it. its like being told you can go anyway but out there
Togashi literally makes shit up on the spot

Why do you think its called the dark continent?

Dark clouds block the view. Heck it might even be nen doing it

Now that Eromanga-sensei has finished airing I decided to finally decided to watch the first episode and I just can't wrap my head around how Sagiri is supposed to be likeable. If I became the sole provider and she trtried to become a complete shut in NEET I can guarantee you it wouldn't even be a whole month before I barged into her room and slapped her as hard as I could right in the fucking face.
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you stupid mother fucker what the fuck are you saying about sagiri shes the fucking GOAT im about to beat that fucking ass if you say some stupid shit like that again you fucking hear me you mother fucker i swear to fucking god i will end you so you better knock that fucking shit off right god damn now
She's not supposed to be likeable.
Sagiri is for sex, not for ryona.

Is RPG Isekai the future of anime?
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Isekai already peaked, there's nowhere it can go from here.

What's your opinion of him /a/?
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SAO is misunderstood kino.
Inb4 Berserk cucks
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>the black swordsman

fucking lel, get outta here sao babby and make room for the TRUE black swordsman

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How would you impress this genius?
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like pic related
Boil water for noodles
With a vending machine.

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What are some things that you should not say to Shinka's face?
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You are quite dedicated to your waifu. Too bad she's trapped in a shit anime.

What in the absolute FUCK did I just watch?
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What happens when the head writer is not there and the director has free reign.
A foreshock of AO.
A weapon to surpass AO.

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