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Do you toast your loli before usage?
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I really really like Choi.
W-what kind of usage?

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I plan to risk blowing my fingers off with mortar fireworks as tribute then binging the show.

How does everyone else plan to celebrate the #1 Crimson Demon's most sacred holiday?
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Shoot guns and eat meat

Go on...
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Season 2 fucking when?
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never, the anime was just made to promote the manga
Just read the light novels, easy and quick to go through.

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has anyone seen this? heard it was pretty good so i gave it a try. twas alright, could've done without all the pussy crying bullshit and i wish there was more action scenes. any other hidden gems i should try?
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Try lurking more.
Ah, here's the motherfucking comedian and his funny fucking jokes. Look how fucking funny this dude is.
>'I'm literally 5 years old and don't understand anything about Evangelion or 4chan, watch me be an absolute fucking faggot who needs to lurk for at least 12 years.'

>implying the heroes aren't the bad guys
>fight for a ridged, repressed system that lacks personal freedom
>brainwashes people with strong quirks early on and keeps them doped and docile with fame and money
>allows people like Endeavor to exist
>allows people like Bakugou to succeed

Hopefully All Might dies soon and humanity is set free.
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People has freedom in that world, but freedom does not mean you can abuse your power to commit felony.
People with powers that are neither heroes or villains live their life with no issues, while upholding the law made to protect everyone's rights.
The argument you have for endeavor can be applied to both Izuku's mom and dad, for the sitthy job they did rising a son without an ounce of support on what he wanted for his life, but that's Japan parenthood, apparently.

I agree with Bakugou though, he has no qualification to be a hero, other than relentlessness.
go home Shiggs, your parents are waiting
oh wait
Third for

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Have heard it said that the ED implies that he did.

Wouldn't you join his team?
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This is gonna be a Sakamoto all over again. Dropped after first episode.
I absolutely loved Sakamoto, reading and watching it.
Yeah, Dybala seems to be a pretty cool guy

>hey look a car is going straight at me
>should i keep walking?
>maybe if i stay still i'll be sent to a fantasy world
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Ever hear the saying like a deer in headlighs? It's a real thing. The problem is, rather than being a jumbled mess of fear and panic, his thoughts were just a non-chalant
>oh I guess I'm gonna die now
>I won't get to build all those model kits
>wow that sucks fml someone please kill me now

school days aired 10 years ago
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good riddance
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I was so young whenever School Days aired. I was just a 19 year old babe for the first four episodes and 20 for the rest.

What did he mean by this?
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Dōtonbori Robo
Dotonbori is only famous for prostitution. The distinction between being naked and being a sex worker is important to him.

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read the manga or watch the anime?
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The anime looks promising, so I'm just watching the anime for now.
Why not both?
Neither, its shit.

You guys are going to buy Riyo's manga, right?
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As soon as this Fateshit gets dropped and Riyo goes back to [email protected], sure.
>most popular mobage there is vs old idolshit franchise no one cares about anymore
Neither of those things are true anon

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Automatically the best girl
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Automatically the best girl

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Oh boy here we go
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You cant beat the status quo man. You just cant.

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