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https://twitter.com/mqdl/status/882 934337448038400 Damn gooks.

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Damn gooks.
Fuck, it looks so effortless.
How come my 115+ attempts don't look a tenth that decent.
Found this, guess I know what I'm learning off to tonight.
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I keep telling people if want to make animu learn vertex modeling. Don't bother with sculpting since anime requires a flat 2D mindset.
what the hell is she doing

Why havn't I heard of xismo before. Those curve functions that he used to do the hair look very usefull. Silo used to have something like that but this looks even better with more functionality.
Well she is choking, and giving herself a heimlich maneuver, obviously.
probably because it's a lesser-known mmd modeller's pet project. i suspect unless you know jp it's not going to be easy to learn, and furthermore it is a pet project so it's likely not as complete as you might hope from looking at him work.
Why does this not look retarded from odd angles? I thought the challenge with animu was that it didn't translate to 3d well.
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The program itself is actually in english, surprisingly. It's the documentation that's non-existent, or at least in Japanese. I'm just watching the videos on this channel and following his clicks. Very interesting.
If I was good I would make my own english tutorials once I got adept enough at this software.
Best just bookmark the translated website.
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>whoa, this cambodian basket weaver is doing rad normal stuff that is also possible in other software but I will learn this new program because it is in moon runes and over-complicating things will make me a great artist!
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>the creator gave up on Blender because he didn't get it at all
>instead he developed a whole 3D package himself

This just fucking blew up my autism scale. I didn't even expect this level to be possible.
I love autotranslations

If anything it is less complicated. Look at the Shoe modeling FFD videos. He can add or decrese geometry with a slider and make cuts in the ffd where he wants with just clicks. He also can change smoothing groups on the fly to make hard edges where he wants.

I'm a max user so this is looking really good to me. In before people tell me you can this with blender.
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>In before people tell me you can this with blender.
The thing is that once you wrapped your head around Blender it is piss easy and quick as fuck.
BUT, for many getting past the initial learning obstacles is not possible for some reason or because they don't see it's worth to learn that free shitpile software if there's the ~industry standard~ they just download somewhere.

Just use whatever you feel most comfortable with I guess (after going through some tutorials for a couple of softwares)

Well, fuck, this proves nipons like to work.

I understand, but learning to do shit in blender is fucking easy, and basically the way to start is learning the hotkeys after that you're done.
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lmao, I have no idea what I'm doing...

but if I didn't get into blender I would probably totally get into this program. it seems neato, especially since it's free too
What distro and DE? looks nice
Mint KDE with some tweaking here and there
First of all, the topology is totally planned and by the looks of it, every action is recorded and replayed so that it only seems effortless.

If you don't know what the fuck you're doing you obviously won't be able to do what he's doing.
Having said that, I'm disappointed by his mouth geometry and topology.
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wtf, it doesn't look any easier than blender though.
Thread posts: 23
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