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D/ic/k here I been interested in using 3d models for references

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D/ic/k here
I been interested in using 3d models for references like in pic related
I used DAZstudio in the past with the stock model but that didn't help, I think I need to fully control the image, I need dressings, props and lights but I don't know how to do it.
What is the best program for this and the best way to do it? Where do I get assets and such?
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Do mean you want to use Daz Studio to make references for 2D illustrations? Or do you mean you want to make 3D renders using 2D images for reference?

If the former you don't need a lot in the way of assets. Just get Hexagon since it has a bridge to DAZ and use it to make simple primitives of the props in the scene. You don't need to produce the scene exactly in 3D you just need something that has the basics of the scene and the lighting of the scene. Having clothing and hair on the model actually makes it more difficult to use the render as a 2D reference. You want to keep the scene as simple as possible. All you want is the lighting, proportions, and perspective information for the reference. Everything else you can draw yourself.

Notice how that photo reference and the illustration aren't even close to the same in terms of detail. The photo is just a rought reference for perspective, proportion and lighting. That's all you need for 3D too.

Here's a tutorial on using Daz Studio alone to create reference images, but you will find it even easier if you also get Hexagon so your reference models can be more complex.

File: Studio1.jpg (73KB, 716x842px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
73KB, 716x842px
I've seen that tutorial before and I've used DAZstudio in the past, pic related is one of the renders I did for reference
I feel you're right and the problem was the way I posed my stuff, pic related looks stiff, the light source is confusing and the anatomy is weird.
So my issue now is how to get the best use out of DAZ, I know I need better models and a way to control the light sources.
It just takes time. To really get the basics of daz, theres a cool tool on windows you can do. Go Start>control panel. From there look for programs and features. On the right side of the menu, find daz and click it. Hit the uninstall option and find a better 3d software package phaggit.
Download Maya educational version and use any of the free rigs available.
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weeb test fail.png
3MB, 1300x1500px

Even that pose is fine. The important thing is to remember the render is just a reference. You don't have to adhere to it 100% when you draw it. I never do. I just make a rough pose that's the approximation of what I want and then I change it when I do the pencils for my drawing. Your renders are just to give you a rough guide for your pencils they're not to strictly dictate what you draw.
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96KB, 716x842px
You're right, maybe I will have to practice a little but still I don't like the default model, it confuses me and overall I have had bad experiences with it
I should try poser but where do I get assets? Can one control the lights in poser?
I forgot to say: Look at pic related, the models feel stiff, the variation in body shape is bland and the light didn't help the image I was making.
You need to learn figure drawing before you think you can just use a 3D staging tool to make up for your lack of experience and skill.

I'll tell you dynamism comes from a difference in energy. In this case contrapposto is the perfect example for you since you can recreate it with Daz right away. One leg carries most of the weight of the body while the other is relaxed, immediately the posture becomes more dynamic and lively. The same principle can be applied to the rest of the body and in a variety of ways. For example, a baseball batter pulls his bat to one side, twisting his body, and pulling weight onto his rear leg, and then as he goes through the batting motion the weight shifts across his body and it's never symmetric.

The principle is simple enough but you need to study life and practice to really recreate what you see in reality. 3D tools can help you with staging perspective and approximations but unless you know the principles of what you're trying to achieve.

For example, that hand reaching pose would look a little better if the left shoulder was raised and pulled forward like he really means it. And lean his body in a bit and have his left foot be stepped out just a little bit with his weight on it. You can make it as leisurely or dramatic as you want but it makes no sense for him to have his outstretched side be perfectly even with his relaxed side.
It looks stiff because his body doesn't look relaxed. For example, look at his forward arm, there is no way your arm with be that straight/stretched unless you're forcing your arm to straighten like that.

You have to think of silhouette when coming up with a good pose. And do the pose yourself to get a better idea what different part of your body is doing.

And what >>554585 said. Go take some life drawing classes as well.
gesture is not an issue for me, I practice enough.
And these models I posted are quiet old, they don't have dates but the ones that I have dated on the same folder say 2014, probably I lacked gesture back then but I've gotten better at gestura drawing since then.
Still I know that having good fundamentals is important and but my issue is that I need good references like old illustrators had live models, I want to paint realistically like Robert Fawcett or Harold Von Schmidt and that stuff ca only be archived with models
Figure drawing isn't just about gesture drawings. Gesture is good for getting the essence of the pose down quickly. There are long poses in sessions that you can use to do studies 30min-1hr or even longer. Of course having a model is advantageous but, you can't have a model every time. That's where your experience and tool set/techniques comes in that can assist you. I highly suggest going into an instructed life drawing class that does sustain poses. Also read up on how to do dynamic poses as well.

It sounds like you just lack the experience and or the tool set to draw from your imagination. 3D is good a tool to rely on, I'm not disagreeing but, you can't rely on it completely. Best models are live models where you will see how/where the light will hit the body. You'll also learn from other artists in the session.
Gesture is more of a method of capturing poses on paper. It's not an understanding of what makes poses dynamic. You can capture the gesture of a stiff pose and still do it well.

To put it this way, gesture is like a forensic photograph. You have to study it to understand what makes poses interesting and where the energy is in the posture and what not so you can recreate it when you want to make your own poses.

Drawing from life is always a good idea, but I have to strongly express that if you want to draw (or pose models) from imagination just copy it isn't enough, you have to form your own understanding of why life is lifelike. Capturing life or recreating art is very different from drawing from imagination and I feel like not enough people point this out.
This is all truth but you guys are talking about the renders I posted and I released that those issues happened time ago, I got better at gesture drawing, I'll have to see if I got better at posing those models and getting a gesture out of them.
But gesture isn't my biggest concern on why I need references, I draw comics and posing a figure is not a big issue, what concerns me are details like how light interacts with the face or with clothing folds, small details is what makes a picture realistic and that is what I'm concerned with.
With that said can we please return to the original theme of this thread? Is DAZ really all I need?

Yes Daz is really all you need. What you need to do is get a better understanding of how to draw fabric. Go read some tutorials on drawing cloth.
The reason Gil was able to do this was because he already knew how to draw and paint. Having the model set up just made it easier. You guys are trying to do the same shit without putting in years of studying anatomy, gesture, colors, etc. He could probably have made something similar just setting up boxes in the same place of the woman. If you can't draw a semi decent body/face on your own the Daz models for reference won't help and they'll infact just hinder your progress when used too early in your learning. The faces and bodies especially of the earlier models are wonky and generic as shit. You can't bend too far from their T pose or you'll get abnormal limb and torso bends...which you won't know how to correct for in your drawings without actual experience in life drawing or using photo reference of real women. There are subtle curves, creases, bulges, muscle contractions, etc....that just can't easily be reproduced in Daz.
Thread posts: 19
Thread images: 5

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