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Hey /3/, I've never posted here before, but I need some advice from you.
I neglected one of my exams because the other ones were a lot more complicated/have stricter lecturers, but now I am fucked because I have basically 42 hours before the exam.
I'm studying advertising and the exam is in print media, basically I need to somehow get a model of a person made out of coca cola type tin cans.
I am not into /3/ that much but I know a bit because of my friends, at first I thought that there might be a way to procedurally generate something like this, like throw in a model of a person, couple of models of cans and it will somehow randomly generate said person made out of cans, but I haven't found anything yet that could make this possible. It doesn't need to be rigged or anything, just basically a statis statue that will be seen only from front and a bit of an angle from top, anyone has any idea how to do something like this?
Modeling it from scratch is probably a pain and I am not good at all at modeling and have only had a short course of it. Finding a pre-existing model like that is not a possibility most likely.
I am contemplating to build it in photoshop, but I know that it will look like shit without extensive work that I don't have time for already.
Please help with any advice you can.
At this point I am honestly contemplating to pay someone to do something like that, but I am not even sure what the price of that would be and if it would be possible to make in this short time.

As I've said it just has to be a child/midget sized guy made out of tin-cans, hell the scale can be a bit fucked so that less cans are used for the process.

If any of you are willing to help and you think that there is no way I can do it myself with some asier method feel free to drop your contact info.
Model one can, model a person or use a base mesh from Makehuman, Human Zbuilder or whatever then use the initial can you modeled with a particle system or with nanomesh in Zbrush.
Thank you a lot Anon.
You've already helped a lot, but do you know any good resources/tutorials on how to do this or maybe just related tutorials that would help me make this?
Also, would it be possible to use nanomesh in Zbrush with textured models so that the can is textured? I am way out of my league when I talk about stuff like this, but I remember sculpting software had texture painting and polypaint or something for this sort of quick texturing. I don't know what I am talking about, sorry.
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You can use a pre textured can model, maybe get one from blendswap.
i made that model in 5 min with a can I took from blend swap. It's probably not the best but i hope it gets my point across
Watch this video, at around 10 min mark is exactly what you need.
i also might add that you can do this with any particle system regardless of program, be it Blender, Vue or whatever you wanna use, not just Zbrush's nanomesh, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hSRfw6A-YPM
You can also make the tin cans bigger, smaller or whatever suits you design. it seems like something for which 40 hours is more than enough. The only thing that might hold you back is the render time. other than that, good luck on your exam, man
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Download C4D and laubwerk surfacespread from cgpeers. Make a default figure, make it editable, seoect all parts, connect objects + delete. Then Input the man as the "object" in surfacespread and make a can from the c4d library the child of the surfacespread. Tinker around with the random rotation and textures until it looks nice.
Thanks lads
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