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3D Mice

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Is a 3D mouse like the Space Mouse really worth the price tag? 300-400 bucks sounds like a really steep price for what appears to be a Joystick mounted between a bunch of hotkeys.

I'm wondering if a budget conscious person couldn't just take, say, a Razer Orbweaver Gaming Keypad, and map all the hotkeys to say, keyboard shortcuts in 3ds Max or Maya or something?
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Would one of these be just as good I wonder?
>>'m wondering if a budget conscious person couldn't just take, say, a Razer Orbweaver Gaming Keypad, and map all the hotkeys to say, keyboard shortcuts in 3ds Max or Maya or something?

this is precisely what i do anon and i fucking love my setup now..... pictures to follow
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I use these three Logitech dudes in conjunction with each other. (Although the full size keyboard doesn't get used much at all now since I added the G13 gameboard)
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I bought the G510s just out of curiosity because it was in a sale - £70 down from over £100.

I got into programming macros and having it automatically switch profiles and I was hooked... it sped me up so much... so i expanded
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Then this guy - the G600 MMO mouse sent it over the top...

I now mainly have viewport navigation shortcuts on the mouse with a few exceptions and then on the G13 I have the more specific tools...
So were you able to get the thumbstick to replacate the behaviour of the 3d mouse more or less? can you spin shit around in zbrush/maya etc? how difficult was it to do? Thanks for contributing
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I've become so dependent on that mouse that I got really paranoid about it breaking so I bought a spare which I got in a flash sale on Amazon for £39 (should be £79!)
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That's something I never actually tried. Tbh the thumbstick on this thing doesn't feel so great to the touch.

I have a kinda retarded use for the thumbstick if I'm honest - it's now my 'undo' shortcut. I know - I'm a retard but I just tried it one day, having that little stick sitting there and the moment i make a mistake in anything - just a little flick of the thumb on that stick undoes it.

I know it sounds fucking stupid but i actually really like it. Flicking it in other directions doesn't feel so good so i barely use anything else mapped to it.
Whatever works for you man. inspired to pick one up. cheers!

I got mine on eBay for £40 and it was like new. Plenty people buy them, don't like them, and flip them on ebay in brand-new condition for half the price.
What make and model do you think is best to get

What... programmable game boards? There aren't many on the market.

Logitech only have one as far as I know - the G13 and Razer make one which a lot of people seem to like.

I went with Logitech because I have other logitech gear and I like to be able to share my keybinds across different devices in the Logitech gaming software.

If you're not sure, buy used one on eBay - it's not like these things get hammered on or dropped or thrown around.
Yhyh I just started doing serious 3d modeling and was looking at a 3d mouse but they are a little pricey, and using a full size keyboard is annoying personally.

to be clear - i don't use this thing like a 3d mouse. I just find it to be a greatly improved method of input over a normal keyboard. the actual navigation stuff that a 3d mouse offers is not something i've tried to replicate.
Yes I'd be using it for a replacement keyboard as well if I was to get one
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OP here, and dude, I have to say: Out-fucking standing.

I use that exact same fucking mouse. (The g600) and I had no idea that logitech g13 came with an LCD screen like the Spacemouse Pro. I didn't even know logitech MADE a gamepad. Definitely going to save me roughly 300 dollars. I've been saving up for a spacemouse for ages yet but I'm a broke fuck neckbeard living in his sisters basement.

TY *SO* much for posting the keybinding layouts that you're using. Tbph I'm new to this stuff too. My best creation has been a fucking shitty snowman. But I'm looking for every way to improve and make a decent at-home living or maybe get an office job by working super hard at being a better artist.

Now I have a clear map for my future setup and I have confirmed that this idea would work. Ty ty ty
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Yeah it works great for this esp. if you're using it with a tablet because it sits next To a large tablet really nicely.

You're welcome dude.

Some of the bindings I use in Max on both the game board and mouse are moderately complicated because they link to AutoHotKey scripts.

Specifically, I have a button th mouse called 'OrthoViewToggle' - with repeated presses, this cycles through the front, left, back and right or tho views.
Similarly, on the G13 I have a key which cycles through numbers 1-6, which allows me to change my sub-object selection type, and transform toggle, which cycles through the transform modes.

Logitech don't have a keystroke sequence cycle feature, so I had to write an AutoHotKey script to write these myself.

I can post the scripts and keybinds for them if you want? (Check back on the thread later today - I won't be able to reply until after work).
Is there a right sided version of this?
>paying 300 bucks for a handrest

just buy the spacenavigator and glue it to a piece of wood or something

I don't believe so, but all you'd be missing would be the thumbstick - it's completely symmetrically shaped laid out apart from that one thing, which I really have little use for.
its just 80 euros
So is this thing a mouse AND keyboard or only macro-customizable keyboard?

And what's this? any diffferent?
if you have to ask yourself the answer is probably no.
the cheaper navigator on the other hand might be worth considering if you want a fancy way to navigate in the view-port (works without their kinda wonky driver if you use Blender)
It's really easy to fine adjust a camera for example, and in blender it's possible to navigate with one hand on this and another one on a pen to sculpt while moving around a model that is kinda fun...
as for usage yeah I use it to fine adjust my view and sometimes just flying around/ screwing around
and in sculpting sometimes since I can scuplt and navigate at the same time (Blender)
>300-400 $
>same price as a gtx 1070
The orbweaver is fundamentally different.

You can't pitch, yaw, roll, move laterally, vertically, forwards and backwards all with the same stick on an orbweaver.

Maybe a better analogy would be the difference between a spaceship and an airplane (a shit airplane that can only pitch and yaw) whilst the spaceship has six degrees of freedom.

That is the fundamental difference between a 3D mouse and something like an orbweaver
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Thread images: 9

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